Over 1,300 Indian students got Chinese student visas. Leverage Edu

On 11 October 2022, Director General of the Department of Asian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Liu Jinsong held a meeting with Pradeep Kumar Rawat, Ambassador of India to China. Pradeep Kumar Rawat informed that more than 1,300 Indian students have been given Chinese student visas.

The resumption of long-term student visas is a big news for Indian students after being put on hold for more than two years due to COVID-19. Most of the students are looking forward to obtain a Chinese visa and resume their studies as soon as possible.

At the meeting, Liu told Rawat that there has been progress in Sino-India people-to-people exchanges, with the two countries working together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1,300 Indian students have received visas to resume their studies in China.

The student visa is open for application from 24 August 2022 as the Chinese embassy in India has updated the “Application Process and Content Requirements of China Visa” to reinstate a total of 10 categories of visas, including business, family travel and student visas. has been started.

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