International Student Enrollments Seen Increase in Atlantic Canada

According to a study by Higher Education Strategy Associates, institutions across Atlantic Canada have seen an increase in the number of full-time international students in the latest academic year. This ratio appears to be increasing in the case of enrollment, showing an impact of 15.5%.

The 2022-23 Preliminary Survey of Enrollments by a group representing 16 universities across the region found that the latest academic year saw an increase in full-time visa students to nearly 3,000 new students. According to AAU, the increase in the number of international students is also showing a significant effect on the number of total enrollments. It was observed by Higher Education Strategy Associates that this change and increase in numbers has an impact on domestic enrollments.

While the enrollment of international students has shown an increase of 15.5%, the graph of domestic enrollment has shown a decline from 2.6%. These changes are believed to have been seen in 2020/2021 after a steep drop in enrollments in the COVID 19 pandemic.

Don Russell, Vice Chancellor of St. Thomas University and President of AAU, said in a statement that the consistent year-on-year increase in enrollments is a testimony to our combined commitment to programs, policies and partnerships that help students each The AAU member places it at the heart of the university’s mission, to be better understood by students and their families.

The message about Atlantic Canadian Campus is spreading that Atlantic Canadians are able to welcome internationally, nationally and regionally. He also added that internationalizing our campuses reflects a great connection between our universities and a successful regional and provisional population growth strategy.

AAU’s Executive Director, Peter Halpin, highlighted that the entire study on this topic reflects our commitment to international students. He said that he is definitely one of the decision maker thinking about all the students but at the same time he works hard to create a welcoming, safe and secure camps for the students. This work is considered a big factor for international students and their families.

This increase in the number of international student enrollments is great news for Atlantic Canada. Seeing this growth in the graph, universities in Atlantic Canada have committed to work on their shortcomings and make more efforts towards making the region safe and secure for international students.

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