Skilled Migrants and Parent Visa to start in New Zealand from November

Skilled migrants and their parents will once again be able to apply for residency under the visa schemes announced on 12 October 2022.

No one has been invited to apply under the marks-based system since the pandemic began and the parents category hasn’t accepted new applications since 2016.

Immigration Minister Michael Wood says a new “simplified” system for skilled migrants visas—no limit on numbers—will now make it fairer and more transparent.

Parent Category Visa, which allows immigrants’ parents to live with them here in New Zealand. It will be restarted with lower income limit and higher limit.

Michael Wood said Skilled Migrants’ Category (SMC) visas will reopen under existing settings. Earlier, consultation was going on on this and the system was installed for this.

The first selection will be held on 9th November 2022 for Migrants with 160 marks, after which the requirement of marks will be 180.

Some of the commonly accepted roles under the Skilled Migrants category have been included in the green list, which was opened for applications last month.

Skilled migrant workers will also be required to offer jobs or jobs in New Zealand that pay at least the average wage, or 1.5 times the average wage for high-skilled occupations.

Michael Wood adds that “Our proposed changes include removing the planning range so that all applications that meet the criteria can be processed. It will also include a more simplified points system, set a clear, fair and transparent eligibility threshold and provide multiple ways for people to demonstrate their skill level.”

Michael Wood went on to say that the changes would also see a faster route to residency for highly skilled migrants, such as university lecturers or scientists holding PhDs, while other professionals such as teachers and registered businessmen would have a clearer route if They work in New Zealand for a period.

Lower income limit, parent category resumes with higher limit

The parent category visa will also reopen from 14 November 2022 to those who are interested in this visa category.

A ballot for interested students has been held since October 12, and the first selection will take place in August 2023.

The number of these visas granted each year will increase from 1,000 to 2,500, with a lower income limit of 1.5x the average salary for a sponsor supporting a parent and 2x the average salary for joint sponsors.

This is compared to the previous limit of 2x the average salary of a single sponsor or 3x the average salary of a joint sponsor.

Siblings will also be able to co-sponsor applications, and up to six parents can apply for joint applications, with the income limit increasing by 0.5x the average salary per parent.

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