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Google Forms Kya Hai In Hindi: today Google Google has many great products using which it has become even easier to grow the business, one such product of Google is Google Forms, through which you can create different types of forms and collect your customer’s data.

but do you know Google Forms what isgoogle Forms how to make, Google form Of Features what are and Google form of Use Where? did go Is, If you do not have information about Google Forms, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you because through this article we are going to give you complete information about Google Forms.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article Google Forms What is Hindi.

Google Forms Quick Guide

main point description
Product Name Google Forms
developer Google
release date 6 February 2008
Product Type Online Forms Creator
Platform Web, Windows, Android
Google Forms

What is Google Forms (Google Forms in Hindi)

Google Forms is a product of the Google company, through which you can create an online form for the user. data can collect. You via Google Forms Survey, Job Apply, Contact Forms, Quiz Contest Forms etc. can be created. Google launched Google Forms on 6 February 2008.

What is Google Forms, learn how to use it (Google Forms In Hindi)

Google Forms all data google drive is stored in , which is a cloud based storage. So you do not have the fear of losing data in it.

In Google Forms, you get many Per Design templates which you just have to edit as per your requirement. If you do not want to use any template, then you can also create the form according to your wish through Blank Forms.

Google Forms Google Service G-Suite so to use it you have to have a google account Or it is necessary to have a Gmail ID. You can get notification of each entry in Google Form in your Gmail.

Features of Google Forms

Following are some of the major features of Google Forms –

  • Google Forms is a free Software Is.
  • In Google Forms, you get many Pre Design Templet, which you can use to create a form.
  • You can create many types of Forms through Google Forms.
  • You can see the data collected by Google Forms from Google Forms itself, you can also get notification of each entry on your Gmail.
  • The interface of Google Forms is user friendly, so any user can easily use Google Forms.
  • you only one Gmail ID You can create Google Forms through .
  • All the data of Google Form is stored in the cloud through Google Drive, so there is no possibility of data loss.

Uses of Google Forms

In today’s time, Google Forms is being widely used, some of the uses of Google Forms are as follows –

  • business Use Google Forms to collect user data.
  • Online Quiz Contests Google Forms is used to create.
  • A website owner or blogger can create a Contact Us page for his blog or website through Google Forms.
  • You can create Invitation Forms through Google Forms.
  • Companies where there is job vacancy, they create online job form through Google Form.
  • Marketers use Google Forms to generate leads.

Apart from all this, Google Forms is also used for many tasks.

How to Use Google Forms (Step by Step)

Since Google Forms is a product of Google, you need a Google Account or Gmail ID to use Google Forms. You cannot use Google Forms without a Gmail ID. If you do not have a Google account or Gmail ID, you can create a Gmail ID, only after that you will be able to use it by filling the Google form.

You can use Google Forms in the following two ways –

1 – Through the official website of Google Forms

To create a Google Form through the official website of Google Forms, follow the process given below –

  • first your Web browser Search by typing in Google Forms.
  • After this, click on the first website that will come in front of you and open Google Forms.
  • After this, by clicking on Sign In, sign in to Google Forms through your Gmail ID.
  • Now you have to click on the option with Go to Forms.
  • In this way you will reach Google Forms, here you can select any template according to you or you can also take Blank Template.
  • Finally, you can create Forms as per your requirement, and share the Forms.

2 – Use via Google Drive

You can also create Google Forms through Google Drive. Following is the process to create a form using Google Forms through Google Drive –

  • First of all, you open Google Drive in your browser.
  • After that click on New button.
  • Here you will get the option of Google Forms, you move the cursor on the Google Form.
  • Now 3 options will come in front of you. With Blank Forms you can take a blank form, with Blank Quiz you can take a form to create a quiz, with Forms a Templet you can select a pre-designed template.
  • After this, you can create a Google form by editing the form accordingly.
Use Google Forms with Google Drive
Use Google Forms with Google Drive

How to Create Google Forms (Google Forms Kaise Banaye)

After reading the article till here, you must have understood what is Google Forms, let us now know how to make Google Forms. Below we have told you the complete process of creating Google Forms, by following which you can easily create Google Forms.

#1 – First of all open Google Forms

First of all, open Google Forms in your favorite web browser. We have told you above the process of opening Google Form.

