Know how to study in Videsh in 20 lakhs

better for you to study abroad career Opens the way. Not only this, you get to travel to other parts of the world, mingle with people from different cultures and quality education There is a chance to do a lot to achieve. However, some students are in a dilemma regarding studying abroad whether they are financially capable enough to study abroad. Read this blog completely to know in detail about how to get Videsh Me Padhai in 20 lakhs.

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Why study abroad?

Choosing to study abroad gives you the opportunity to explore the world. There you will have the opportunity to experience new countries with completely new activities and customs. As you explore the world, your travels help you interact with all kinds of people, which broaden your horizons. This is one of the top benefits of studying abroad. You can also choose a better career option abroad. There are many universities abroad which offer better courses as well as scholarships. foreign universities excellent education Focuses on

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Choose an affordable study destination

The first and foremost step for the candidates who want to study in Videsh in 20 Lakhs or less is to choose the right country in which you want to study according to your interest and economic status. Candidates should not only choose a nation based on their course or field of study but also take care of their pocket. Some of the cheapest study destinations in the world are listed below:

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choose the right course

The next important step to study in Videsh in 20 lakhs is to choose the right course. If you are sure of studying abroad and reducing your study abroad expenses, then you should choose a course which has low fees or is not of long duration like 4 to 6 semesters. Below we have listed some of the top courses to study abroad at affordable prices:

  • IT & Computer Science
  • life science
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • digital media
  • Animation and Visual Arts
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • information technology
  • chemical engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • computer science
  • Finance and Marketing
  • Business Management
  • International business
  • finance
  • Business Management and Business Administration
  • Data Science & Data Analytics
  • Natural Sciences
  • mechanical engineering
  • medicine
  • engineering
  • Pure Science
  • Linguistics
  • philosophy
  • Nanotechnology Engineering
  • International business
  • Accounting
  • law
  • industrial engineering
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Gastronomy
  • International Tourism
  • Communications

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choose the right university

After selecting the right country and the right course, the next important option is to decide on the right university. A good suggestion for applicants who wish to do Videsh Me Padhai in 20 Lakhs or less is to look for colleges with low fees in addition to short duration courses. Students are advised to choose government universities instead of private universities because the tuition fees of government universities are very less. The list of most universities in the world is given below:

find scholarship

If Videsh wants to study in 20 lakhs, then scholarship can also be a good medium for this. Scholarship helps you to reduce your expenses. Scholarships and fellowships are the best way for foreign students to reduce the cost of their studies abroad. Almost all the universities abroad provide scholarship, some of which are given below:

scholarships in canada

Canada The list of scholarships is given below:

Scholarships in UK

UK The list of scholarships is given below:

scholarships in usa

usa The list of scholarships is given below:

scholarships in australia

Australia The list of scholarships is given below:

  • Australia Award Scholarships
  • ACU Destination Australia International Scholarship
  • Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
  • Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (USydIS)
  • Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program
  • NU Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • Law International Excellence Scholarship
  • Master of Architecture Scholarship
  • Transformer Scholarship

scholarships in new zealand

new zealand The list of scholarships is given below:

If you are dreaming of studying abroad, you Leverage Scholarship Take advantage quickly.

choose the right place to live

The most important thing to live in any new country is to arrange the safest and cheapest accommodation. There are many different forms of student accommodation available in every country. To save money on your study abroad expenses, look for accommodation that is not only reliable but also affordable. Instead of paying for expensive private or university hostels, you can live in apartments with a group of other students.

To know more easily about the cost of living abroad according to your choice and lifestyle Cost of Living Calculator use.

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Get Student Discount

Another great way to reduce the cost of your study abroad is to take advantage of student discounts. You can find student and other discounts on public transportation, food, flight tickets, libraries, books and other items abroad. Students should take full advantage of such discounts and deals and should always be on their toes to find such discounts abroad.

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work while studying

There are plenty of opportunities for internships and part-time jobs abroad for international students. Part-time jobs are a great way to supplement your income while living abroad. You can seek advice from your college’s Career Center or ask for references from others to help you with your first steps.

Often, universities actively seek internships to provide real-world experience to their students. If you are unable to locate internships in any field related to your school, then you can look for alternative part-time employment which can help you to continue your studies abroad and earn you 20 lakhs or more. Will allow to study abroad on less or budget.

Affordable Universities in Canada

The following is being told to you about some of the most affordable Affordable Universities in Canada, which are as follows.

