Shares priced below ₹5 2022

today we Shares priced below ₹5 2022 (Best share under 5 Rs) are going to be discussed.

you all know that penny stocks The risk is very high in these companies because these companies are very small but still the investor can get multibagger returns. cheapest stock invest money in

People invest money in Penny Stocks because along with Risk they also get a lot of returns. and that’s why people undervalued strong stocks like to invest money in

today we for you Shares priced below Rs.5 Have brought the list of (1 to 5 Rs Penny stocks). After doing a lot of research, in this list, we have kept the stocks of only those companies which have the potential to give good returns in future.

Shares priced below ₹5 2022

Shares priced below Rs.5
Shares priced below ₹5 2022

In the below mentioned list of stocks below Rs 5, we have kept in mind some things so that investors can reduce the risk and get more returns like;

  • The debt on the company should be very less,
  • Debt to equity ratio should not be more than 1,
  • Promoters shareholding should be more than 40%.

Now let’s know one by one Shares below Rs 5 2022 about-

1. Vertex Securities Ltd.

Shares priced below ₹5 2022 is the first name in the list of Vertex Securities Company’s It operates in the broking service sector. The share price of the company is currently trading around Rs 3.30 and the market cap is only 24 crores.

Established in the year 1993, Vertex securities is a SEBI registered Merchant Banker Company engaged in the broking sector. Also, it has a long experience of working in capital market and commodity market.

If we talk about the products or services of this company, then this company provides financial services, under this, services like mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance and SIP investment etc. come.

If we talk about revenue;

  • 80% revenue comes from brokerage charges,
  • 10% from other fees,
  • 10% from DP i.e. Depository Participant Operation

Company’s achievements

  • Their clients are increasing rapidly as well as the network of branches and franchise is also increasing which means that the company is trying to expand its business.
  • The revenue from services related to merchant banking is increasing gradually.
  • The best part is that the shareholding of the promoters is 73% which shows the faith the management has in their company.
  • Debt to Equity Ratio 0.66 means less than 1 which is a good thing.
  • ROE and ROCE (3 and 9) are also almost decent for such a small company.

So these were some fundamentals of Vertex securities Ltd company which we can say are very good despite being such a small company. so if you Shares priced below Rs.5 If you want to invest in then you can consider this company.

2. Godha Cabcon & Insulation

Shares priced below Rs.5 second in the list of Godha Cabcon The name of the company appears. Its market cap is currently around 64 crores which means it is a micro cap company. Talking about share price, it is trading at Rs.2.90.

Godha Cabcon & Insulation Limited Company manufactures cables and conductors. These are mostly used to make insulated wires, which are made of steel, copper and aluminum.

If we talk about their products, then they include different conductors, cables and wires of steel, aluminum and copper.

Growth potential

  • In the last 3 years, the company has more than doubled its production capacity.
  • The good news is that the company is slowly trying to reduce its debt.
  • Debt to equity ratio is 0.6.
  • ROE and ROCE are around (3 and 6).
  • Promoter shareholding is 69%.

Godha cabcon & Insulation Ltd share price below Rs 5 has very high chances of giving good returns in future. If the business of the company grows, then investors can get good benefits. If you want, you can recharge yourself on this share of less than 5 rupees.

3. Swasti Vinayka Art & Heritage Corporation

Shares priced below Rs.5 Next stock in the list of Swasti Vinayka It belongs to the company. Its market cap is only 25 crores and the share price is trading around Rs 2.81. Due to the very small size of the company, high returns are expected.

Established in 1985, Swasti Vinayka Company’s business is diversified into 3 revenue streams. It gems, real estate and stocks trading engaged in the business of Gems are called those precious stones which are available at very expensive prices and this company manufactures those precious stones.

Along with this, the company also earns profits from the business of property, painting and jewelry. Almost 90% of the company’s revenue comes from the compensation of their property business and the remaining 6% revenue comes from stone manufacturing and 4% from stocks business.

If we talk about the growth prospect of the company,

  • Debt to equity ratio is 0.42.
  • The ROE and ROCE are (9.05 and 11.50) which are very good for a micro cap company.
  • Promoter shareholding is 51%.
  • Net profit margin of 14.40% is good for such a small company.

if you want this Shares priced below Rs.5 Can also keep an eye on. i share this Best penny stocks under 5rs 2022 K is included in this list because despite being such a small company, its profit margin is very high like large cap companies and also the shareholding of the promoters is significant.

