International students return to US colleges and universities

The number of international students at US colleges and universities increased during the academic year ending in spring intakes, according to a report this week from the State Department and the Institute of International Education.

The number of foreign students was reported to have declined by about 15% in the pandemic. While this figure has not fully returned to pre-pandemic levels, many international students are now returning.

Alan Goodman, founder of the Institute of International Education, who led the report, said if you think of a college education as a product, “’Made in the USA’ is still a very important mark on your diploma, “.

Goodman added that America has a long history of providing consistent, high-quality education. We have a higher education system which is merit based in terms of admission, it is largely corruption free.”

Goodman said that in America, we offer a lot of different types of higher education. Think about doing students business schools, community colleges, liberal arts universities, large public research universities here.

Meanwhile, in many other countries with good schools, only a limited number of places are available, said Katherine Hill, managing director of the education nonprofit Ithaka S&R.

And so it’s rationed, you know, the seats are rationed,” Catherine Hill adds. “And so they look internationally for family and student options.”

According to Ravi Rajan, president of the California Institute of the Arts, schools shouldn’t just look at the income side of the ledger. A third of students at the private college just north of Los Angeles come from abroad.

Ravi Rajan further said that the school had to spend money to support him. Helping them get visas, supporting student organizations for them, and helping faculty understand where they’re coming from.

Rajan also said “really tracking when geopolitics change, and then making sure we have workshops for faculty and staff to do that.”

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