Norway to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023

A survey of over 1,000 non-EU students looking to study in Norway found that up to 80% of students could lose out on tuition fees from free tuition.

Norway In a government proposal for tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023, Norway has recommended an annual tuition fee of around US$13,000. Which roughly translates to INR 10.59 Lakh.

Norway is considering introducing tuition fees for international students from outside the EU from fall 2023. This thought may seem to be taking a step back for almost 80% of students considering studying in Norway.

Norway currently hosts around 13,000 international students, two-thirds of whom come from outside the EU. They currently have the same rights to study tuition-free as Norwegian students.

This pattern has also been observed in Sweden and Finland a few years back. The pattern went something like this. Sweden introduced tuition fees for international students in 2011. This saw a fall of almost 80% in the number of international students for a few years, but by 2017/18 the number of students was almost at the same level. Has reached

A similar pattern was observed in Finland in 2017 as international students started paying tuition fees resulting in a drop in enrollment but in 2022 more international students choose Finland to study than in 2016 and Finnish students take advantage of scholarships Reduced the cost of studies.

A task force that was formed earlier this year by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. Its motive was to find out the impact of international student tuition fees. That task force found that Finnish higher education institutions collected some EUR 42 million (approximately INR 3.55 billion) in tuition fees in 2019-2020. But after deducting grants and scholarships, higher education institutions received approximately EUR 14 million (approximately INR 1.18 billion) in revenue from tuition fees.

In Norway, the fees for international students range between SEK 80,000 (approximately INR 6.20 Lakhs) and SEK 140,000 (approximately INR 10.86 Lakhs) per year. Due to this proposal, Norway’s fees are set to be the most expensive compared to Sweden and Finland.

The survey also suggests that if Norway is to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students in 2023, raising awareness of this decision should be done as soon as possible.

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