Second Consular Dialogue held in India and Canada

The second consular dialogue between India and Canada was held on 14 November 2022. The discussion was mainly about improving consular, visa and mutual legal assistance cooperation and strengthening people-to-people contacts.

In this Consular Dialogue, emphasis was placed on visa related issues from the Indian side which highlighted the dilemmas, difficulties and delays faced by Indians in getting Canada Visa/Work Permit/PR. Along with this, issues faced by Indian students, security of Indians, marital disputes and problems related to immigration were also highlighted.

As we know that there is a significant number of Indians in Canada, both sides agreed to strengthen legal aid to minimize crime cases.

The Indian side of the delegation was led by Joint Secretary Devesh Uttam, while the Canadian side was led by Marie-Louise Hannon, Director General, South Asia Bureau, Global Affairs Canada.

According to the release of the Ministry of External Affairs, issues related to the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement were also raised in the discussion, in which the Joint Secretary from the Indian side put forward the matter. Both the parties also put forward important suggestions to each other while focusing on solving the issues and problems and moving forward. Along with this, citizen-centric issues were also brought into the discussion, giving importance to the issue of delay in visa and suggested suggestions related to it.

The next Consular Dialogue will be held in Canada next year. If we talk about delay on visa, it has been seen that not only Canada visa but also visas of other states are delayed. These countries include US, UK, Nations of Europe etc. It seems like visa delay is a worldwide problem that is important for all states to deal with.

According to experts, there are 4 main reasons for delay in Visa. The first one is the shortage of staff in the embassy, ​​the second one is the continuous increase in tourist visa requests, the backlog of student and professional visa requests and the extreme strictness of visa related policies in some states.

We hope to see the outcome of this discussion between Canada and India very soon. Also, the process of solving visa related problems will be started soon, which will not only solve the problems between Canada and India, but also improve the visa problems in other states.

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