What is a router and how does it work (Router in Hindi)

What is Router in Hindi: you sometimes computer You must have heard the name of the router, but probably few of you would know what a router is. Router is a very important device about which everyone needs to know in today’s time.

Have you ever thought that you WhatsApp either Facebook How can I message my distant friend, many such questions must have come to your mind. We have written this article to solve all your questions.

In this article you will get to know that Router what Would Is, router how many type Of would have been Huh, router Of Who? From Part Huh, router Of Advantages what Huh e.t.c. After reading this article completely, you will get almost complete information about the router, so read this article till the end.

So let’s start without taking much of your time and know more about this article Router what happens Complete information in Hindi.

What is router, its types, uses and how it works in Hindi (What Is Router In Hindi))

What is Router (What is Router in Hindi)

router (Router) One hardware Is a device that is used to transfer data packets between networks. Internet From data Packets are always sent through, and routers work to direct traffic to different networks in computers. at least two Network There should be routers connected within it, ie either two LANs or one LAN And a WAN,

Most routers are placed at the gateway where the networks are connected. There are many types of routers available in the market which are used to forward the data packet. Routers usually choose the best route to direct the packets to be delivered faster.

History of Router

The first router was made in 1974, but the idea of ​​router was met by a group of Computer Networking Researches, which was an organization called International Networking Working Group.

A committee named International Federation for Information Processing was formed in 1972 to develop the router. From the mid-1970s to the 1980s, mini computers were used as routers.

In today’s time, Modern High Speed ​​Router use security like Encryption for fast Data Packet Forwarding.

How does router work?

The main function of the router is and is used to transfer data packets between networks. Router receives the data packet and sends it to where it is to be sent.

Like when you send a message to a friend sitting far away through social media, first the message gets converted into packets and reaches the nearby router. After which the router checks the Routing Table from Routing Protocol.

All the routers around the Routing Table have Address and Path Distance and the packet is forwarded to the nearest router which has the IP of the recipient.

When the packet reaches the next router, it also selects the easiest route and is sent to the next router, and in the same way the packet reaches the receiver computer.

The router connects many networks and also works to maintain the Routing Table. All routers also keep all the information about the routers around them.

What is Routing Table

Routing Table is made up of many rules, it always remains in the form of a table. Routing Table is used to determine in which direction the Internet Protocol Network will be sent.

The routing table contains all the information that helps in selecting the easiest route to send the packet to the destination.

Routing Table In Lower information would have Is ,

  • The destination to which the packet is to be sent IP Address,
  • The IP address of the next network device.
  • Information about the interface of the network to which the packet is to be sent.
  • The cost of all the routes present in the routing table.
  • Information about all the networks or other devices attached to the router.

Type of Router

Depending on the use, you will find different types of routers in the market, out of which the following are the most commonly used routers –

#1 – Wireless Router

Wireless Router is used in office, home, school, railway station etc. This creates a wireless signal. Suppose you are in office, then you can connect to internet using Wireless Signal.

You can provide security to the router by entering the user ID and password. When you try to connect to the router, it will ask for the password and UserId. User ID and Password come with the device. Because of the security, no information about the user is harmed.

When we go to public places, we can see that a Wi-Fi window will pop up ready to access the internet on our phone, and you can see that it is password protected. Wireless routers are publicly available. Many users can connect their devices to Wireless Router.

#2 – Wired Router

As its name itself defines its meaning. In Wired Router, a wire is used to connect to the network.

if you any Bank Or go to a small college, or office, you may find that a PC or laptop is connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, and that’s a wired router.

a different one Wi-Fi is an access point. If a user wants to connect to the phone, he can use VIOP (Voice-over IP Technology). One is ADSL (modem) which has two jacks for connecting to Ethernet and mobile phone.

#3 – Edge Router

Edge routers can be wired or wireless and can distribute Internet data packets between one or more networks. But it will not deliver internet data packets within the network.

#4 – Core Router (Core Router)

Core routers are designed to operate in the Internet Backbone or Core. This core supports multiple telecommunication interfaces for maximum speed and usage in the Internet.

It can forward IP packets on all of them at full speed. It supports routing protocols that are used in the core. Core Router distributes Internet data packets within the network. But the Internet will not distribute data packets between the core networks.

#5 – Virtual Router (Virtual Router)

Virtual Router is the default for Computer Sharing network. This virtual router redundancy protocol Works as per (VRRP). It becomes active when the main or primary router fails or becomes disabled.

It takes multiple routers in a group so that they can share a virtual IP address. There is a master for each group that handles the IP packets. If the master fails while forwarding packets, other routers take a position.

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Component of Router

The different parts of the router are as follows –

#1 – CPU

you must know that cpu It is the brain of the computer and it runs the operating system. Operating systems manage all the components of the router.

#2 – Flash Memory

Since the router is an electronic device and every electronic device requires a memory in which the Operating System Store resides. Flash memory Routing Algorithm, Routing Table, Routing Protocol etc. are stored in it.

#3 – Non – Volatile RAM (Non-Volatile RAM)

This is a Permanent memory it occurs. within it Operating System The Backup and Startup version of the store remains. Programs are loaded from this memory when the router is booted.

#4 – Network Interface

There are many network interfaces in the router. Multiple operating systems drivers are there. With the help of the driver, the router knows which port has which network’s Wire Connect.

#5 – Console

The work of Console is to manage and configure the router. Works to connect one device to another and share data.

Function of Router

Router mainly performs two types of functions –

  • Forwarding – The router receives the packet from the Input Port and does basic work like checking it. It then looks up the routing table to find a suitable output port to dump the packet and forwards the packet to the output port.
  • Routing Routing is the process by which the router detects which is the best path of the packet to reach the receiver.

Advantages of Router

We have told you the advantages of router below –

  • With the help of router’s collision feature, you can reduce Network Traffic.
  • Connecting to Wired or Wireless Network is easy.
  • There is no loss of information in Router.
  • router ethernet cablesWith the help of WiFi, WLAN, etc., many network architectures can be connected.
  • It is easy to connect PC or laptop to the Internet with the help of Wireless Router.
  • Password can make the router more secure.

FAQ For Router

What is the use of router in computer network?

In a computer network, the job of a router is to transfer data packets between networks.

What is the function of router?

The work of the router is to do Data Packet Forwarding and Routing.

How is data sent from one place to another?

Data is sent from one place to another in the form of packets.

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What we learned: What is a router in Hindi

If you conclude the whole article, then you must have understood that a router is a hardware device that is used to transfer data packets between networks.

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