UK sees record number of immigrants in 2022

Figures released by the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 24 November 2022 show that the so-called net migration rate, which subtracts long-term immigration and emigration data, has been reduced to 504,000 new citizens.

The updated values ​​through June 2022 reflect a substantial increase from the 173,000 immigrants registered last year.

39 percent of immigrants came on student visas and 21 percent on work visas.

The Center for International Migration states that, “All of these events have contributed to higher levels of overall migration over the long term.” Guy Lindup, director of the Center for International Migration at the Office for National Statistics, said that “a series of events around the world have affected migration patterns.

The net migration rate mainly corresponds to non-EU citizens, as the number of EU citizens living in the UK fell (down by 51,000) and 45,000 Britons decided to migrate between June 2021 and June this year did.

The previous record for the migration rate was set in 2015, the year of Europe’s Great Migration Crisis, when it reached 330,000 people in the UK.

Whereas the Minister of Interior has launched the EU Citizen Registration System. [EU सेटलमेंट स्कीम, EUSS] Publishes a quarterly report, representing approximately 6.3 million applications from European citizens.

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