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A quality analyst is a person who is responsible for component and performance testing of a product. Testing is done by quality analysts to ensure that the product meets the standards of any team. The main task of a quality analyst is to study how his company provides its services. Apart from this, to remove any deficiency in the services provided by the company. In this way, the Quality Analyst helps in meeting the expectations of the customers and also follows the general practices of the company. Quality analysts review and evaluate the performance of products and services. In this blog you will learn how to become a quality analyst.

Who are Quality Analysts?

Usually an analyst working with the design, development and management teams is referred to as a quality analyst. Quality analysts are involved in the initial, middle and final stages of any product development. Currently, Quality Analysts play a leading role in the software development industry. Quality analysts are responsible for monitoring the usability, testing, verification, and assurance of quality of software throughout the entire software development cycle.

required skills

The skills required to become a quality analyst are as follows:

  • Strong both inside and outside the team communication skills
  • Collaboration skills to work well in a team
  • strong problem solving skills
  • Strong IT skills
  • Good understanding of network, hardware and software applications
  • strong programming skills
  • good business sense
  • creative mindset
  • careful approach to work
  • Reasoning and logical ability to identify the weakness and strength of any IT system

Role and Responsibilities of Quality Analyst

The work of a quality analyst is not limited to testing only. Apart from testing, a quality analyst has many tasks and responsibilities. Which are given below:

  • Develop and execute software testing plan
  • Using the plan to assess a functionality, performance, reliability, stability of the product with other systems
  • looking for ways to prevent bugs
  • Avoid using foul language, truncated text and incorrect formatting
  • Using a plan to detect and fix software bugs
  • ensuring the product is culturally appropriate to the target market
  • Get local analyst help for translation work
  • Identify and facilitate problem solving with functional and technical groups
  • Managing the Software Beta Test Program
  • Declaration of result of document and communication test
  • Rebuilding the Right Software Application

Step by Step Guide to Become a Quality Analyst

You can follow the step by step guide given below to become a Quality Analyst:

step 1: get a bachelor’s degree

Becoming a quality control analyst may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in quality management. After your 1st class, you can pursue a Bachelor’s degree to become a Quality Analyst. Those with a degree in Biology or Chemistry can also be eligible.

Step 2: get experience

However, you don’t always need experience to get a quality analyst job. But some may prefer candidates with at least two years of work experience in the business sector. Quality analysts may develop projects and test laboratory equipment within those projects.

Step 3: Receive Quality Analyst Certificates

People working in the field of quality control can get a variety of qualifications. Certified Quality Inspector, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Quality Auditor certifications are among them. The Quality Examiner Certificate certifies a person to analyze quality systems and conduct quality assessments.


Following are the top courses to become a quality analyst that you can pursue from various universities:

  • Diploma in Quality Engineering Technician
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Master of Science in Quality Management
  • MSc in Quality Assurance
  • Certificate Program in Information Technology: Quality Assurance Testing
  • Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management

top certificates

Below are the top certifications to become a Quality Analyst:

  • certified test engineer
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst
  • Certified Associate in Software Engineering
  • Certified Manager of Software Quality

Top Foreign Universities Offering Quality Analyst Courses

Given below are the names of top foreign universities offering Quality Analyst courses:

Top Indian Universities for Quality Analyst Courses

Given below is the list of top Indian universities offering Quality Analyst courses:

  • Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, University of Mumbai
  • Government Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Seabee’s Finishing School
  • ISM University of Skills
  • NIIT Limited


To pursue Quality Analyst course from top universities abroad, you need to fulfill certain eligibility conditions. Although the eligibility criteria may differ from one university to another, here are some general conditions:

  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • For Masters degree course, it is necessary that the candidate must have obtained Bachelors degree from a recognized university or college.
  • Some universities conduct entrance examination for admission in masters course only after that you can be eligible for these courses. For masters in some universities abroad GRE either GMAT Score is required.
  • Along with the above requirements you need to go abroad IELTS either TOEFL Scores are also required.

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Application process for foreign university

To apply the candidate will have to complete the process given below:

  • The first step in your application process is to choose the right course for which you would like to apply through our AI Course Finder You can shortlist your favorite courses with the help of.
  • The next step is to have all your documents like S.O.P.Essay, Certificates and Lor and required test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, act etc. is to collect and organize.
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  • After submitting your application and all required documents, Experts Housing, student visa And start the scholarship/student loan application process.
  • Now it’s time to wait for your offer letter which may take around 4-6 weeks or more. The last step in your application process is to accept the offer letter and pay the required semester fee.

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Indian university application process

The application process by Indian universities is given below-

  • First of all register by visiting the official website of your chosen university.
  • After registering in the University website, you will get a user name and password.
  • Then after sign in to the website select your chosen course which you want to do.
  • Now fill the application form with educational qualification, category etc.
  • After that submit the application form and pay the required application fee.
  • If the admission is based on the entrance test then first register for the entrance test and then wait for the counseling after the result. You will be selected on the basis of marks in the entrance test and a list will be issued.

required documents

You will need the following documents:

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entrance exams

There are different types of entrance exams for getting admission in different colleges, but there are some common exams which are mostly recognized by all the colleges or universities, some of them are as follows:

foreign entrance examinations

indian entrance exams

  • BU Mat
  • RUET
  • GSAT

language requirement

career scope

After achieving the degree of Quality Analyst, one can work in many top industries. Some of the top industries and top recruiters are listed below:

Top Industries

  • game developer companies
  • software localization companies
  • social media platforms
  • Travel Companies And Airlines
  • entertainment companies

top recruiters

  • tata consultancy services
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Accenture
  • Wells Fargo
  • Infosys
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • capgemini
  • Tech Mahindra
  • wipro

salary package

According to, you can get an estimated annual salary of INR 4 Lakh to 6 Lakh in any company after doing the Quality Analyst course. After gaining experience in their work, the average salary of a Senior Quality Analyst can range from INR 10 to 12 Lakhs.


Which skill is most needed by a quality analyst?

What a Quality Analyst needs the most is communication skills. He should know how to communicate well with his team so that he can explain his point to the team.

Which is the best country to do Quality Analyst course?

To do Quality Analyst course, you can study in the universities of the following countries:

How to become a Quality Analyst?

To become a Quality Analyst, you have to follow the step by step guide given in the above blog:
get a bachelor’s degree
get experience
Receive Quality Analyst Certificates

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