What is a Cursor in Computer, its Types (Computer Cursor in Hindi)

what is cursor in computer These Hindi – Friends if you ever computer If you have used the mouse, you must have seen a pointer in the computer screen while controlling the computer with the mouse, which is according to the movement of the mouse. computer screen I go here and there. Its name is cursor.

You all must know this, but do you know that after all computer In cursor what Is, cursor Of definition, cursor Of type, computer In cursor Of, cursor Of Work And cursor Of Advantages what , what Huh,

If you want to know the answer to all the questions asked above, then read this article till the end, through this article we have given you complete information about computer cursor in easy words so that you can understand better about computer cursor. Sko- Computer cursor in Hindi.

What is Cursor in Computer (What is Computer Cursor in Hindi)

An arrow-like mark on a computer screen that appears on the computer screen mouse With the help of movement, the things that select, open or close are called cursors. Computer screen with the help of cursor in computer (Monitor) can refer to anything.

What is a Cursor in Computer (Type of Computer Cursor in Hindi)

Definition of Cursor in Hindi

A cursor is a small shape on the computer screen that indicates where the mouse movement or typed by the user will appear on the computer screen.

Meaning of cursor in Hindi

Cursor meaning in Hindi is Pointer or pointer.

Type of Cursor in Hindi

There are many types of computer cursors on the basis of their shapes, some of which we have mentioned below-

1 – Arrow Cursor

This cursor, which looks like a simple arrow, is used to select a command on the computer screen.

2 – Sizing Cursor

Arrow symbols are made on both sides in Sizing Cursor. The sizing cursor is used to adjust the screen of the window.

3 – Sizer Cursor

There are arrow symbols around the Sizer Cursor. The sizer arrow is used to move the object on the computer screen.

4 – Wait Cursor / Busy Cursor

You must have seen that sometimes a circle rotates next to the cursor, only the busy cursor does it. The busy cursor indicates that the Wait Now window is taking time to open.

5 – Text Cursor

Whenever you type something in the computer, you will see a cursor shaped like a full stop on the typing screen, this is called Text Cursor. Text Cursor is used to edit text.

The link cursor in a computer looks like a hand with a pointing finger. This cursor is visible only when Link Have to follow.

when you’re on the computer Internet Anyone web page If we see, if there is a link in the web page then you will see the link cursor. As soon as you click on the link cursor, it will take you to another website.

7 – Help Cursor

This cursor looks like a question mark. This cursor appears when there is useful information to share with the user. In addition, this cursor also appears in web pages when the user needs any kind of help.

8 – Unavailable Cursor

The missing cursor appears as a circle with a line in the middle. This circle is often red in colour. Missing cursor Indicates that whatever you are trying to click is not currently available.

What is Cursor Keys

computer keyboard But the buttons found with the help of which the cursor is controlled are called cursor keys. The following are the major cursor keys in the keyboard

  • The 4 buttons on which arrow marks are made are called main cursor keys.
  • Keys with Page Up and Page Down are also called Cursor Keys. With their help, a page can be moved back and forth.
  • With the help of Home Key, the cursor can be moved to the beginning of the page and with the help of End Key, to the end of the page.

Advantages of Cursor

There are many advantages of cursor in computer such as –

  • With the use of cursor, we can do any work in a computer sequence wise and we can also verify that work.
  • Better results can be obtained in less time with the help of cursor.
  • With the use of cursor, any work can be done easily in the computer screen.
  • Different types of cursors can be used to perform specific tasks in the computer.

Disadvantage of Cursor in Hindi

Although there are not so many disadvantages of cursor, but still it has some disadvantages such as –

  • Adding a new row frequently can reduce the speed of working.
  • Sometimes the cursor is not able to do its job well due to the lack of pointer device.

FAQ For Cursor

What is cursor in computer?

computer The cursor determines where the user’s activity will appear on the screen.

What are pointer devices in a computer?

The major pointer device in the computer is the mouse, trackball And joystick Huh.

What is the meaning of cursor in Hindi?

Cursor meaning in Hindi is Pointer or pointer.

What is the function of cursor?

With the help of the cursor, you can select things on the computer screen.

Conclusion: What is cursor in computer in Hindi

In this article we have computer In cursor what Is Have tried to give complete information about the cursor so that you can get useful information about the cursor.

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