4. Luharuka Media & Infra Ltd

Shares below Rs 5 is the next share in the list of 2022 Luharuka Media Company’s Its market capitalization is currently Rs 25 crore and the share price is trading at Rs 2.76. Being such a small micro cap company, it makes investors dividend does not give

Established in 1981, Luharuka Media Company is working in Financial sector providing various types of loans to people. It does business as an NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

NBFC means companies that are not banks but act like banks, the best example of this is – Bajaj Finance Which itself is an NBFC.

You must be aware that the stock of Bajaj Finance has given multibagger returns to its investors and now it is a large cap. stock with strong fundamentals has been made. This company also works in the same sector in which Bajaj Finance does and if everything goes well then one day Luharuka Media’s Rs 5 share will definitely become a multibagger.

This company offers Property Loans, Personal Loans, Home Loans and Mortgage Loans.

Its 84% ​​revenue comes from the loan segment, 13% from term deposits and the remaining 3% through other 20 more commissions.

Expected growth in future

  • The business of the company is something in which the profit margins are very high.
  • Debt to equity ratio is 0.32.
  • ROE and ROCE are around (4.11 and 5.31).
  • Promoter shareholding is 51%.
  • The best thing is that the net profit margin is 34% and the operating profit margin is 56% and it is very good to have such a high profit margin in any stock.

If you want to invest money in this share of less than 5 rs, then do the fundamental analysis of the company once by yourself and only then think of investing.

5. Seacoast Shipping Services Ltd

Shares priced below Rs.5 is the last share in this list Seacoast shipping services Company’s This company works in the field of logistics sector ie import and export. Currently its market cap is 149 crores and share price is less than Rs 5.

This is the top company doing import-export work at Mundra Port in Gujarat. It exports most of the commodities through containers. Very soon this company has caught very fast growth and their business model is based on shipping business.

In this list of Best Stocks below 5 Rs, the market cap (149 crores) of this company is the biggest, hence your risk is further reduced. Apart from this, you can read about some important information about this share given below.

  • Debt to equity ratio is 0.44.
  • PE Ratio Now only 12.5.
  • ROE and ROCE are around (5.50 and 9.67).
  • Promoter shareholding is 53%.

Shares priced below Rs.5 Seacoast shipping services Ltd was the last stock in the list. If you want, some part of your portfolio in that company Investment You can think of doing it, but before that do a good research on the stock once.

List of stocks priced below Rs 5 in 2022

No. share name share price
1. Vertex Securities Ltd. Rs 3
2. Godha cabcon & insulation Rs 2.90
3. Swasti Vinayaka Art & Heritage Corporation Rs 2.81
4. Luharuka Media & Infra Rs 2.76
5. Seacoast shipping services Rs 4.44

Best Stocks Under Rs 5 – FAQ’s

Can stocks priced below ₹5 give good returns in 2022?

Yes, if you invest at a share price of less than Rs 5, then the shareholders can get excellent returns due to the growth of the company’s business in the coming times. But the condition is that the management of the company should be honest and the business model should be strong.

What are the strong penny stocks priced below Rs 5?

All the 5 rs stocks mentioned in this post are looking strong from the perspective of future and all these companies are expected to grow in future, if you want, you can think of investing some part of your portfolio in these companies.

Which is the cheapest stock trending?

You will find many cheap penny stocks in the stock market. One such cheap share of sturdy industries company whose share price is running around Rs.0.89 only. But before investing in any such company, do a thorough research on it.

Stocks Priced Below ₹5 2022 – Conclusion

In this post I give you Shares priced below ₹5 2022 (Best stocks under 5 Rs) have been told.

But I would like to tell you again that before investing money in any company, once do the fundamental analysis of that company so that you can have a good idea about the company’s business.

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All the 5 Rs se kam ke share 2022 mentioned in this post have been mentioned only for the purpose of giving information, this is not a share recommendation.

Out of the above mentioned shares, which one is in your portfolio and which one are you going to buy, do comment below.

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