To become a radio jockey in just one year, do this course

Radio jockeys are professional individuals who, with their enticing voice, convey many programs to the listeners through radio. If you like to talk to people and listen to their interesting things, then you can earn well by becoming a radio jockey. In the old times, when TV was not used so much, people used to use radio and used to entertain themselves through radio. Today, while television has become very much in vogue, the importance of radio has not diminished. Radio is still people’s choice. Today the scope of radio jockeys has expanded. While a radio jockey prepares for the entire programme, he also gets his voice heard. Due to the way career prospects have increased with the advent of FM channels, this field is very much liked by the youth. Today we will tell you through this blog about what course is needed to become a radio jockey and other things related to it.

profession radio jockeys
course type Diploma, Certificate, PG Diploma.
course duration 1 year
top recruiter AIR FM, Times FM, Radio vaani
Average income Approx ₹ 1500 – ₹ 2500 per show

Why choose to be a radio jockey?

Some things related to why a student should choose to make a career in the field of radio jockeys are mentioned below-

  • A radio jockey is no longer the same as the previous radio personality, who was only seen as an announcer. Now they not only inform, but they also entertain you and engage with you. Now some radio jockeys are counted among celebrities.
  • The salary of a radio jockey can go up to Rs 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month due to the increase in his experience and working hours.
  • The modern radio and television industry presents promising and lucrative businesses helping interested people.
  • The job of a radio jockey is not a 9:00 to 5:00, regular timing job. The timing of this job is flexible.

Qualities Required for RJ

What skills should an RJ have are mentioned below-

  • A radio jockey should have a good voice because his main job is to speak a lot.
  • A radio jockey should have skills according to the situation.
  • Radio jockeys should have good language.
  • He should be able to control the sound of the voice.
  • good to have content writing Must have skill.

How to become a Radio Jockey Step by Step Guide

If you want to become an RJ then you need to keep some things in mind. Let us know how RJ can be made-

  • Step 1: Which stream to complete 12th class -You can enter this field through any stream in your secondary school. To pursue a career in radio jockeys after pursuing arts stream, one must do an undergraduate program in media studies or news-casting.
  • State 2: Choose College After the completion of 12th class, students choose the course and college to become a radio jockey because the course done from a good college gets priority to become an RJ. You AI Course Finder You can choose various courses to study abroad with the help of
  • Step 3: Complete Graduation Course –To become a radio jockey, first do a graduation course and get a graduation degree.
  • Step 4: Internship –As soon as the graduation is completed, the student should get work experience in radio broadcasting as well as studying it. For this he needs to do internship somewhere, which also makes his curriculum vitae good.
  • Step 5: Do Post Graduation Course –radio jockeys, video jockeys mass communication Students can improve their curriculum vita by doing post graduation course in the field of . The starting salary of post graduate RJ starts from ₹ 15000.

Courses to become a Radio Jockey

The list of courses available in the field of radio jockeys is given below-

Colleges abroad to become a radio jockey

Below is a list of some foreign colleges to become a radio jockey-

Indian college to become RJ

Given below is the list of Indian college to become an RJ-

College Full Course Fee(INR)
Madras Christian College Rs 19,800
Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai Rs 16,500
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Rs 74020
Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi Rs 1,60,000
Video School of Broadcast, Mumbai Rs 1,30,000
Symbosis Center for Media and Communication, Pune 2,30,000 rupees

Eligibility to become a Radio Jockey

What are the qualifications that students should have to study radio jockeys-

For Undergraduate Diploma Course

  • To do radio jockey course, the student should have completed 12th from any stream.
  • Should have secured 55% marks in 12th.
  • IELTS And TOEFL points of

For Post Graduation Diploma Course

  • UG Diploma course degree should be obtained from a recognized institute.
  • IELTS And TOEFL points of
  • SOP, LOR

Application Process

How to apply for Radio Jockey course is mentioned below-

  • To study radio jockey course abroad you Leverage Edu from the expert 1800 572 000 You can contact us and take their help in the process of application.
  • The application process for Radio Jockey course varies from college to college. Some colleges take direct admission while some colleges conduct entrance exams.
  • Most of the colleges give priority to direct admission.
  • In Direct Admission, candidates are given admission according to their merit.
  • For direct admission, the candidate must first register by visiting the official website of his/her chosen university.
  • After registering on the university website, you will get the username and password.
  • After signing in to the website, select the course.
  • Now fill the required documents and required information according to your chosen courses.
  • After filling all the details submit the form along with the fee.
  • To get admission through entrance exam, one has to first give entrance exam.
  • The merit list is prepared according to the marks of the entrance test and the students are selected from the merit list.

Required Documents

Career Scope

After doing the course related to RJ, a student can do many jobs in his future. The areas in which they can make their career are given below-

  • FM/AM Radio Jockey– Person working for FM/AM radio station has to interface with the crowd, play music or talk. They usually work for radio broadcasts.
  • sports talk radio jockeys– Sports talk radio jockeys need to interface with audiences to check out a variety of sports news and events. Sports talk radio jockeys must be either past contestants, TV anchors or sportspersons.
  • satellite radio jockeyThe work of a satellite radio jockey is similar to that of an FM/AM radio station. They usually talk clearly without thinking about the impact potential of the issue. They are not managed by any board.

top recruiters

  • Radio Mirchi 98.3
  • Fever 104 FM
  • Radio Mirchi
  • All India Radio
  • Red FM 93.5
  • Times FM
  • TED
  • Big FM 92.7

job and salary

The job and salary in the field of RJ are as follows-

  • The salary of a radio jockey ranges between Rs 15 thousand – Rs 45 thousand. An RJ normally gets Rs 1500-2500 per show.
  • In Tier 1 cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, RJs get a salary of about 45 thousand rupees and above.
  • Whereas in Tier 2 cities they get salary from around 20 thousand to 45 thousand rupees and finally, in Tier 3 cities they are offered 7 thousand to 20 thousand rupees.
  • The salary of an experienced RJ is 75 thousand – 90 thousand rupees provided he is in the radio profession for more than 5-7 years.


What is the role of a Radio Broadcast Director?

The Director of Radio Broadcast is associated with various functions. They investigate the details, business and managerial parts of a radio channel. They check purchases, income and benefits, and prepare budgets. Generally, they look after all the responsibilities within the radio station, hence the job of a radio broadcaster is multidimensional which requires a sober mind to accomplish the job in the most professional manner as per the requirement.

How much can an RJ earn in 1 year?

An RJ earns 15 hundred to 25 hundred rupees for each of his shows. Now it depends on his work how many shows he does in 1 year.

What are the courses available for youths looking for vocation in RJ career?

Certificate Course in Radio Script, Anchoring, Voice Modulation/ Vocal Exercise, Element of Radio, Technology of Radio and Anchoring (CRA) TV Journalism, Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ), Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management (PGDM), Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (DRPM), and similar important courses are available for students seeking a business as RJ.

Hope you have got all the information related to Radio Jockey. If you want to do radio jockey course from any college abroad then you Leverage Edu from the expert 1800 572 000 Call us and book a free 30-minute session today.

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