This percentage increase in the number of international students going to Finland

The number of international students going to Finland has increased this year. Resident permits were granted to about 4,595 applicants in January-October 2021 while for the first time resident permits for study

It was awarded to approximately 7,060 applicants in October 2022. There has been an increase of about 54% in the number of new Finland-going international students compared to pre-COVID years.

About 6,348 first-time resident permits were granted in 2016, but this year has surpassed the record-breaking 2016 year, says deputy director general Elina Imonen.

Most international students for higher education Finland and when they have been accepted by the university to study, apply for their resident permit in the summer months. Students may also like Finland because almost 95% of students who apply for a residence permit receive a positive decision.

Due to the new law coming into force in April 2022, there has also been an increase in the number of international students going to Finland.

Elina Imonen also says that “we are constantly improving the efficiency and quality of our services in a customer-oriented manner.”

Elina Imonen also said that “digital solutions and automation are important tools to improve the customer experience and make the operations of the Finnish Immigration Service more efficient.”

The largest numbers of students studying in Finland come from Russia, China, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam.

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