Invest in IPO and how to earn money

How to earn money from IPO: If you invest in the stock market, then you must have heard about IPO at some time or the other. What is an IPO We have told you about this in our previous article, by reading which you can learn about IPO. In today’s article we will tell youHow to invest in IPO and how to earn money in IPO Giving information about.

If you also want to earn money by investing in IPO, then this article can be important for you, so keep reading this article till the end. So let’s start this article – How to earn money in IPO.

What is IPO

Share Market Whenever a company makes its General Share public for the first time to the general public, it is called IPO i.e. INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING. Through IPO, the private company makes itself public and offers its shares to the investors. Investors can invest in IPO from the primary market.

There can be many reasons for companies to bring IPO, such as to expand business, to reduce debt, to launch new products or services, etc. To do all these works, the company has to raise funds for which it collects funds by issuing IPO.

Invest in IPO and earn money (IPO Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Investors who invest in the IPO of the company get the same percentage of the company as per share They have invested in it and if the company does growth in future, then the investors also get benefited.

Types of IPO

There are two types of IPO Fixed Price and Book Building. Let us now understand both one by one.

#1 – Fixed Price Offering

In Fixed Price Offering, the company announces the price of its IPO in advance, and IPOs are offered to investors at this price. In this type of IPO, investors know the price before the IPO comes. All the investors applying for Fixed Price Offering have to pay the full amount of the shares at once.

#2 – Book Building Offering (Book Building Offering)

In Book Building Offering, companies provide a price band of up to 20 percent of their stock price to investors, and then investors bid to decide the final price.

Investors need to decide how much share they want to buy and how much they are ready to pay. The minimum bid price given by the investors is called Floor Price and the maximum bid price is called Cap Price.

How to invest in IPO (IPO Me Nivesh Kaise Kare)

You can invest in IPO in the primary market of the stock market. The IPO issuing company gives three days to 10 days time to the investors after withdrawing the IPO. Within this fixed time interval, you have to buy the IPO of that company.

To buy IPO you need a broker Company Demat Account It has to be opened and then you can apply for IPO by going to the mobile application or website of that broker. Keep in mind you have to buy IPO PAN card It is necessary to have

We have further told you step-wise the process of investing in IPO.

  • First of all, you have to open your Demat Account from a trusted broker, as well as you trading account also have to be opened. You Groww, Zerodha, Upstox like discount broker You can open a demat account absolutely free of cost.
  • After opening the Demat Account, login to the broker’s app.
  • After this, you have to go to the IPO option, here you will get to see the list of all the companies that have issued IPOs.
  • Select the company in whose IPO you want to invest and then enter the lot size or number of stocks.
  • in the next step you UPI ID To be paid by Your money gets blocked till IPO Allotment.
  • When IPO is allotted to you, then the stock will come in your Demat Account, and if for some reason you are not able to get IPO allotted, then the amount becomes unblocked, that is, it is refunded to you.

So friends, in this way you can become a shareholder of a company by investing in its IPO.

What are the things required to invest in IPO?

To invest in IPO you need the following things.

  • Demat Account To invest in IPO it is necessary to have a demat account. Your shares are stored in the demat account only after allotment.
  • Trading Account – It is necessary to have a trading account before applying for an online IPO. You have whichever SEBI You can open a trading account with a certified Depository Participant (DP) like Groww, Upstox.
  • PAN number You must have Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • UPI ID – To buy IPO, you have to pay through UPI, for which you must have a UPI ID. You can create a UPI ID on any UPI App.
  • Bank account To pay for the shares applied for bank account It is required and also your bank account should be linked to your Demat Account.

Best app to invest in IPO

In today’s time, mobile applications of almost all brokers are available in the market, by installing them on your smartphone, you can easily invest in IPO. Following are some of the best applications to invest in IPOs –

All these discount brokers and full broker Provides the service of, which gives you the facility to open a demat account absolutely free of cost or at a small fee.

How to earn money from IPO (IPO Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

The way to earn money from IPO is very simple and easy. When you invest in the IPO of a company and that company makes a lot of progress in the future, then you will also earn in it and if for some reason the company fails to do good business, then your money can also be lost.

Like the stock market, investing in IPO is always risky. To earn money from IPO, it is very important for you to buy better stock. How much money you will be able to earn from IPO depends on your research, knowledge, experience and luck.

FAQs: How to make money from IPO

What is the full form of IPO?

Full form of IPO There is an INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING, which is called the first public offer in Hindi.

Can we sell our shares before the stock is listed in the IPO?

No, you can sell the shares only when the IPO stock exchange Gets listed in

Can IPO be paid less than UPI?

Yes, you can pay for IPO through UPI. SEBI has given permission for payment of IPO through UPI.

For how many days is the IPO open to the public?

Normally IPOs are open to the public for 3 working days, but in some cases this time period can be up to ten days. But it does not remain open for more than 10 days.

Is it necessary to have PAN number for IPO?

Yes, it is necessary to have PAN number for IPO, without PAN number you cannot apply for IPO.

How much money can you make from IPO?

How much money you can earn from IPO depends on which company’s IPO you have invested in and how will be its future growth. If you have invested in the IPO of such a company which is not able to do good business in future, then your money can also be lost.

How to earn money from IPO?

You can earn money by investing in IPO. If the company does good growth, then you will get profit from it.

Last Word – How to make money in IPO in Hindi

We hope that after reading this article, you must have understood that How to invest in IPO and IPO Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. If you invest in the right IPO, then you will be able to earn very well in the future. But if you have invested in the IPO of any company without research, then you may also suffer loss.

Keep in mind that investing in IPO is always risky, so investing in IPO should be done after careful research.

Hope friends, you would have liked this article and the information given in it would have been beneficial for you. If you have any questions related to this article, then you can tell us in the comment box, we will try to answer your questions soon. And also share this article as much as possible on social media.

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