What is a server and its types and how does a server work (Server in Hindi)

What is Internet Server in Hindi: Have you ever heard of the term server and do you computer There is information about the server, if not, then through today’s article we are going to tell you that What is a server, how does a server work, what are the types of servers and why is the server down.

All the information you are able to access through the Internet is stored in some server or the other, only then you are able to access them. Like reading blogs, watching videos, downloading an application, sending or receiving mail, chatting etc.

Servers are the most important parts of the Internet that store data and perform the task of transferring data on the request of the user. It is necessary for every internet user to have knowledge about the server, so you must read this article till the end. We sincerely hope that after reading this article all the doubts related to the server will be cleared in your mind.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article Server Whom say Huh In Hindi.

What is a server and its types and how does a server work (Internet Web Server in Hindi)

What is a Server (What is Server in Hindi)

Server is a high power computer in which the server Software is installed. this server Data Collect and transmit the data to the user on the request of the user. The users or computers that receive the data are called clients. Server Network Transfer data through.

Internet But the server itself does the work of providing service to the user. when user browser If some query searches in the search engine by search engine Shows many websites to the user. The data of all these websites is stored in one or the other server. When the user clicks on the website, the server transmits the data to the user on the request of the user.

There are different servers for all the work you do on the Internet. Such as mail server for sending and receiving mail, Chat Server for chatting, application server for running the application etc. which we will know further.

How Server Works

Let us look at this example to understand how servers work. when you YouTube But if you search some videos then it is a request. This request reaches YouTube’s server through the Internet, where all the data of YouTube is stored.

YouTube’s server finds the video requested by the user from its data center and sends it to the user. Because of which you can watch videos on YouTube.

likewise Facebook But you can also see the photo posted many years ago. That photo is also stored in Facebook’s server and when you request to see that photo, Facebook’s server shows you that photo. This is how servers work.

Types of Servers

There are also many types of servers for different purposes. Yours CPU There is also a type of server that stores your personal information, and when you open the computer, you are able to access the information stored in the CPU. This is called Local Server. Similarly, there are many types of servers. Let us know about some of the major types of servers.

#1 – Web Server

Web server Servers that exist on the Internet are called webpage Or store the data of the blog / website. to these servers hosting Also called. It stores text, images, videos, audios etc. Web server to respond to user requests HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used.

#2 – Application Server

application server Or App Server is called a server that is specially designed to store, install and operate applications. In the application server, you can also create and operate the application.

#3 – Mail Server

Mail Server Such servers are called Email It is designed to send and receive. E-mail data is stored in the mail server. Mail servers receive e-mails from client computers and send them to other mail servers.

#4 – File Server

A file server is a server that file come in handy for transfer. All the files on the Internet are stored in the file server.

#5 – Chat Server

Chat Server is used to send chat messages over the Internet. These are very powerful servers. With the help of these, users are able to take advantage of real-time messaging. like you WhatsApp But when you send a message to someone, that message immediately reaches the person to whom you have sent it. All this is possible only through Chat Server.

#6 – Fax Server

fax server Such servers are called which are used in the transfer of fax over the Internet. These types of servers receive and send Fax. Fax servers are used extensively by organizations.

#7 – Multimedia Server

Multimedia Server is called a server that stores audio, video, image and helps in distributing them. Video, audio websites on the Internet use this server.

#8 – List Server

A list server is a server that manages mailing lists. Like – Newsletters, Ads etc.

#9 – FTP Server

Full name of FTP Server File Transfer Protocol Is. This server is used to transfer files from one place to another. FTP server is a very old server that transfers files securely.

#10 – Proxy Server

proxy server Such a server is called that works between the user and the Internet. This server accepts the request of the user IP address through the Internet, and transmits data from the Internet to the user. The proxy server has its own IP address. Proxy servers are used for security on the Internet.

#11 – Database Server

Database Servers are different types of servers. These types of servers perform the function of storing and managing the data stored in other servers. Only authorized person can access the database server.

What is Dedicated and Non Dedicated Server

Servers that are online for 24 hours are called Dedicated Servers. These servers are very expensive and powerful. Servers like Google, Facebook etc. If this server stops even for a few seconds, then many people’s work will stop.

Non Dedicated Server is called a server that is not online for 24 hours. These servers are shut down after the work is over. And then when needed they are made online. Such as servers used at school, home or office.

Why is the server down?

Have you often visited any government website or Bank I must have heard that the server is down, but do you know what is this server down? When the servers work very slowly or when the servers fail to load the user’s request, it is called Server Down or Server Fail. In which you see messages like Server Not Found, Server Error etc.

There can be many reasons for the server being down. As we told you above, servers are hardware or software programs, when there is a technical problem in these hardware, then in that case the servers are down. Because there is a server, there is only one machine, so technical problems keep coming in the machine. But the technical staff of the server solve the technical problem coming in the server very quickly.

Another reason for the server being down is the traffic exceeding the capacity. Each server has a capacity of how much traffic it can handle. But if more traffic comes to that server than the capacity of the server, then even in that case the server fails or the server becomes down. If the server is down due to high traffic, then the server may take more time to reload.

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FAQ: What is Server

What is web server?

The web server stores the data of blogs and websites on the Internet and transfers the data on the request of the user.

Why is the server down?

When there is a technical problem in the server or more traffic than the capacity of the server comes to the server, then in that case the server is down.

How to make your computer a server?

If you want to convert your computer into a server then you have to Operating System You will have to install, and at the same time you will need 24 hours internet. Apart from this, the storage capacity of your computer should be high and the computer should have the ability to work 24 hours a day.

What is the function of server?

The job of the server is to store the data and transfer the data when requested by the user.

Last words: what is server in Hindi

To conclude the article then the server is of a type hardware And there are software programs that work to store and transfer data, they are very powerful. Servers are also different for different tasks on the Internet.

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