Uzbekistan gave 2000 medical seats to Indian students

Following a request made by the Indian government, the Uzbekistan Medical Higher Educational Institutes (MHEIs) of Medical Health of Ukraine has decided to offer 2000 seats to Indian medical students from Ukraine. According to the recent press release, every effort will be made to provide the education of Indian students in an affordable budget, which will also take care of their education, living arrangements and Indian food. In addition, Uzbekistan is also offering two undergraduate medical programs for Indian students that include a six-year MD Diploma and a six (5+1) year MBBS degree with a one-year internship.

To prepare the students for the FMGE/NEXT exam, the university has been able to provide Indian and international professors with a vast amount of modern infrastructure, teaching beds in government hospitals and clinics, and supplementary training.

Uzbekistan Ambassador Dilshod Akhatov presents the provisional admission letter to the students who clear the interview session. This interview session was mainly conducted by the Government Higher Medical Institute of Uzbekistan.

This will prove to be a very commendable and morale boosting step for Indian students. This effort made by Uzbekistan will also be beneficial for the medical world and these undergraduate programs added will also provide a new angle to the students for future opportunities. Not only this, 2,000 seats given to medical students will also create a competitive atmosphere among the students so that they will be able to give their best performance in their subjects and practice.

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