What is a resume and how to create a resume from mobile? In Hindi

Resume kaise banaye in hindi : right for any student to get job Resume Format Creating a resume is very important because resume is the first step to your success. This is the document from which there can be a big reason for getting or not getting any job. how to create resume from mobile,

A good resume can get you the right job and admission, so you should read this article completely and tell us your thoughts in the comment box.

That’s why we will help you with this post Right Way to Create a Resume to tell you How To Create Mobile Se Resume – Know this. So let us know in detail that:-

how to make resume And How to make a good resume, Together we are one Professional Resume Apart from this, we will also tell you some great websites as a bonus point, which will help you to create Impressive Resume for free. So first of all know What is Resume?

What is Resume and how to make Resume from Mobile - in Hindi

What is a Resume – Resume Kya Hai

Resume is a document that summarizes the details of the person’s education, work experience, achievements and qualifications.

Which the person giving the interview shows in front of the HR Manager ie Interviewer.

Resume is the format that gives you admission or job, it is a mirror of your personality.

In common language, we call Resume as Bio Data and CV. The full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae.

Meaning of resume in Hindi is “summary”., Which gives accurate information about any person.

How To Create Resume For Job

Keep in mind that Resume is the main reason for getting any job. With the help of Resume Document, you can give interview in the right way.

To give a job related interview, friends give you a chance to show your personal nature in one page on the resume. if you create resume If you find it very difficult to do, then we will remove you from this trouble.

For your information, let us tell you that the process of creating a resume is very simple. For this you only Resume Banane Ka Sahi Tarika Must be known.

professional resume You can easily make it from your computer or mobile phone also. And you can take it for any interview and admission.

so let’s you The Right Tarika to Create a Resume explains.

Correct way to create Resume – (Resume Format)

In today’s digital age, we have to stay updated about all the things while facing you and us High Compilation. That’s why a great resume does your marketing and gives you a good job.

Anyone who sees your resume knows about you in just 15 to 20 seconds. Therefore, your skill and quality in the resume should be understood at a glance. then learn that how to make good resume,

easy way to create resume

Resume Notes

You have to collect those notes in which subject you have special information and you want to give it in the resume, after that note it down.
In the resume, you collect all the information about yourself, date, skill, education result, etc., only then start preparing for the resume.

Show Career Target in Resume – (Career Target)

It is a matter of keeping in mind that you must give correct and accurate information about the career in your resume. In which you can tell how cautious you are about your career and in which direction you want to take it.

Must submit personal details in Resume – (Personal Details)

While writing the resume, in the beginning, you have to give personal correct information about yourself, in which you have to give your name, full name – residence address and mobile number along with e-mail id. You can also add your website to Digital Resume.

Educational Qualification

In any resume, you must give information about your educational qualifications. It shows your ability and your image emerges through the resume.

Educational Qualification In this you can mention about the main examinations along with their obtained marks and percentile.

Apart from this, you can also present correct information about other diploma courses and degrees, which will have a double effect on the reader of the resume.

Share Work Experience in Resume – (Work Experience)

You can give details of your work experience in the work to be done in the job in which you are applying. Also, where you used to work or study, you can tell about your past experiences in that subject.

Keep these things in mind while making a resume

  • Make Resume Attractive
  • Resume should be Attractive, note that there should not be much content.
  • Resume should be of one or two pages only.
  • Your profile should be good in Resume.
  • While creating the resume, make sure that its handwriting is in Simple Font.
  • Do not make mistakes of writing unnecessary things in making resume, apart from this there should be no grammar mistake.
  • Keep the resume short and in simple language and how much salary do you demand? State it in clear words.
  • Tell in the resume whether you are married or unmarried.
  • Seeing the resume, it should be seen that it is very old. And you have used it in many places.

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Creating a Resume

  • After reading the resume, it should be felt that it has been made seriously. Do not give place to unnecessary things in this.
  • Resume should reflect your image as an honest person. Therefore, share only those things in the resume which are correct.
  • Do not tell any such information in the resume which is not related to your yoga at a distance.
  • The language of the resume should be simple and beautiful so that it can be understood by the interviewer.
  • Create resume from computer or mobile only.
  • If you are making Resume handwritten. So in such a situation it should be in correct and clear and clear handwriting. In this, pay attention that there are no mistakes of local language, quantity and grammar.

Resume making website – from which to create resume for free

CV. Maker – free Resume Maker

CV. maker There is a best online tool, with the help of this website, you can create someone’s resume in no time. Just in this you have to fill the form one by one. Apart from this, with the help of this website, you can also add the profile related to your Facebook and Linked in and CV Maker website Your profile will automatically pick up all the details from the social platform and add it to the resume.


With the help of this website you can Professional look to resume can be made easily. You can show your experience and qualification in this properly. How to write a resume You can always see your resume made on the website online.

Online CV – Online Resume Maker

If you want to make resume or CV then this website is very good for you. You can create a good resume with your photo on this website without any sign up process.

Canva Resume Maker

Canva There is a collection of many resume formats, in this you will find the Canva key. free resume builder With good design and free as templates professional resume And you can create Impressive Resume.


Novoresume The website creates a very great resume, but for this you have to sign up, after that you can create a free resume. In this resume tool, you get many Resume Templates which you will like very much.

Objectives Of Resume

Resum is the only way that defines your skill and work experience, skill in front of the interviewer. The interviewer is pleased with your resume, which gives you a better chance of getting selected for any job.

What are the things needed to make a resume?

Do not worry, creating a resume is not as difficult as it seems. This should be the main things to make a resume.

  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. Smartphone means mobile phone
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Any Resume Maker App
  5. Personal Details
  6. Your Photo and Signature
  7. Other necessary documents as required

Resume maker app for pc (computer)

If you want to create Resume with the help of computer or laptop, then you have to do this through main PC. Resume Maker app Your work will come. Friends, this is the best resume maker app.

Resume Maker Free

Download Resume Maker from here install do

CV Maker Free

CV Maker from download do

ResumeMaker Job Feeder

looking at it from install do

so we got you Resume maker software for pc has been told about. Next we will tell you Mobile se resume kaise banaye.

How to Create Resume from Mobile

To create a resume from mobile, you have to follow some steps which is very easy.

  • First from Playstore Resume Builder application Download the
  • After the Resume Builder is downloaded, open it.
  • After opening Resume Builder, fill personal details in it.
  • In this, you fill the Basic Details, Education, Experience, Project, Technical Skills and Interests, Industrial Exposure, Achievements, Awards, Activities and your Hobby, Objective, Declaration, Date & Reference correctly.
  • In the end, you can generate Resume by entering your Photo and Signature.
  • Now your resume has been created, you can download it and use it for your job.

Resume Builder App You already know about How to make resume from mobile.

now we you Free Resume Maker Application We are going to tell you about which will help you in creating a resume for free. With the help of these applications, you can create Unique and Professional Resume from mobile itself.

Free Resume Maker Application for Mobile

Resume PDF Maker


Resume Builder 2020


CV Maker Resume Builder


Conclusion – How to make a good resume in Hindi

Friends, in this article we have given you What is a resume and how to create a resume from mobile? The complete information related to this is explained in detail. So this article of ours Resume kaise banaye in hindi If you liked it then please share it.

If you have any other question related to Resume, then ask us in the comment box, we will be waiting for your response.

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