For Bachelor’s

Universities Tuition Fees Courses Offered
Brandon University CAD 7,203 (Rs 4,17,774) BA, BBA, BEd, BFA, BM, BN
University of Saint-Boniface CAD 7,482 (Rs 4,33,956) Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts, Social Work etc.
University of Guelph CAD 9,730 (Rs 5,43,460) Arts, Biological Sciences, Business & Economics Bachelors
Canadian Mennonite University CAD 10,003 (Rs 5,80,174) Three- and four-year BA, BSc, BBA
Memorial University of Newfoundland CAD 11,460 (Rs 6,64,680) 100 programs for Bachelor’s

For Masters

Universities Tuition Fees Courses Offered
Memorial University of Newfoundland CAD 3,222 (Rs 1,86,873) Various Courses Offered
University of Northern British Columbia CAD 3,297 (Rs 1,91,226) MBA, MSc, MEd, MEng, MScN etc
University of Calgary CAD 3,693 (Rs 2,14,194) Various Courses Offered
Simon Fraser University CAD 3,743 (Rs 2,17,094) Various Courses Offered
University of Saskatchewan CAD 4,358 (Rs 2,52,764) 80 Master’s and Doctorate degrees

Affordable Universities in Australia

The following is being told to you about some of the most affordable Affordable Universities in Australia, which are as follows.

Universities Tuition Fees Courses Offered
University of the Sunshine Coast 18,700 Australian Dollar (Rs 10,00,000) BBA, MBA, BE/BTech, MIM etc
University of Southern Queensland 22,774 Australian Dollar (Rs 12,30,000) MBA, BBA, MEng, MIM, MS etc
Charles Sturt University 29,069 Australian Dollar (Rs 15,70,000) MBA, BBA, MS
Federation University Australia 25,181 Australian Dollars (Rs 13,60,000) MBA, MEng, MS, BBA, BE/BTech, MIM

20 Lakhs in Videsh Me Padhai: Education Expenses?

Following you are being told about the other expenses of Videsh me Padhai in 20 lakhs in some countries of the world, which are as follows.


  • Tuition Fees: Here no Tuition Fees are charged in Government Colleges, whereas in some Universities about 40,000 Rupees (460 Euros) are definitely taken as Social Contribution Fees every year.
  • Cost of Living: Cities like Munich and Berlin require 54,000 rupees (620 Euros) per month to live. On the other hand, if you live in college hostels, then this cost remains 42,000 rupees (483 Euros) per month. Whereas in Small Cities it remains around Rs 42,000 (483 Euros) per month.
  • Total Annual Expenses: 5,40,000 (6,205 Euros), which includes Tuition Fees of Rs 40,000 (460 Euros) and Cost of Living Rs 5,00,000 (5,745 Euros).


  • Tuition Fees: 10,00,000 (17,179 CAD) – 15,00,000 (25,770 CAD) for undergraduate courses and 8,00,000 (13,744 CAD) – 20,00,000 (34,756 CAD) for postgraduate courses.
  • Cost of Living: Living here can cost up to 57,000 rupees (980 CAD) per month.
  • Total Annual Expenses: 19,80,000 INR (34.014 CAD) This includes Tuition Fees up to INR 13,00,000 (22,333 CAD) and Cost of Living up to INR 6,80,000 (11,682 CAD).


  • Tuition Fees: 5,00,000 Rupees (9,115 Singapore Dollars) – 13,00,000 Rupees (23,700 Singapore Dollars) for Undergraduate Courses and 10,00,000 Rupees (18,230 Singapore Dollars) – 25,00,000 Rupees (45,575 Singapore Dollars) for Postgraduate Courses Can
  • Cost of Living: Students may have to spend 50,000 rupees (914 Singapore Dollars) per month to live here.
  • Total Annual Expenses: 18,00,000 INR (32,814 Singapore Dollars), including INR 12,00,000 (21,875 Singapore Dollars) Tuition Fees and INR 6,00,000 (10,938 Singapore Dollars) towards Cost of Living.


  • Tuition Fees: Here the cost for Undergraduate Courses ranges from INR 10,00,000 (18,500 Australian Dollar) – INR 16,00,000 (29,600 Australian Dollar) and Post Graduation INR 12,00,000 (22,200 Australian Dollar) – INR 18,00,000 (33,300 Australian Dollar) may have to do.
  • Cost of Living: Living in Australia is cheaper than countries like America. However, the expenses vary from city to city. There is a difference of Rs 17,000 (315 Australian Dollars) per month in the cost of living in cities like Sydney and Canberra.
  • Total Annual Expenses: 25,00,000 INR (46,247 Australian Dollars), which includes Tuition Fees INR 15,00,000 (27,748 Australian Dollars) and Cost of Living INR 10,00,000 (18,500 Australian Dollars).

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With this blog of Videsh me Padhai in 20 lakhs, surely your dilemma about studying abroad must have ended now. Those people you know who want to study abroad, send them this blog of Videsh Me Padhai for 20 lakhs so that they too can take help. If you are interested to study further abroad then our Leverage Edu Get in touch with Study Abroad Experts immediately by visiting Contact on the website today.

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