Minnesota State University launches split payment insurance plan

the senate of Minnesota State University It has decided to add one more benefit to the benefits available to international students. The health insurance policy, whose payment is a concern in the mind of every student, the university has announced a resolution to give its payment in two parts. This resolution is a step to bring relief to the students who were financially facing difficulties in making the full payment of their insurance.

The resolution was implemented during the 2020-21 academic year in which the students facing financial crunch due to the COVID pandemic were brought into the process. In May, this plan was changed from a split payment plan to the original plan i.e. one year mandatory payment of insurance.

The impact of the change in this plan was not only visible on health insurance but also on the process of registering for classes. However, prior to this decision, the International Student Association and the Student Government were not consulted.

According to a survey by Senator Darlington Sehgbein, the majority of 123 international students voted in favor of the split payment policy. Sehgbeen said that it is useless to implement policies which are not in the favor of the students. We must stop the process of creating such a policy that makes it almost impossible for more and more students to graduate. This resolution tests the diversity, equity and inclusion of the University’s policy.

Coming to the drawbacks of the One Year Payment Plan, in that case if an international student could not afford his payment, his class would have to be canceled which would have affected his visa status as well. A one-year paying plan could also have an impact on the retention rate of the student as if the payment was not made, either the student would have to take a transfer or drop out would have proved to be a last option for them.

Senator Koshangi Jha, himself an international student, says if you can’t pay, we can’t register. We have only 2 options, either if the amount is paid, otherwise admission cannot be done.

The Senate will vote this week on a resolution that will be sent to President Inch. But President Inch wouldn’t need to respect this resolution or do anything about that. Payment will be made on November 1.

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