The holy occasion of Diwali celebrated in TUS

Indian students studying at Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) this year Diwali On the occasion of Diwali celebrations gathered. Known as the Festival of Lights, this year on Diwali the students of TUS celebrated the day with gusto with their traditional costumes, Indian music and fine food.

Diwali There is a festival celebrated not only in India but also in Southern Asia which is known as Festival of Lights. Celebrating the victory of good over evil, this festival is also celebrated as the Hindu New Year.

Dishes like samosas and sweets were consumed for Diwali. Talking about the number of Indian students, TUS includes more than 160 Indian students. Out of which Business, Accounting, Hospitality Management, Data Analytics, software engineering, artifical Intelligencecloud native computing, cyber security, digital marketing, NursingFields like , Biopharmaceuticals Technology and Quantity Surveying have been given more importance by Indians.

Donacha Makanmara, VP of International, said that TUS has been engaged with its Indian partners during the pandemic and during these challenging times we have committed to open our representative office with One Step Global based in Gurugram, India. We are extremely happy to see that our Indian students are celebrating Diwali again on campus this year.

As we plan our new strategies, we have decided that we will remain fully committed and mutually committed to internationalizing our remaining six campuses and connecting our graduates to the industry in the Midwest and Midlands regions.

TUS opened a representative office in India two years ago and this idea helped make the campus attractive to Indian students and make them choose higher education of their choice. Carl Turley, Deputy Director of International Relations, will travel to education fairs in New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. These fairs will continue from number 18 till 2022 to number 27.

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