Know how is the format of relieving letter

A relieving letter is a document that outlines your goals. required to obtain. when you move from one company to another or overseas education To get admission in a foreign university, at that time you need a relieving letter. Through this blog, we will go through the format of the relieving letter and the details it should contain.

What is relieving letter?

When an employee is leaving the organization and has served the notice period, he/she will be given an official document is issued stating that the employee has been relieved of all duties and responsibilities and is known as relieving letter. In this relieving letter, all the necessary employment details, joining date, annual CTC, post, last assignment details, etc. are mentioned. often it a experience letter Also seen as, it is one of the most essential documents.

format of relieving letter

Required details in relieving letter

It is also important to know what a relief letter looks like or what it should contain.

  • Date of issue of letter: The format of the relieving letter should first include the date of issue of the letter so as to avoid any dispute.
  • Employee Details: Personal details of the resigning employee including his full name, employee ID, post, department and organization name have to be mentioned.
  • Context or Subject: This part will be written briefly in only one line about what the letter is about. Otherwise, you can simply write ‘Relieving Letter’ in the subject line.
  • Employee Resignation Details: This part of the format of the relieving letter broadly includes the post and the date from which the employee will be relieved of his duties.
  • Appreciation: This part of the format of the relieving letter should contain a statement of appreciation for the contribution the employee has made to the organization and best wishes for his future endeavours.
  • Signature: After completing the main body, the format of the relieving letter should end with the employer signing the letter with the name, post and date of issue.

Importance of relieving letter

Relieving letter is an important document that you need as a professional. Given below are some points that will help you understand its importance:

  • The new company you join will find it helpful to know that you have left your previous organization.
  • This is a proof that you have cleared all dues from your previous company.
  • This is a proof that you do not have any company data or internal assets.

How to write a relieving letter?

samples of relieving letter from employee

Here are some samples to give you an idea of ​​what a relieving letter is like:

sample 1

Date: xx/xx/xxxxDavid WilliamsEmployee ID: _______Senior Marketing Executive [कंपनी का नाम और पता] Subject: Relieving Letter Dear David, This is with reference to the resignation letter submitted by you dated ______. We would like to inform you that our management has accepted your resignation and you will be relieved of your duties with effect from ________. Kindly visit Withdrawal Section in A wing of the building to get your documents verified so that you will have 30 to 45 Get your full and final settlement within days. We greatly appreciate all the contributions you have made to the side of the organization and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Best Regards, Name of the Human Resources Manager[हस्ताक्षर]

sample 2



human resource department




I _________ [दिनांक] To [कंपनी का नाम] Resigned from and has completed all the formalities and pending works. Furthermore, I have served a notice period of 2 months and my last working day [तारीख] Who was

I request you to issue a relieving letter as soon as possible as I have to submit it to the new organization I have joined. I shall be very grateful if you consider the matter and issue the letter at the earliest.


[आपका नाम]

relief letter for school teachers

Looking for sample relief letters for school teachers? Here is the format of relief letter for school teachers:

relief letter sample

Date: _______


______ Teacher/Lecturer


Name Address

Subject: Relief Letter

Dear ______,

This is with reference to your resignation from the post of ________ Teacher/Lecturer in _______ School/College/University. We wish to inform you that we have accepted your resignation from this position and you will be relieved of your responsibility with effect from _______.

Kindly visit the Principal/Dean’s Office in Block B of the School Building to get your documents verified and complete and final settlement within a period of __ days. We appreciate your contribution and advice to the school. We wish you a successful future ahead.




important points to consider

The relieving letter states that your resignation has been accepted and you have been relieved of all duties. However, if you are writing this letter, there are a few points you should consider:

  • It should be issued on letterhead.
  • In addition to mentioning the acceptance of resignation, you should also write the employee’s post.
  • Mention the dates of joining and resignation.
  • Acknowledge the work done by the employee.
  • Should be in formal and simple language.

How to apply for relieving letter after resignation?

For relieving letter after resignation HR manager Have to send an email. Here are some useful tips that may help you in getting the relieving letter after resignation:

  • HR manager Their own E-mail Mention your tenure and reporting manager.
  • If there is any official formality left, then complete it.
  • If you do not receive a response to the email, contact HR via call.
  • Always keep your salary slips and other documents safe which you may need to provide along with your relieving letter to the prospective company you are applying for.

resignation acceptance letter

DateName of the OrganizationAddressName of the EmployeeDesignationDepartmentDear ____ (Employee Name), This letter/email is to confirm and accept your letter of resignation dated _____ for the ______ (position) at ______ (name of the company/organisation), effective ______ (date) .Please return the company properties at the earliest, before or on the last working day in the organization and we have attached the documents regarding employee benefits, final wages, benefit coverage, among others for exiting employees. Please free to reach out to the Human Resources department via ____ (email) and _____ (contact number) for queries related to the same. Thank you for working with us at ______. We wish you success in your future endeavours.Sincerely,HR Manager’s NameSignature

resignation acceptance letter sample

9th January 2021

Skills Tech Ltd.

Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Ritvik Ahuja

Senior Content Associate

Content Marketing

Dear Ritvik,

Your resignation from the position of Senior Content Associate has been acknowledged and accepted as of January 9th, 2021. We are sad to see you go but we know that you’ll be successful in whatever endeavor you take with the utmost professionals and skills you possess. .

Please return the Skills Tech properties at the earliest, before or on the last working day in the organization and we have attached the documents regarding employee benefits, final wages, benefit coverage, among others for exiting employees. Please free to reach out to the Human Resources department via and +919750431122 for queries related to the same.

It has been truly a pleasure working with you and having you become a part of Skills Tech. We wish you success in your future endeavors.


Ashwath Sharma


Difference Between Experience Letter and Relief Letter


How to write relieving letter?

To write a relieving letter, you can begin by simply stating that, as an employer, you accept the employee’s resignation and appreciate the employee’s contributions to their job and position.

Is relieving letter mandatory?

A relieving letter is not compulsorily required, but mainly it shows a strong relationship between the company and the employee and is useful for the employee when they join another company.

Can a company refuse the relieving letter?

In such a situation, the company can refuse for the relieving letter if the work and behavior of the employee is not favorable towards the company.

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