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How to prepare for bodybuilding competition in Hindi: Are you preparing for Body Building Competition and you are not getting a right roadmap, then today’s article can be very beneficial for you, because through today’s article we will give you How to prepare for bodybuilding competition We are going to give complete information about.

There is no doubt that preparing for a bodybuilding competition is a lot of hard work and passion, in this you may have to give up a lot of food items that you like a lot. If you are determined to participate in Body Building Competition, then in this article we are going to tell you the complete process of participating in Body Building Competition.

So friends, without losing time, let’s start today’s article and know more – in the gym Body building competition Of preparation How do,

How to prepare for bodybuilding competition

We have further told you stepwise about the roadmap you need to prepare for bodybuilding competition. Whether you are a Beginner or Intermediate, you can prepare for bodybuilding competition by following the process mentioned in the article.

The Right Way to Gym How to Prepare for a Bodybuilding Competition

So This doing the right way to gym from the beginning Body building competition Of preparation to do Of Complete information in hindi,

#1 – Choose the Right Gym Coach

Getting the right guidance in preparing for Body Building Competition is the first step towards success. If you are really serious about bodybuilding competition then you should always invest in a right and experienced coach. Experienced coaches give you a complete guide from diet plan, gym exercises to competition preparation.

Although it is not mandatory that you should invest in a coach or mentor, but if you have never participated in a bodybuilding competition before, then many times you will come across many types of questions or you will doubt yourself.

In this situation, an experienced coach and mentor can help you a lot. That’s why people preparing for the competition for the first time need a good coach.

#2 – Be honest with your time table

A professional coach gives you a time table for the whole week, how many days a week do you have to gym? When to take rest? When to do which exercise? When to eat – When to eat? What to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? e.t.c.

You have to follow your time table with full honesty. When you will be honest towards your time table, then only you will be able to develop Quality Muscles.

#3 – Work hard in the gym

You do not need any new gadget or expensive training institute for body building competition. For this you need determination and hard work. If you work out in a gym with low fees with full hard work and honesty, you can still get success.

Exercise with full hard work and honesty according to your time table. To win body building competition, Muscles Quality of every part of your body should be good. That’s why you should not miss exercising any part of the body.

Consistency is also important along with hard work in your progress. Always push yourself and be consistent with your workouts.

#4 – Eat healthy and nutritious food

Diet is the most important thing for bodybuilding competition preparation. Without the right diet, you will hardly be able to keep your body fit till the competition. During preparation, you should eat only healthy and nutritious food so that you can maintain your muscles till the competition and reduce your fat.

You should avoid eating any food that your coach has told you not to eat, especially fast food, and fried foods on the side of the road. Follow whatever diet plan your coach has made according to your body.

Generally coaches can advise you to eat boiled food during preparation. You have to control your own taste and eat only pure and healthy food.

#5 – Practice bodybuilding poses

It is very important to pose in body building competition. In this, the same contestant becomes the winner who presents his body in a better way. Many people make mistakes in posing even after having an attractive body, due to which their hard work goes in vain.

Posing can be a real challenge mentally, so it’s important to practice posing for a bodybuilding competition. You should practice posing two or three months before the competition.

Along with this, you should also try to hold each pose for a few seconds. You can hold for five seconds in the beginning and then go up to 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, then 30 seconds the next week.

By the way, you have to hold for 5 seconds only on the stage, but if you can hold it for 30 seconds in one pose, then you will find it easy on the stage.

#6 – Practice without looking in the mirror

Many people pose very well in front of the mirror but when they come on the stage there is no mirror due to which they lack confidence. Because they do not know whether the pose they are doing is correct or not.

But when you pose without a mirror, it helps you learn how to actually pose on stage. You can do videotaping of yourself while posing. You can learn a lot by watching yourself.

Like how does your face look when you pose? Are the muscles flexing properly or not? You can improve a lot by watching the video of your posing. Along with this, video is very beneficial for getting feedback from your coach.

#7 – Prepare yourself before Stage Presentation

You have to prepare yourself before your presentation. Your diet and exercise are important in this. Many people apply more reps of less weight before presentation.

You’ve worked hard to reach stage day, so make sure you know how to show off your toned body. You can take help from an experienced competitor in the required poses or invest in a posing coach.

Every competition is different, so it’s always beneficial to know what the poses are going to be. You can practice for the poses.

#8 – Enjoy the process of body building

The most important thing is that you enjoy the process. From the beginning of every work till you get success in it, you have to go through a process. It never happens that you join the gym a month before the competition and you emerge victorious.

Many people have been working hard for years to win this competition. If you are determined that you have to win the bodybuilding competition, then you should work hard while enjoying the whole process.

Your first bodybuilding competition is an adventure in your journey. Try to learn as much as you can, whatever advice you are getting, keep it in your head.

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Final Word – The Right Way to Prepare for Body Building Competition in Hindi

So friends, in this article we have given you Body building competition Of preparation How doTe isThe complete information of , has been told step wise. You can prepare your body for bodybuilding competition by keeping in mind the methods mentioned in the article.

Hope you liked this article and from this article you will get Right way to prepare for bodybuilding competition information And the roadmap would also have been found. If you have any problem with this article, then you can tell us in the comment box, we will answer your questions very soon. Also share this article with your friends on social media.

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