Know how to study online

With the increasing hit of Corona, the trend of online education is also increasing. Online learning has helped children a lot during this coronavirus pandemic. Online learning has also given many ways for children to study. Online education has emerged as a boon during this pandemic. How to study online Some of the top platforms have played and are playing their important role to study online. Let us know in detail how to study online.

how to study online

Online education is being used a lot these days and many tests, exam preparation, practical training etc. are also being given online. It has expanded even more towards the modern era. By studying online, we can study wherever we are, we do not need to go to school, college and we are also safe from coronavirus. So let’s know all the important information about how to study online which is given below-

How to study from mobile?

In today’s era, it is not wrong to study online from mobile, it is a medium which is proving beneficial for many people. At the same time, poor children who do not have money for coaching and tuition, they are also studying for free from YouTube. Nowadays mobile applications are being used a lot in the education sector. Studying through mobile phone gives you free notes test series.

benefits of online reading

Along with knowing online padhai kaise kare, let us know the benefits of online reading, which are as follows:

  • online study betterIf we watch the film from TV or mobile, then that story gets printed well in our mind. In the same way, it differs from reading online in the same way. On the other hand, if we talk about the benefits provided by it, due to this, we are able to read boring topics very well.
  • great time saverThis is the biggest advantage of studying online, it saves us a lot of time because we do not need to go to any institute or coaching class, then all this time of waiting for classes to come and go is easily saved.
  • online test series: I like this thing of online mobile study the best of test series because nowadays many exams are being done online through computer, due to which it is also important to have your experience in giving online exam, so that you will not have any problem during the exam, its a good medium. There is an online test series, which assesses our preparation very well and it does not seem boring, it is very attractive, due to which you remember more questions and their answers.
  • don’t have to writeWe have to prepare our own notes of what we are taught in offline class or studies. But this is not the case in reading from the Internet, in which PDF notes are sent to your mobile like a digital printed book or you can download from their app or website in which you can read without writing in your mobile.

disadvantages of studying online

Along with knowing online padhai kaise kare, let us know the disadvantages of studying online, which are as follows:

  • be short of memory:- We are very accustomed to offline classes from the very beginning so suddenly everything online is not set in our mind because physically studying in class is a different experience due to which memory is very less than online class though slowly. When we get accustomed to it and read it in series, then you will find this problem very less.
  • lack of discipline:- We see that when we are in school or any coaching center then due to fear of master and discipline rules of that institute we are very disciplined in class so that we study well but in online class neither we have There are no teachers, nor are we in any school or institute, just to study from home, then there is no fear of the teacher, as much as you want to study, study or have fun, otherwise it proves to be harmful for us, it depends on you.
  • Eye damage:– This is the biggest disadvantage of online studies, I keep it at number one, we stay on mobile or computer due to online studies for hours, due to which the waves coming out of the mobile screen cause a lot of damage to our eyes, which causes a lot of damage to our eyes in offline studies or in class. Does not happen. Even if we do not study from mobile, we spoil our eyes very much in unnecessary things, from where we do not get anything, then at least study here.
  • lack of mind :- This is also the disadvantage of online studies, when we sit to study online after being serious on a topic, sometimes unnecessary ads come in the video, sometimes mobile notifications come, different colors change on the screen, due to which Our brain balance is not correct and we have less memory while studying online than in offline classes.

Top 7 Platforms to Read Online

To know this online padhai kaise kare, the names of the top 7 platforms are given below-


In November 2006, Google bought YouTube. By doing this, Google took the learning platform to greater heights. We use YouTube many times in our everyday life whether it is cooking at home or studying for exams. YouTube is earning more and more name day by day it is a free learning platform where millions of videos not only for reading but also many funny videos, cooking videos etc. are all in it. If we want to find a solution to any problem, then we use YouTube. Along with this, if we also want to earn money from YouTube, then we can also earn by making videos. Because here we want to know about how to study online, so let’s talk about YouTube as a learning platform, it is very easy to study from YouTube, it can be studied for free of cost. At the same time, there are many different videos of the same subject, from where we can choose which video or where we are making more sense.

diksha app

The Diksha App was launched in September 2017 by the Vice President of the country, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu. This is an app in which not only students can read but teachers also get help in reading books. Through this app, the government started publishing the QR code on the books of all the students, which is scanned by the Diksha app without typing anything about that book, only scanning gets its solution. It can be downloaded from Play Store. It contains solutions of NCERT books from class 1 to 12.


