Opposite of Suella Braverman’s views on the international education sector

The international education sector has expressed concern over UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s statement of cutting both international student and dependent visas.

Liverpool University vice-chancellor and former UUK president Janet Beer described Braverman’s comments as “disturbing” and “worrisome”.

In an article for Politics Home, Beer said the comments made by Braverman about international students have been sharply contested.

Braverman says that many international students who choose the UK to study in the UK do not contribute to economic development and bring too many dependents with them. Refuting this, Beer says that “a look at the statistics of international students shows that this is a lie”.

Beer adds that “International students make an enormous contribution of at least £25.9bn per year to the UK economy. There is not a single parliamentary constituency that does not benefit from international students.

Beer further stated that Braverman’s constituency is in Fareham, with international students earning over £20 million a year.

Beer also reminded the government of the aim of the government’s cross-departmental strategy to increase education import earnings to £35 billion by 2030.

Beer adds that “this is a dysfunctional pro-growth strategy that recognizes the huge benefits that can be realized for communities across the UK. Whereas international students account for about 70% of all education import earnings.

UKCISA Chief Executive Anne-Marie Graham wrote in her article, “Why should students be denied the opportunity of a world-class education? There is an opportunity that they are fully funded, with no negative impact on UK public funding, and one that ensures that they (and their dependents) are contributing to their local economy, while they reading here.

Anne-Marie Graham goes on to say that I am not sure what the basis of these comments is, but it is certainly not based on Home Office data. The Home Office defines clear restrictions for student dependents, and monitors these closely.

University UK chief executive Vivienne Stern said the reduction in the number of incoming postgraduate international students “will have a material impact on how much money universities have to spend on research”.

The University is an open and welcoming destination for international students and talent from around the world,” Jamie Aerosmith, Acting Director of UK International, told PIE News.

Speaking at a NISU event launching the UK India Achievers Programme, House of Lords colleague Karan Billimoria said, “At this time you get negative voices from some parts of the government about international students and I think yes, You must be careful.

Billimoria highlighted that most postgraduate students who bring their dependents with them to the UK are different when their dependents later leave the UK.

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