Universities Australia appeals to give 1 lakh scholarships

Universities in Australia have appealed to their country’s government to offer internships and work placements to more than 100,000 international students.

Universities Australia (UA), the apex body representing the university sector, said that the Australian Defense Force (ADF) could offer key positions across the region, according to a new Sky report report. According to the report, this statement came after a review of the government’s strategy by the universities.

The UA said during a media release that the skills shortage is affecting many sectors of Australia’s defense force, defense industries and complimentary sectors, with the number of vacancies in the cyber security sector expected to reach 30,000.

Peak Body has provided ways that universities can collaborate with Defense to increase capacity and increase the flow of skilled workers to keep the country safe.

Catriona Jackson, Chief Executive of Universities Australia, said in a statement that universities support initiatives that will help them provide education to the more skilled workers needed to defend the country.

Jackson went on to say that “Defense is not untouched by the skill crisis running through our economy. This is particularly troubling at this time because at a time when Australia faces security risks, skilled workers who can prepare and protect us are hard to come by.

Important tips from Universities Australia

  • To research new ways of providing financial assistance to students studying in areas necessary to defend Australia.
  • Providing students with the opportunity to see what it is like to work in defense through internships or work-integrated learning experiences.
  • To re-evaluate eligibility for Defense Internship.
  • Facilitate the transition from non-university-educated workers to university study in areas of defense need.
  • To enhance research partnerships between Defense and Regional Universities.

Jackson further says that Australia “extremely needs” more engineers, intelligence and cyber professionals who can positively fuel government investment in defense workers.

Universities Australia said they would like to continue to work with the government and the region to support the universities’ ongoing efforts to promote Australia’s defense to keep people safe.

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