The sudden lockdown in the country has led to a temporary halt especially in the academic context as exams, results, admissions etc have been affected. But students are taking advantage of continuing their education through online education. Whether you are a student or a working professional, TED is a free online platform that you can explore to learn about popular and interesting topics. Being one of the highly inspiring online learning platforms, TED-ED is a conglomerate of TED talks and TED conferences. With its motto of “lessons worth sharing”, TED Ed aims to celebrate teachers and students around the world and offers over 1000 educational videos on popular topics and its website to spread the word to a global audience. You can also create your own text.

Leverage Live

Leverage Live IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE Leads in the league of top online learning platforms by providing quality education to prepare for competitive exams like . Leverage Live We have more than 20,000 mentors who are ready to provide you the right guidance. The aim of these is to ensure that the student gets the best guidance as well as the right study material for his/her exam preparation. It provides guidance to the students aspiring to get the school and college of their dreams. Along with this, any kind of information related to studies is available through Leverage Live.

Harvard Extension School

Howard University Who would not have heard the name of Howard University It is one of the famous university. In the era of this coronavirus, many free courses were also taken out by Howard University. It is every student’s dream to get admission in Harvard University. From Graduation to Post Graduate, Diploma and Certificate all types of courses are conducted here. Being one of the 12 degree-granting institutions of Harvard University, HES offers over 900 online courses and degree programs. Hence, taking a course from this reputable institute can be the best use of quarantine and you can also become a member of Harvard Alumni Association.


Nowadays, there is a lot of interest in people’s mind to learn different languages. duolingo There is a better platform to give better knowledge of the language. Or a free of cost platform. Knowledge of many new languages ​​is given here. It improves your language as well as enhances your skills. From German, Spanish, Japanese to Hindi, Dutch, Arabic etc. to regional ones, Duolingo offers a wide range of languages ​​with amazing features. If you are also willing to learn a new language, then you are thinking very well, it will remove your mental stress and develop a new skill, then choose this platform today and increase your language knowledge.

How to take online class?

To start online classes you must first have a good internet connection so that you can join any online coaching. Apart from this, you must have a laptop or smartphone. On the other hand, if an online class is conducted through the school or if you are taking any coaching institute or you are taking any Sir’s class, then some of the apps used for that should be present in your smartphone or in your laptop. Mostly used apps in all these apps are zoom, Microsoft teams or Google Meet etc.

Competitive exam preparation

To pass any competitive exam, it is most important that you prepare a time table to prepare for that exam. Whatever the syllabus of the exam, whatever the subject, you have to make a time table and according to that time table you have to study and prepare accordingly. But keep in mind that while making the time table, it must be seen whether all the subjects are getting full time or not.

There will be many subjects in the competitive exam you are going to take, there will be many subjects and out of all those subjects there will be some subjects which you will not like, but still you will have to study that subject. Give a little more time to whatever subject you don’t like. So that you can prepare well in that subject also.

How to study online from home?

Studying online from home has increased tremendously in the last 5 years. This era of corona epidemic has given this facility as a new boon. Now all the students are taking the convenience of studying online sitting at home very comfortably. Studying from home also saves commuting time so that children can study more in that time.


What do you need to study online?

To start online classes you must first have a good internet connection so that you can join any online coaching. Apart from this, you must have a laptop or smartphone.

How to study online from home?

You can do online studies sitting at home with the help of the points given below-
Study from online time table.
Study from previous question papers.
Study from youtube videos.
Study in Facebook group.
Study from website.
Study through mobile app.
Study with Leverage Live.

What to do if you do not feel like studying?

set goals
time table
do hard work first
Discuss about studies with friends.

Hope you have got the answer of your question how to study online. If you want to study abroad and also want a proper guidance then today 1800572000 by calling our Leverage Edu Book a free 30 minute session with our experts.

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