#2 – Select the Template for the Forms

After this you have to prepare a new Form. To create Google Forms, you get many template options on the home page. You can select any template according to you or you can also use Blank Forms. We will teach you how to create a Google Form in Blank Template.

#3 – Build a good Google Forms

When you have selected Templet to create the form, then the most important step comes after this to create Google Form. To create Google Forms, you have to understand each and every element of it.

As soon as you click on Blank Forms, the interface will open in front of you as in the image below. In this, you get many options by which you can create a great form. Let us understand all the options present in this page of Forms.

Build a Good Google Forms
Build a Good Google Forms

We have explained all the options present in the form in order of number on the options written in the image.

  1. Untitled Forms – Through this option you can give the title of your Forms. For example, if you are creating a Contact Us form, then you can write Contact Us in the title.
  2. Forms Description – In this section you write a short description about the form like you can write the purpose of creating the form.
  3. Untitled Question – Here you have to write your question, like if you are making Contact Us Forms, then you can create questions like Name, Email, Address etc.
  4. Multiple Choice – Through this option you can decide how the answer will have to be given. Like if you have Question Name then you can use Short Answer. If your question is Message then you can select Paragraph. Similarly, you can create different types of Answer Fields according to you. Like Checkbox, Dropdown etc.
  5. + icon Click on this icon to add a new question to the form.
  6. Import Question – If you have previously created a Google Form whose question you want to add to this Form, then you can do it through the Import Question option.
  7. Add Title and Description – By this option you can use more than one title and description in one form. Like you are creating a Contact Form and you want to keep some Question Answer in the same Form, then you can take a new title and description and then add the Question Answer.
  8. Add Image – If you want to use any image in Forms, then you can do it through this option. As soon as you click on this icon a pop up window will open in front of you, after that you can go to Gallery, Camera, URL You can upload images from and through Google Drive.
  9. Add Video – By this option you can add in your Forms Youtube video can add to. Video is not used in a normal form. If your forms are difficult then you can use a video to explain to the user.
  10. Add Section By this option your form will be divided into sections. Mostly whenever you will be filling the online form, you must have seen that your data is taken by 2 or 3 sections in the form. If you want to create Forms for your business then you must use section.
  11. Duplicate – By this option you can copy a field. Like you create a Name field and then you need Last Name whose design is exactly like the Name field, then you can use Duplicate Icon.
  12. Delete – If you want to delete a field, then you can delete it through this icon.
  13. Required – This option is used when you want to make a field Mandatory. You must have often seen in Forms that you have to fill some fields without filling them, you cannot proceed further. Similarly, you can make a field Mandatory by turning Required on in your Forms.

You can create any type of Forms as per your requirement. If you want to see the preview of Forms, then you can see from the Preview option above.

#4 – Share Google Forms Now

When you have created Google Forms, you can share the Forms with people through various mediums by clicking on the Send button at the top.

  • You can send Forms to any person or group of people through Email.
  • You can send Forms by sharing the link of Forms.
  • You can add Google Forms to your blog or website through code.
Share Google Forms
Share Google Forms

So by following this process you can easily create Google Forms.

How to Check Entry in Google Forms

When a user fills the Google Forms, you can see that Entry or Submission in two ways. Either by going to Google Forms or by getting Notification of Entry on your email.

To check the entry of Google Forms, follow the following procedure.

  • First of all open Google Forms.
  • If you have created multiple forms, then select the form whose entry you want to check.
  • After this go to the Responses section.
  • Here you will get to see all the entries.
  • If you want to get notification of each entry on your Gmail ID, then click on the 3 dot icon made here.
  • After this click on Get email Notification for New Entry.
  • Now the notification of whoever will fill the forms will come to your email.

FAQ: Google Forms In Hindi

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free tool software through which you can create different types of forms online. Like Survey, Quiz, Contact etc.

Who created Google Forms?

Google Form has been created by Google Company, which is an American company.

When was Google Forms created?

Google released Google Forms on 6 February 2008. It is a part of Google’s online service G-Suite.

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Conclusion: What is Google Form in Hindi

Through this blog post we learned that Google Forms what happens, Google form How make Huh, Google form of use How do And Google form Of Features And Use what Is,

Google Forms is a very profitable product of Google which should be used by every business, service provider and blogger. All of them can easily collect their customer and visitor data through Google Forms.

So this is all in this article, hope you must have liked this information given by us, if you have got to learn something from this article, then do share it with your friends also.

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