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computer There is a word that is used a lot in today’s era and every person is familiar with the word computer. But when it comes to types of computers, hardly anyone has this much knowledge. Many people think of only desktop and laptop as computer but it is not so. It is a very small form of computer.

Computers are even more advanced and bigger than them. You will be surprised to know that desktop, laptop etc. come under the smallest size and basic type of computers. Large computers can be as large or as large as 1 hall in size. These giant computers are very powerful which perform special types of tasks.

Let us now come to the main point of our article and without delay let’s start today’s article – what are the types of computers,

Types Of Computers How Many Types Of Computers Are There Types Of Computer In Hindi

Types of Computer in Hindi

Although there are many types of computers, but all types of computers are mainly divided into three parts. In this article, we have given you information about the three main types of computers along with their types, features, examples and uses so that you can have a good idea about all types of computers.

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

How many types of computers are there (Computer Ke Prakar)

Based on the application, there are the following types of computers which have been explained in detail.

#1 – Analog Computer

analog computer There are computers that are used to measure analog signals or physical quantities (such as temperature, pressure, length, height, etc.). Analog signals are signals that have a fixed frequency and amplitude. Analog computers are not used in homes or offices, they are mostly used in the fields of medicine and science.

near analog computer memory does not happen i.e. it is the last data Do not store. Analog computers show real time data and the output changes as the input signal changes.

types of analog computers

There are also three types of analog computers.

  • Electronic Analog Computer – Such analog computers take input in the form of electronic signals and give output.
  • Mechanical Analog Computer – Such analog computers take input in the form of mechanical quantity and then give output based on that.
  • Analog Digital Computer – Such analog computers take input in the form of analog signal and display the output in digital form.

examples of analog computers

Some of the major examples of analog computers are as follows –

  • Thermometer – It is used to measure fever.
  • Speedometer – It is used to measure the speed of the moving vehicle.
  • Analog Clock – A clock used to see the time in daily life.
  • Seismometer (Earthquake) – It is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake.
  • Voltmeter (Voltmeter) – Voltmeter is used to measure voltage.

Features of Analog Computer

  • Analog computers show data in real time.
  • Analog computers are used for special purposes.
  • These computers are designed to do only one type of work.
  • Analog computers do not store data and the output changes when the input signal changes.
  • Analog computers represent the results in a very simple form.

use of analog computers

Following are some of the major uses of analog computers.

  • in the field of medicine.
  • To do different types of work in the field of science.
  • To measure physical processes.
  • In petrol pump.
  • To measure the speed of vehicles.

#2 – Digital Computer

digital computer There are computers that binary language work on (0 and 1). They are also called modern day computers. in digital computer input device And output device are there. Users give input to the computer with the help of input devices and then digital computers receive and process the input devices and show the results through the output devices.

Digital computers were mainly designed to calculate mathematical numbers, hence they are also called computers, but modern digital computers are much more advanced, they are not limited to calculations only. They are used for a variety of purposes.

Digital computers are also used for daily life tasks, these computers have their own storage capacity. The user can store his work and at the same time the processing speed of digital computer is also very fast.

types of digital computers

There are mainly 4 types of digital computers –

  • microcomputer , microcomputer are very small in size, CPU instead of one microprocessor It seems. You can also use this computer by keeping it in a desk. Only one person can work on a microcomputer at a time, so they are also called personal computers. laptop, tablet, android Smartphones, notebooks, etc. all come under microcomputers.
  • mini computer Mini computers are larger than microcomputers in size, their working capacity and speed are also more than microcomputers. mini computer A maximum of 200 people can work at a time. Examples of mini computers are Apple Mac mini, IBM’s AS/400e, Honeywell200 etc.
  • mainframe computer , mainframe computer Microcomputers are larger in size than mini computers and a typical mainframe computer can cover an area ranging from 2000 square feet to 10000 square feet. Their working capacity, speed, storage are all more than these two computers. Some examples of mainframe computers are IBM z Series, Tianhe-1A, Jaguar, etc.
  • super computer , super computer Compared to the above three computers are the largest in size, on which thousands of people work at a time, supercomputers are used to perform special types of tasks, these computers can solve even the most complex calculations in seconds. can do. Examples of supercomputers are Fugaku, PARAM Siddhi-AI, Summit, Tianhe etc.

Features of Digital Computer

  • The storage capacity of digital computers is very high. It can store data for a long time.
  • They are very fast and do any work fast.
  • Digital computers are multi-tasking and can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Digital computers can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks. They are not made for just one purpose.
  • Digital computers give more accurate results.
  • Digital computers are available in different price ranges.
  • Digital computer can be used for personal use.

use of digital computers

  • Micro digital computers are used in daily life.
  • in the field of science and medicine.
  • in weather forecast.
  • In small factories.
  • In school, office, government office etc.
  • From complex to complex calculations.

#3 Hybrid Computer

hybrid computer There are computers that can work as both a digital computer and an analog computer. Or to say, computers that have the properties of both digital and analog computers are called hybrid computers. Hybrid computers can take both analog and digital signals as inputs, and can give both signals as outputs.

Hybrid computers are capable of producing more accurate and faster results, so they are mostly used for very complex calculations. The cost of hybrid computers is also very high.

types of hybrid computers

There are also 3 types of hybrid computers.

  • Large Electronic Hybrid Computer These hybrid computers are very large in size. They are used for very complex calculations. Such as human immune system, chemical reaction etc.
  • General-Purpose Hybrid Computer – This type of hybrid computers are used to complete general purpose tasks. These computers are capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously at high speed.
  • Special Purpose Hybrid Computer This type of hybrid computer is used to solve special types of problems. Programs are already fitted into these computers to solve specific problems.

Features of Hybrid Computer

  • These computers are capable of giving results with accuracy.
  • Hybrid computers have the properties of both digital computers and analog computers.
  • Hybrid computers are used for special purposes only.
  • Hybrid computers solve the most complex equations in real time.
  • Able to process data online.
  • The speed of hybrid computers is also very high.

use of hybrid computers

  • To convert fuel into currency at a petrol pump.
  • In hospital ICU, CT scan, ultrasound machine etc.
  • In gas or electric vehicles.
  • in ATM machines.
  • Hybrid computers are used in defense sectors, airlines and ships.

FAQ for Types of Computer in Hindi

How many types of computers are there?

There are mainly three types of computers, analog computers, digital computers, and hybrid computers.

How many types of digital computers are there?

There are four types of digital computers. They are classified on the basis of size and power. Microcomputers, mini computers, mainframe computers and supercomputers.

How many types of hybrid computers are there?

There are three types of hybrid computers, they are classified on the basis of their functions. – Large Electronic, General Purpose and Special Purpose.

How many types of analog computers are there?

There are 3 types of analog computers Electronic, Mechanical and Analog Digital.

Conclusion: Types of Computers in Hindi

In today’s article we have All about computer type Has provided and also told about the uses and features of all types of computers. We have tried to give you information about each type of computer.

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