Know the complete process of how to do MBBS in USA

MBBS is one of the most sought medical courses. Almost every year many students do MBBS abroad. to become a doctor Let’s dream Although there are many countries that offer MBBS course, but when it comes to doing this course, probably the first name that comes to mind is USA. Let us know in detail that USA me MBBS Kaise Kare. If you have any suggestion related to this blog then give your opinion in the comment section below.,

course name MBBS/MD
level Postgraduate
Country USA
NEET Necessary
MCAT Necessary
IELTS And TOEFL Necessary
Average Annual Course Fee (USD) 89,333 (INR 67 Lakh)
Course Duration 4-7 years
medium of instruction English

Why do MBBS in USA?

Before knowing how to do MBBS in USA, it is important to know why to do this course, the reasons for which are given below-

  • Job growth for physicians and surgeons in the US is expected to be 7% from 2018 to 2028.
  • Among the various categories of practicing doctors, the maximum number of jobs for psychiatrists in the US is expected to be created by 2028.
  • The average annual salary of Physicians and Surgeons in the US is USD 2.23 Lakh (INR 1.67 Crore).

Course duration

MBBS in America is actually offered by most of the medical schools and universities in the country for MD, i.e. Doctor of Medicine. MD is a 4 year medical degree in USA which MBBS in India and which is recognized globally throughout the world. often by US universities MBBS,MD And both the residency programs are integrated together, the duration of which can be 7-9 years. During the duration of the course, students USMLE Exam I, II, III will also have to be given and on successful passing of third exam, you will be awarded MBBS degree.

MBBS Specialization

Some of the MBBS specializations are as follows:

  • anesthesiologist
  • Family and General Physician
  • internist
  • surgeon
  • general pediatrician

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Cost of studying MBBS in USA

The average cost of studying MBBS in USA ranges between USD 24,000-66,000 (INR 18-49.50 Lakh). This tuition fee may vary according to the university you choose. Below is the tuition fee according to the universities-

Universities Annual Tuition Fee (USD)
University of California, San Diego 65,500 (INR 49.12 Lakh)
University of Pennsylvania 81,000 (INR 60.75 Lakh)
Duke University 54,500 (INR 40.87 Lakh)
Columbia University 20,000 (INR 15 Lakh)
University of California, San Francisco 43,000 (INR 32.25 Lakh)
Yale University 63,700 (INR 47.77 Lakh)
University of California, Los Angeles 64,000 (INR 48 Lakh)
Johns Hopkins University 63,200 (INR 47.40 Lakh)
Howard University 72,000 (INR 54 Lakh)
Stanford University 82,000 (INR 61.50 Lakh)

cost of living in america

The cost of living in the US depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the common cost of living-

types of expenses Amount (USD/month)
Habitat 200 (INR 15,000)
travel cost 50 (INR 3,750)
Meal 80 (INR 6,000)
Basic Utilities 60 (INR 4,500)
Entertainment 100 (INR 7,500)

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Top Universities for MBBS in USA

To know about MBBS in USA, it is also necessary to know about top universities, whose names are as follows-

Other Medical Universities in USA

The list of other medical universities in USA is given below-

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Along with knowing how to do MBBS in USA, the eligibility for doing this course is given below-

  • Indian students must have passed 10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.
  • English proficiency test like- TOEFL, IELTS either PTE is necessary.
  • Must have completed pre-medical course and MCAT Marks are mandatory.
  • With qualifying marks for Indian students to do MBBS abroad NEET Passing is mandatory.

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Application process for MBBS in USA

Below is the step by step entrance exam for MBBS in USA-

  • step 1: To apply for Doctor of Medicine, you must have completed pre-medical course and have MCAT marks (MD).
  • Step-2 : International students can apply to universities in the United States through the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service). Some of them accept applications directly through their websites. To simplify the application process, you Leverage Edu You can take help of experts.
  • Step-3 : To do MBBS in USA, it is very important that you do research about the university in advance.
  • Step-4: After choosing the university, read and review all the requirements like admission deadline, documents, language test etc.
  • Step-5: Keep documents ready.
  • Step-6: After confirmation of admission visa process Get started It is important to get the acceptance letter to start the visa process.

Documents Required for MBBS in USA

Given below is the list of documents required for MBBS in USA-

  • transcripts of previous academic studies
  • Evaluation of foreign transcripts by an accredited agency
  • Relevant exam scores (as asked by the university)
  • english proficiency test like IELTS,TOEFL points of
  • valid passport copy
  • LOR
  • SOP
  • resume
  • Applicant’s criminal background check
  • student visa
  • passport size copies

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Scholarships for MBBS in USA

Along with knowing about the MBBS in USA, it is important to know about the scholarship. Some of the scholarships for international students in the US are listed below:

Scholarships in USA awarding institution Amount (USD)
ASAHP Scholarship of Excellence Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions 1,000 (INR 75,000)
AHIMA Foundation Merit Scholarship AHIMA Foundation not fixed amount
AMTIE Student Scholarship American Medical Technologists (AMT) 500 (37,500)
Vagelos Scholarship Columbia University Tuition fees and cost of living
Financial Aid for Non-US Medical Students John Hopkins University not fixed amount
Stanford Institutional Aid Stanford University not fixed amount
Harvard Medical School Scholarship Harvard University Tuition Fee Waiver

Jobs and Salary

The average annual income of Physicians and Surgeons in the US is around USD 2.08 Lakh (INR 1.56 Crore). Listed below is the average salary for various specializations or jobs in USA:

job profiles Average Annual Salary (USD)
surgeon 2.55-3 Lakh (INR 1.87-2.25 Crore)
psychiatrist 2.20-3.10 Lakh (INR 1.65-2.32 Crore)
general pediatrician 1.83-2.50 Lakh (INR 1.37-1.87 Crore)
general internist 1.96-2.40 Lakh (INR 1.47-1.80 Crore)
OB GYN 2.38-3 Lakh (INR 1.78-2.25 Crore)
Family and General Physician 2.12-2.85 Lakh (INR 1.59-2.13 Crore)
Anesthesiologist 2.67-3.15 Lakh (INR 2-2.36 Crore)


How old is MBBS in America?

The average duration of an MD/MBBS in the United States is four years and Indian students are given 3-7 years of residency to practice after graduation.

How much does it cost to do MBBS in America?

MBBS course fees in the US range from USD 20,000-82,000 (INR 15-61.50 Lakh) every year. It may vary according to the university.

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