List of 11 Indian Search Engines

Made In Indian Search Engine In Hindi , Internet All of you in this era of Search Engine Must be aware of. Search Engines are those by which we can search the information present on the Internet.

Well, there are many big and popular searches in the world like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Which is all foreign company.

This thought must have come in your mind at some point of time that like Google, India has its own Indian Search Engine Yes or No.

So the answer is yes. Many Indian search engines have been made in India too, but all of them Google As many have not been developed, so their popularity is also less.

Indian Search Engine Name List In Hindi

Through this article we 11 Indian Search Engine In Hindi Will tell about. You must have heard about some of these and you may have heard the name of some for the first time. So let’s start – Indian Search Engine In Hindi,

Indian Search Engine List – Indian Search Engine Name List In Hindi

now we you Indian Search Engine (11 Indian Search Engine) Name Some of which you may have already heard about and some may be new to you.

#1 – 123 Khoj (Search Search Engine) There is an Indian Search Engine which was created in 2014. The interface of this search engine is similar to that of Google. It is not very popular.

Khoj Search Engine There is not much development, the results shown by it are of very low quality. Its head quarter is in Chandigarh.

Khoj Search Engine
123 Khoj Indian Search Engine

#2 – Guruji (Guruji Search Engine) India had a great search engine which was started in 2006 and this search engine was closed in 2011.

Guruji Search Engine It was created by two students Anurag Dodd and Gaurav Mishra, who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Both of them created a search engine like by taking a fund of 7 million from the famous company SEQUOIA of America. became a very popular search engine in India from 2006 to 2010 because its features were amazing. But from the beginning of 2011, errors started coming in and this great search engine got closed.

Guruji search engine

#3 – Just Dial (Just Dial Search Engine) There is a Local Indian Search Engine. With the help of this, you can do any service in your city like Hotel, Bill Recharge, bank etc. can easily find. -JustDial Indian Search Engine

You can easily find the business of your city with Just Dial. Just Dial was founded in 1996 by VSS Mani and started from Mumbai. This search engine still works well today.

#4 – Epic Search

Epic Search is a product of Company Hidden Reflex based in Bangalore. Its founder is Alok Bhardwaj, Epic Search was established in 2010. - Epic indian search engine

It is more advanced than other Indian search engines and works well.

#5 – Bilsir (Bilsir Search Engine)

Bilsir - Bilsir Indian Search Engine There is an Indian Search Engine which was established in 2011. In this we can search about things like Music, Job, Shopping etc.

#6 – Rediff (Rediff Search Engine) - Rediff Indian search engine a such Indian Search Engine With the help of which you can entertain, News, Shopping You can search related to. It was established in 1996 and its head quarter is located in Mumbai.

#7 , 13tabs (Tabs Search Engine) In the year 2016, two engineer brothers, Sagar Mishra and Varun Mishra, living in Dhanbad, together created an Indian search engine called 13tabs. Both worked hard for 3 years to make this search engine. - 13tabs indian search engine

13Tabs Search Engine Works just like Google. When this search engine was launched in 2016, there were 70 million web pages in it. And today its number is even more.

Its user experience is better than other Indian search engines. The searches shown by this are very relevant.

#8 – Qmamu (Q Mamu Search Engine) It was launched by a 23 year old Gujarati boy Nishit Dhanani on 26 January 2021. The name of his company is Qmamu Technology Pvt. Ltd. is

Qmamu indian search engine

Indian Qmamu Search Engine There is a very good Search Engine that shows Relevant Result. here you Shopping, Image, Video, News options are available. It is easy to use. Its interface is also very good. You must also try this search engine once.

Head Quarter of Qmamu is located in Ahmedabad.

#9 – Neeva Search Engine It is an Indian search engine whose founders are Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan. In the year 2018, both of them together created a search engine named Neeva. Both of them have previously worked in Google.

The purpose of creating this search engine was to provide ad-free search engine to the user. Neeva does not collect user data.

Neeva Search Engine It is a private and Indian ad-free search engine, so it will not have any kind of Ad Show and the user may have to pay around Rs 700 per month to use it.

#10 – (iBharat search engine) Its founder is Sanjay Jat. Sanjay ji launched iBharat in the year 2014. When iBharat was launched, there were 1 lakh web pages in its data base, this number is increasing continuously. - indian search engine has also added Swadeshi Tab on its platform which will inform the user about the products of India. iBharat has also launched its app on Play Store and i Store.

#11 – Gisass (Giss Search Engine) There is an India Search Engine App which was established in 2013-14. Gisass of an Indian Web Browser whose name is Go Browser Is.

Gisass Indian search engine

What is the difference between Google and Neeva Search Engine?

  • We can use Google for free, but to use Neeva, we have to pay every month, because Neeva is a private search engine.
  • Google shows Ads whereas there is no Ads Show of any kind in Neeva.
  • You can only do web search in Google while in Neeva you can also search any of your personal files.
  • Google earns by showing ads while Neeva will earn money through subscription.

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FAQ For Indian Search Engine In Hindi

Why is India behind in terms of making search engines?

The era of Internet had started in developed countries since 1990, while in India in 2005, the use of Internet started on a large scale. By then the search engines of America and other developed countries had become very advanced like Google, Yahoo, Bing. That’s why India was left behind in terms of search engines.

When was Guruji Search Engine closed?

Guruji search engine was completely closed on 12 October 2012.

Does India have its own search engine?

Yes, India has its own Search Engine. India has many search engines, but all of them are not as advanced as Google, so not many people know about these search engines.

Which was the first search engine of India? was India’s first search engine. Which was very popular from 2006 to 2010. However, it was closed in 2012 due to some reason.

Name List of Indian Search Engines – Names of Indian Search Engines

  • (Guruji)
  • (one two three search)
  • (Just Dial)
  • Epic Search
  • (Bilsir)
  • (Rediff)
  • (Tabs)
  • (Q Mamu)
  • (Neva)
  • (i India)
  • (Gissass)

Conclusion – Indian Search Engines Name List In Hindi

So friends, through this article we have given you Indian Search Engine In Hindi) and also told you some things related to all those Indian Search Engines.

Although India’s search engines are not so advanced yet that they can compete with Google, but in the future there will definitely be a search engine in India that will compete with Google.

We hope that you must have liked this article written by us, Indian Search Engine Name List In Hindi Do share the article with your friends also.

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