India is the second largest country in terms of international students

According to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Indian students, who represent the second largest group of international students in some of the world’s most developed economies, are particularly interested in STEM subjects in engineering. Represents “too many”.

During 2017/18, nearly half of international students in the US were studying STEM subjects, and this share was about 79 percent for Indian students, significantly higher than Chinese students (45 percent).

A similar trend can be seen in many other OCED countries, the report said. Germany reported three large groups of international students enrolled in 2021, mainly in engineering fields, of which Indian students constituted 66 percent of the total, leaving behind Chinese students, who accounted for 50 percent of the total.

In 2016-17, more than half of Indian students were admitted to engineering degree programs in the Netherlands. Nearly two out of every three students in France (63 percent of the total) were enrolled in a science course during 2018/19, while Chinese students in France are “more evenly distributed” in the social sciences “Economics, social and natural sciences” are enrolled in the health and medical field with only 1%.

At least 44 percent of students from Morocco and Algeria also showed interest in science. While non-EU students in Luxembourg make up “half of all enrolled students” in STEM subjects, surprisingly, they only make up less than one-quarter of “the overall enrolled student population”.

Apart from analyzing the over-representation of Indians in the STEM sector, the report also highlights various factors that Indian students take into account before going abroad for higher studies.

The data also indicates that Indian students prefer universities in places with low fees and potential job market. Other factors influencing their choice include working with geographic proximity, language of instruction and studies. For this reason, countries like Australia, Norway, Germany and Switzerland have seen an influx of Indian students.

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