Student visa slots to open in Germany from November

Germany is set to reopen slots for student visa appointments. These slots will open till next week i.e. from November 1. But for the students who are ready to make their place in the universities of Germany this year, there are some special things to keep in mind.

Germany Embassy in Delhi said that as you are aware that some entries are still pending in the waitlist of appointments for the Winter Semester 2022, please understand that the Embassy or Consulates will verify the valid admission of every student in the German University. will not be able to. So you are requested to register for your appointment only when you have all the required documents.

In this update for Indian students, it has been told that now they will be required to get their academic records evaluated by the Academic Evaluation Center (APS). Along with this, it is mandatory for you to have genuine and authentic certificates before applying for student visa.

According to the German Embassy, ​​the APS certificate will be considered a mandatory document that you must submit with your visa application. The process of application for certification will be started from October 1. On the other hand, if you are going for short term courses then you will not need APS certificate. But if your chosen course has a duration of more than 90 days then you can register online at and later print the document and sign the same.

From 2023, Germany plans to increase the amount for the blocked account required for international students to 8.5%. According to the Germany Foreign Office, from 1 January 2023 it is estimated that the estimated annual requirement that must be paid to the blocked account when applying for a visa will amount to €11,208. A blocked account with successful funds has been considered as one of the top requirements for international students looking to apply for a student visa.

Over 3,000 Indian students queued up to study in Germany in the 2022-2023 academic year. Due to this increase in the number of Indian students applying for courses in Germany, there was also an increase in fraud practices. These fraud activities included attaching fake academic documents etc.

Germany’s Ambassador Philipp Ackermann says that 15 percent of applications are found with fraud academic documents, due to which the applications of genuine and genuine students are rejected. In the last seven years, the number of Indian students who want to study in Germany has seen a three-fold increase. With this it has also been seen that the total number of Indian students studying in Germany has been found to be 33,753 which has emerged as Germany’s second largest group of international students.

After scrutinizing this data closely, The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has revealed that the number of Indian students who went to Germany in 2021-22 is 33,753 which is an increase of 18 per cent from 28,542 last year.

The opening of visa slots for German universities has emerged as a great opportunity for Indian students, which will see an increase in the number of students applying. Updation of changes made in qualifications can cause trouble at some places. But these abilities will prove to be effective in preventing many fraud activities from taking place.

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