What is a network gateway and how does it work

Gateway What is it in Hindi: In today’s article, we will give you information about gateway networking devices. In this article you will get to know that Gateway what is, Gateway How Work does Is, Gateway how many type Of would have been Huh, Gateway Features of, Use, Advantages, Harm what Huh And Gateway And router In what gap Is,

Gateway is a very important network device by which we ourselves computer or in other device Internet able to access. Gateway is the device that connects networks with two different protocols, and Data Facilitates sharing.

through gateway network device LAN network To WAN The gateway can be a server, router or any other device. To get complete information about Gateway, you must read this article till the end. So let’s start –

What is Gateway in Networking

Gateway One hardware is a networking device that consists of two different protocol interconnects networks. Gateway One Network Works as an entry for one and an exit point for another, as all data has to pass through or communicate through the gateway before it can be routed.

What is Gateway and how does it work - Network Gateway In Hindi

A network gateway connects two networks so that all devices on one network can communicate with devices on the other network. Gateway router, Server, firewall or any other device that enables traffic to move in and out of the network.

Through gateway we can connect LAN network with WAN. If we want to get any data which is not available in our network then we can get the data by connecting to other network through gateway. Internet cannot be accessed without a gateway.

How Gateway Works

All networks have a limit under which all devices connected to the network can exchange data. But if a network wants to communicate with any other external network then a gateway is needed. A network can be connected to many other networks through a gateway. gateway often router and modem is a combination of .

Gateway is implemented at the edge of a network and manages all data directed internally or externally from that network.

When a network wants to communicate with another network, the data packet is sent to the gateway and then the gateway delivers the data packet to the destination through the most simple and efficient path. In addition to routing data, the gateway also stores information about all internal paths of the host network and paths to any other network.

Gateways basically connect networks with two opposite protocols, and operate at any layer of the OSI model.

Type of Gateway

Gateways can be of many types and perform a variety of functions. We have told you further in the article about some of the major types of gateways –

1 – Network Gateway

It is the most common type of gateway that provides interfaces between different networks with different protocols. Whenever the word gateway is used, it indicates a network gateway only.

2 – Cloud Storage Gateway

This type of gateway translates the storage request with various cloud storage service AIP calls. It allows organizations to integrate storage from the private cloud into applications without migrating to the public cloud.

3 – Internet of Things Gateway

This type of gateway collects sensor data from devices in the IoT environment and translates the data between sensor protocols before sending it to the cloud network.

4 – VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) trunk gateway

VoIP Gateway provides the facility to transmit data along with the old telephone service equipment such as landlines, fax machines along with the Voice over IP network.

5 – Media Gateway

This type of gateway converts the data from the format required for one type of network to the format required for another.

6 – Email Security Gateway

This type of gateway prevents the transmission of emails that break company policy or transfer information with malicious intent.

Features of Gateway

The main features of the gateway are as follows –

  • Gateway is located at the boundary of a network and manages all the incoming and outgoing data in the network.
  • A gateway creates a path between two different networks operating with two different transmission protocols.
  • Gateway works at any layer of the OSI model as compared to other network devices.
  • The gateway also stores information about the routing paths of the communication network.
  • Gateway transmits data across the network through packet switching technology.
  • Gateway is implemented on the combination of both hardware and software.

Advantages of Gateway

Following are the major advantages of gateways –

  • Gateway extends the network by interconnecting networks with different protocols.
  • The security of the gateway is considered better. User ID and password can be posted on the gateway to prevent all unwanted access
  • The gateway performs the filtering process by inspecting each data packet passing through the gateway, thereby eliminating the possibility of theft of the services that arrive at the gateway.
  • Collision in Network Gateway and Broadcast Has the ability to control the domain.
  • Gateway works on all seven layers of the OSI model.
  • Gateway is very important in accessing the internet, without a gateway one cannot access the internet.

Disadvantage of Gateway

Some of the major disadvantages of gateways are as follows –

  • The rate of data transmission is very slow in the gateway.
  • Maintaining the gateway is quite complicated. It is difficult to configure devices through gateways.
  • A gateway is not a more intelligent device.
  • Gateway is very expensive.

difference between gateway and router

We have told you the difference between gateway and router in the table below –

Gateway (Gateway) router (Router)
A gateway is a networking device used to connect networks with two opposite protocols. A router is a hardware device used to transfer data packets between networks.
The gateway operates on all 7 layers of the OSI model. The router operates on the 3rd or 4th layer of the OSI model.
Gateways are deployed as physical servers or specialized equipment. It is deployed on the router hardware in a specific device
Gateways can be hosted on dedicated applications, physical servers and virtual applications. The router is hosted on dedicated applications only.
Gateway connects two different networks. The router routes the data packets through the same network.
(Difference between Gateway and Router in Hindi)

Gateway FAQ

What is meant by gateway in communication network?

A gateway is a network device that connects networks using two different protocols.

What is the difference between Gateway and Bridge?

Gateway connects networks with two different protocols and bridge connects networks with two similar protocols.

At which layer of the OSI model does the gateway operate?

The gateway operates on all seven layers of the OSI model.

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Last words: what is gateway in Hindi

If you have read this article till the end then you must have understood that Gateway Kya Hai In Hindi And how important is it in the network. Networks with two different protocols cannot be interconnected without a gateway. It is also very difficult to access the Internet if there is no gateway device.

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