What is a Hard Disk Drive, its Types, Parts and Functions (Hard Disk in Hindi)

Type Of Hard Disk Drive in Hindi: friends have you ever thought computer Where is the data stored in whatever work we do. If you are from technical field then you can answer it easily and if you are not from technical field then you probably will not know where data is stored in computer.

Whatever data we store in a computer, it is stored in the hard disk, but do you know? What is hard disk, what are the types of hard disk, what are the main parts of hard disk, what are the functions of hard disk, what are the advantages and disadvantages of hard disk.

If you want to get all such complete information related to hard disk, then you have come to the right article, in this article we have given you complete information about hard disk, so that it will be easy for you to understand about hard disk, So let’s start this article without any delay.

What is Hard Disk What is its need (What is Hard Disk in Hindi)

Hard Disk A data storage in a computer hardware device occurs. Hard Disk Drive (Hard Disk Drive) is the largest storage device in a computer. This is a Non Volatile memory In which there is a Data Permanent Store.

What is a hard disk drive, understand its types, parts and functions in Hindi (Hard Disk in Hindi)

Hard Disk Drive This is needed because whatever data is stored in the hard disk, it remains until the user intentionally deletes the data. Hard disk can store data for a long time and even after power supply is turned off, the data present in it is not deleted.

Hard Disk Computer Key Secondary Memory in which all the types present in the computer Data stores and computers Operating System The file of the program running in it is also stored in the hard disk. Hard disk can store large amount of data.

2TB Sata

In earlier times the storage capacity of hard disk was very less, but in today’s time there are such hard disks in the market whose storage capacity is up to 2TB and the speed is also very high. Hard disk speed is measured in RPM (Revolution Per Minute).

Other Names of Hard Disk (Name Of Hard Disk Drive In Hindi)

Hard Disk is also known by some other names such as – HDD, HD, Hard Drive etc. So you do not get confused between hard disk and hard drive.

History of Hard Disk

The first hard disk drive in the world was manufactured on 13 September 1956 by the IBM company. IBM launched a super computer named 305 RAMAC, which had a hard disk and the weight of this hard disk was more than 1 ton and its storage capacity was only 5 MB. And it was an inbuilt hard disk meaning it could not be separated from the computer.

In 1963, the IBM company made the first such hard disk that could be separated from the computer, its storage capacity was 2.6 MB.

IBM was constantly working on hard disks, and as a result, in 1980, IBM created the first hard disk with a storage capacity of 1 GB.

Even after this, the hard disk was continuously improved and many companies also came into existence who made many advance hard disks like Seagate. In today’s time, there are many advance hard disks available in the market, whose storage capacity is up to 1 TB.

Type of Hard Disk

On the basis of the capacity and properties of the hard disk, it is divided into four parts which are as follows –

  • PATA
  • SATA
  • SSD

Let us now know about them one by one in detail –

#1 – PATA (Parallel Advance Technology Attachment)

PATA was first created by Western Digital in 1986. This drive disk was capable of transferring only 8 bits of data in 1 second. This PATA drive with 40 pins used to store data with the help of magnetism.

In the time of 1986-87, the use of PATA drives was very high, but with the advancement of technology, the use of PATA drives also started declining due to its low data transfer rate.

#2 – SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

SATA drive is better than PATA disk. Thin cables are used in SATA drives, these cables are very flexible. Talking about data transfer, 300 MB of data can be transferred in one second with the help of SATA drive.

In today’s time, most of the SATA drives are used in computers and laptops. The cost of SATA hard drives is also low and the performance is also good.

#3 – SSD (Solid State Drive)

SSD Provides the best speed as compared to other drives. SSD is the latest disk drive. Flash memory technology is used to store data in SSD. SSD has a microchip which copies the data very quickly.

SSDs are expensive as compared to other drives, and the storage capacity is also less. Most companies use SSD.

#4 – SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

SCSI hard disks are used in small computers. It is much faster and more advanced than SATA and PATA. SCSI is capable of transferring data up to 640 MB per second.

Part of Hard Disk

There are many parts in a hard disk, which are mentioned below –

  • platter , platter There is a circular disk which is mounted inside the hard disk.
  • Read Write Head – This is a small magnet that slides from the top of the platter to the Lift Side.
  • Read Write Arm – This is the back of the Read Write Head.
  • Actuator – With its help the Read Write Arm rotates.
  • Spindle – This is a motor which is located in the middle of the platter, with the help of which the platter rotates.
  • Magnetic Platter In this digital information is stored in magnetic form.
  • Logic Board It is a chip which is present in the hard disk drive. Input And Output Keeps information safe.
  • Circuit Board – It works to control the effect of data from the platter.
  • Connector – Read and write from Circuit Board with the help of connector plotter Data reaches.

Working of Hard Disk (Uses of Hard Disk in Hindi)

A hard disk is mainly used to store data in the computer. Hard Disk is a Permanent Storage. in hard disk fileimage, video, SoftwareThe operating system stores everything.

How much data will be stored in a hard disk depends on the storage capacity of the hard disk. In modern times, there are hard disks in the market that have the capacity to store data in Terabyte.

Advantages of Hard Disk

There are many advantages of hard disk in a computer system such as –

  • Data stored in the hard disk is not deleted even after the light goes off.
  • We can access our data by attaching the hard disk to another computer.
  • The hard disk also stores the files of the programs running in the operating system of the computer.
  • A lot of storage is available in the hard disk.
  • Hard disk is very light and its size is also small so that it does not occupy much space.
  • If you need the hard disk in another system, then you can also put the hard disk in another PC.
  • You can use the data stored in the hard disk even after years, the data remains safe in it.

Disadvantage of Hard Disk

On the one hand, while hard disk has many advantages, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as-

  • If the hard disk gets damaged then the computer will stop working and your important data will also be lost.
  • The computer shuts down when the hard disk is overloaded.
  • The speed of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is slow as compared to SSD.

Hard Disk Drive Company

Today there are many companies in the market that manufacture hard disks, but some of the major companies are as follows –

  • Western Digital
  • Seagate Technology
  • Toshiba (Toshiba)
  • G – Technology
  • EMC Corporation
  • Quantum
  • Hitachi

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FAQ For Hard Disk Drive in Hindi

Explain what is hard disk?

Hard Disk is the secondary memory of the computer in which Data Permanent Store is there. The data stored in the hard disk is not deleted until the user himself deletes it.

What is the function of hard disk?

The main function of hard disk is to store data in the computer.

What is the full name of HDD?

The full name of HDD is Hard Disk Drive.

What is hard disk speed measured in?

Hard disk speed is measured in RPM (Revolution Per Minute).

Where is the hard disk inserted in the computer?

The hard disk in the computer is inserted into the disk drive.

Last words: What is Hard Disk in Hindi

After reading this article, you must have understood that how much importance a hard disk holds in a computer, if the hard disk is not in the computer, our data will not be permanently stored and the more the storage capacity of the hard disk, the more data it stores. Will be able to

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