Know how to become a mutual fund agent

Mutual funds are becoming very popular among the people very fast. More and more people are investing their money in it. The most important role in this process plays a mutual fund agent. He helps his clients to choose the right funds. Due to the increasing demand for these funds, the demand for mutual fund agents has also increased and has become a popular career option for the youth. If you also want to make a career in this field, then let us know in detail how to become a mutual fund agent.

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Who is a Mutual Fund Agent?

A person who facilitates buying and selling of Mutual Funds through investors and who is paid a commission for bringing in investors for Mutual Fund schemes is known as Mutual Fund Agent. They are also responsible for performing finance and investment analysis and overseeing significant developments in the market, industry and economy in general. This profession requires a high level of knowledge of Mutual Funds, Stock Markets. There are several training programs that train students to have the necessary skills and insights into the process of becoming a mutual fund agent.

Roles of Mutual Fund Agent

Along with knowing how to become a mutual fund agent, it is also necessary to know what are their roles, which are as follows:

  • The foremost duty of a mutual fund agent is to understand the needs of its investors. It is important that they understand the goals of their clients as well as the time frame to accomplish them.
  • The next role of a mutual fund agent is to inform their clients about the financial products currently available. In some cases, agents may have to go deeper and educate investors about investment barriers.
  • One of the roles of MF agents is to assess the diversity of investment options and offer curated options to the clients.
  • Mutual fund agents focus on portfolio diversification as the goal of most of their clients. The agent aims to reduce risk by optimizing one’s portfolio.
  • Another essential function of theirs is to maintain the financial records of their clients. These records include transaction details, income statements and much more.

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Skills Required to become a Mutual Fund Agent

The skills required for a mutual fund agent are as follows:

  • Yours communication skills Should be good enough because this is a job profile in which you have to meet different people and work with them. If your communication skills are not good then you will not be able to communicate well with your clients, which is not good for your job.
  • You must have leadership qualities.
  • You should be friendly in nature, as the friendly behavior of a mutual fund agent is often appreciated by the clients. Through this, you can get along well with your clients.
  • You should have the passion to work as well as you should also have the talent to make your point.
  • You must have all kinds of information related to Mutual Funds.

Difference Between Mutual Fund Distributor and Mutual Fund Advisor

Mutual fund distributors are centrally involved in mutual fund products whereas mutual fund advisors have more products and services to handle.

A mutual fund advisor has a broad perspective of an investor’s assets assessment, income, liabilities, expenses and recommended products. The Mutual Fund distributor is responsible for analyzing the risk/position profile of the investor and recommending products that suit the needs of the investor.

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Step by Step Guide to Become a Mutual Fund Agent

Along with knowing how to become a mutual fund agent, it is very important to know the step by step guide for this, which is as follows:

  • step 1: Apply for and qualify the Certification Exam for Mutual Fund Distributors conducted by NISM Series VA.
  • Step two: Once you have cleared the NISM Series VA. You are now eligible to become an agent by registering with AMFI through the CAMS-KRA office.
  • Step 3: You fill in your KYD (Know Your Distributor) details and fill the AMFI Registration Form (ARN). This is an application form that requires your basic details. These details must match with the details given at the time of NISM exam.
  • Step 4: You can personally visit any CAMS-KRA office or fill the ARN application form online. However, if you are not KYD compliant, all you have to do is visit in person and complete your biometrics verification there.
  • Step 5: On completion of the process, your ARN card will be delivered to you at your registration address within a few days.
  • Step 6: Once you get your ARN, the first thing to do is to register or get empaneled with an AMC or mutual fund house. This AMC will provide you with training, marketing materials, guide you through sales and of course, give you a commission for the work you have completed.

popular courses

To know how to become a mutual fund agent, also know that there is no special degree course for those planning to become a mutual fund agent, you can get a degree in investment banking, stock training and finance to learn about this field Huh. Below is a list of the top courses to know about the essentials of Mutual Funds and Investments-

world’s top universities

The world’s top universities for accounting and financial courses are as follows:

top universities of india

Given below is a list of some of the leading universities in India for accounting and financial courses-

  • Madras Christian University
  • Parul University
  • Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics
  • Christ University
  • Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
  • RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics
  • Loyola College
  • St. Joseph’s College of Commerce
  • HR college of commerce and economics
  • Stella Maris College


To understand how to become a mutual fund agent, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Here is a list of common requirements that you should keep in mind to make a career in this career field.

  • The age of the candidate should be 18 years or above.
  • You should have completed your Senior Secondary Education, i.e. 12th class as well as 10th class, with at least 3 years Diploma in any field.
  • Degree in Finance or Investment Banking is generally preferred.
  • English language test for studying abroad like IELTS, TOEFL marks are mandatory.

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Application Process

To take admission in any course, you must know its process. To become a mutual fund agent in India and abroad, you have to follow the step by step process given below-

Application Process for Marketing Executive in India and Abroad

  • Register on the official website of the university. For UK admission you can visit the UCAS website (UCAS) to register. From here you will get the User ID and Password.
  • Sign in with User ID and select the course you want to choose.
  • In the next step, enter your educational details.
  • with educational qualification IELTS, TOEFLentrance exam score, SOP, LOR Fill in the information.
  • Fill the job details of previous years.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Finally submit the application form.
  • Some universities invite for virtual interview after selection.

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Required Documents

Following is the list of important documents-

we love you SOP And LOR It also helps in making, so that your application can be selected quickly without any hassle.

mutual fund agent commission chart

Mutual fund agents with a thorough knowledge of the debt market and equity are always in demand in the finance sector. The industry offers various career opportunities at various management levels in a wide range of sectors such as Marketing, Investments, Product Development, HR, Sales and Compliance. Mutual fund agents can also generate revenue sources for themselves through certain commission structures. In this way, they can opt for additional earning by working independently. Here are two commonly popular commission structures through which one can learn more about the question of how to become a mutual fund agent.

  • Upfront Commission: It is sold to agents on the first successful sale of the schemes and is a part of the total cost. As a mutual fund agent, you will be entitled to this commission after the completion of the fresh investment.
  • Trail Commission: It is considered as a major source of income for mutual fund agents. You are entitled to this commission as long as your client continues to be an investor in the mutual fund. It is calculated based on the percentage of your assets under management.


The salary of mutual fund agents depends on the years of experience. After a few years, mutual fund agents can earn up to INR 50,000-1 lakh per month. After acquiring the skills and knowledge, mutual fund agents can also earn up to INR 2 Lakh in a month.


What degree is required to become Mutual Fund Agents?

Career in Mutual Fund Management provides good income, you have BBA Like a Bachelors degree or a degree in Finance and Investment. in finance MBA And certificates from some stock market courses may also be required at times.

How much do mutual fund agents earn?

The highest salary for mutual fund agents is ₹38,080 per month while the minimum salary is ₹25,000 per month.

What is the difference between a mutual fund distributor and an agent?

Mutual fund distributors are mutual fund agents. It helps clients to buy and sell mutual funds.

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