More than half of the Indian students studying in America are from Telangana and Hyderabad.

Academic collaboration between Indian and foreign universities has been on the rise ever since the UGC came out with new guidelines.

Eric S. We have over 600 Indian students joining each semester, Armbrecht said. But 70% of them are from both the Telugu states-Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We would like to double this number.

Eric said that India and America are natural allies in the field of education.

He stressed that there is immense potential for strengthening cooperation between educational institutions of the two countries. International collaboration begins with mutual interests and a shared commitment to supporting students’ career goals and personal ambitions. Saint Louis University is laying the groundwork for many collaborations.

The United States annually allows 84,000 Indian students to study in American universities. 44% i.e. around 33,000 students out of 84,000 are from both Telugu states- Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Since the pandemic, many US universities have been offering virtual programs in collaboration with local institutions.

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