What is a domain name and how does it work

What is a domain name, its definition and types

What is Domain Name in Hindi: Are you Internet But searching what is Domain Name, then you have come to the right article because in this article we are going to give you complete information about Domain Name.

In this article you will get to know that What is a domain name, how do domain names work, types of domain names and how to buy a good domain name. We have full hope that after reading this article, you will not need to go to any other article to search about domain name, so let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time. domain name in hindi.

What is domain name?

in the world of internet Domain Name is a nomenclature by which any Website is recognized on the Internet. Any website can be easily searched in the internet by domain name. The domain name is always unique, meaning that the domain name of two websites can never be the same. like google.comYoutube.com techshole.com etc. These are all domain names.

If we look at connecting the domain name with the offline world, then every person’s house has some or the other address, through which his house can be reached, this address is called the domain name in the online world, through which any website can be reached. May go.

What is domain name and how it works (Domain Name In Hindi)

If we technically define the domain name, then all websites have one in the background. IP address which is in the form of a number, this is the IP address Web browser Tells which website is located where in the Internet.

Since IP addresses are in the form of numbers and the common man cannot remember the IP address of all websites, that is why the domain name was created, because it is Human Readable and every human being can remember the domain name.

But when the user searches a domain name in the browser, then DNS The domain name is converted into an IP address by the (Domain Name System) system. Which can be read by computer.

Definition of Domain Name

The name of every website on the Internet is called a domain name or the name against the IP address that humans can read is called the domain name.

Part of Domain Name

The domain name consists of two parts, one before (.) and the other after (.). Like our domain name is Techshole.com.

Here the part before the dot (Techshole) can be made according to the user but the part after the dot (com) is an extension which remains fixed, it is of many types. You can buy any extension as per your requirement. The cost of different extensions also varies.

After reading the article till here, you must have understood what is Domain Name, if you still have some doubts, then read the functioning of the domain name carefully.

How domain name works (Domain Name Work in Hindi)

whatever is available on the internet Website are all of them one Server Hosted in, the server itself keeps the website live and connected to the Internet. All servers have an IP address, the website is pointed at this IP address.

When you search for a domain name in the search bar of your browser, the DNS (Domain Name System) converts the domain name into an IP address. computer Do not understand the domain name written in words, so it is necessary to convert the domain name to IP address through DNS. Because IP addresses are computer readable.

By understanding the IP address, the browser connects the domain name you searched to its server, so that the website can be accessed. web page appears in front of you in the browser and you can access it.

Types of Domain Name

There are mainly three types of domain names based on the extension of the domain name –

  • Top Level Domain Name
  • Country Code Top Level Domain
  • Subdomain

Let us now understand them one by one.

1 – Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain is also called TLD in short form, this type of domain name extension is made for all countries. These are the first developed domain name extensions. Through a Top Level Domain, you can get your website ranked all over the world. because this SEO friendly are.

Following are some of the major Top Level Domain Name Extensions –

  • .Com (Commercial)
  • .Org (Organization)
  • .Net (Network)
  • .Gov (Government)
  • .Biz (Business)
  • .Edu (Education)
  • .info (Information)

2 – Country Code Top Level Domain

Country Code Top Level Domain is also called CCTLD in short form, this type of domain is made for any one country. By using this domain name, you can get your website ranked well in any country. These domain names are given on the basis of Two Letter ISO Code of a country.

Following are some important CCTLD extensions –

  • Us (United States)
  • In (India)
  • Ch (China)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • Ru (Russia)

3 – Subdomain

Subdomain or subdomain is a part of the main domain, it does not have to be bought. If you have bought TLD or CCTLD domain name then you can divide it into Sub Domain. For example the domain name of our website is techshole.com And we can make its Subdomain like this Hindi.Techshole.Com either Eng.Techshole.Com It is made absolutely free, for this you do not have to pay any money.

where to buy domains

If you want to buy a domain name to create your blog or website, then you can buy a Unique Domain Name from a good Domain Names Service Provider. Here we have given a list of some Top Trusted Domain Providers, you can buy a domain name from any of these can buy.

Top Domain Name Provider List: Buy Domain Instantly From Here

While buying domain name, you must also compare the price of 2-3 companies and you can buy up domain from where you will get cheaper.

how to create a domain name

To choose a domain name, you have to keep some important things in mind, which are as follows –

  • Always choose a short domain name that a user can easily remember.
  • Always buy a Top Level Domain because it runs all over the world.
  • Avoid using digits or any special words (such as #, %, &) in the domain name.
  • Always buy a unique domain name, do not buy a domain similar to the domain name of a big blogger, because of this you will never get an identity.
  • Our business either blogging niche Buy domain names similar to .

If you want to make an identity of yourself then always buy unique domain name.

Difference Between Domain and URL

Many people have a lot of confusion whether the domain name and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) are the same, the answer is no. Domain names and URLs are very different from each other.

By domain name you can search only one website, but by URL you can search any one specific webpage in the internet. In addition to the domain name, URL also contains other information such as – protocol, world Wide Webaddress of a specific page, folder name, etc.

Let us see through an example –

  • Domain Name – Techshole.com
  • URL – https://www.techshole.com/domain-name-kya-hai-hindi/

FAQ: Domain Name In Hindi

What is domain name in Hindi?

The address of any website on the Internet is called a domain name. This is the human readable version of the IP address.

How many types of domain names are there?

There are mainly three types of domain names – Top Level Domain, Country Code Top Level Domain and Subdomain.

How to buy domain name?

There are many websites on the Internet from where you can buy domain names. You have to create your account on these websites and then do domain registration. You can register the domain name for 1 year or 5 years, after that the domain has to be renewed again.

How much do I get a domain name?

Depending on the domain name extension in different companies, the price of the domain name also varies, sometimes domain names are also available for free in the offer.

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Conclusion: What is domain name in Hindi?

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