What is a share and what are the types of shares (What Is Share In Hindi)

Share Kya Hai In Hindi: Share Market You must have heard about it. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the smallest unit of stock market share. In this article, we are going to give you many basic information related to shares.

In today’s article you will get to know that Share what is, share how many type Of would have been Huh, share Why? Ongoing did go Huh, share How become Huh, share How buy And share buy Of Advantages And Harm what Huh,

Whenever you want to learn the stock market, first of all you are told about the stock, so let’s start without delay, understand this article more What is share in hindi.

What is Share (What is Share in Hindi)

Share means share or share, when an investor buys shares of a company, he becomes a partial shareholder of that company. A share is evidence that proves that the person holding the share owns some percentage of the company by virtue of holding the share.

What is a share and what are the types of shares (What Is Share In Hindi)

The investor can buy the shares of the listed company on the stock exchange, and can earn profit by selling the shares when the share price increases. Shares are the smallest part of the company’s capital.

Shares can be defined as “The smallest part of the capital formed by dividing the total capital of a company into several equal parts is called share”.

Why Shares Are Issued

Any company needs money or funds to expand its business. But 99 percent of companies do not have funds that they can invest in their business. To raise this fund, the company issues shares to the general public. The percentage of shares that an investor buys in a company, he gets the share of that percentage in the company.

By withdrawing the shares, while the company raises funds for itself, the investor gets some percentage of stake in the company by buying the shares. In this, both the company and the share get benefits.

When a company issues its shares for the first time, it IPO (Initial Public Offering). After bringing the IPO, the shares of the company are listed in the stock market, then investors buy and sell shares from the secondary market.

how shares are made

The owner of the company makes some percentage of the company public to increase investment in his company. Company to bring IPO SEBI guidelines have to be followed. principal of any stock stock exchange But fulfills the conditions to be listed. the company itself BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE (National Stock Exchange) and issues the shares to the general public. After this, the general public buys the shares of the company and earns profit by doing share exchange.

Types of Share

There are mainly three types of shares –

  1. Equity Share
  2. Preference Share
  3. DVR Share(DVR Share)

#1 – What is Equity Share

Equity Share It is also called Ordinary Share (Ordinary Share). Most of the companies listed in the stock market issue Equity Shares. Equity shares are traded more than other stocks because almost all companies issue equity shares to the general public.

In such shares, investors have the right to vote, share profits in the company’s meeting. Profits are paid to the equity share holders after dividend is paid to the preference share holders. In the event of the company becoming insolvent, the equity share holders do not have any right to claim.

#2 – What is Preference Share

As the name suggests, Preference Share Holder is given more priority than Equity Share Holder. However, such shareholders do not have voting rights in the company meeting.

Preference is given in paying dividend to Preference Share Holder, Dividend is first distributed to Preference Share Holder and then to other Share Holder. But the rate of dividend on these shares is fixed.

Even in the event of the closure of the company, the Preference Share Holder is first paid. The price of Preference Share is less than the current price of Equity Share.

#3 – What is DVR Share

The full name of DVR Share is Differential Voting Rights. DVR share holders have less voting rights as compared to equity share holders. To reduce the voting rights of such shareholders, the company pays additional dividends. The price of DVR share is less than that of Equity Share.

how to buy shares

To buy shares, you need a platform and brokers provide that platform. You cannot buy shares directly from the stock market. You need a medium to buy shares. Stock brokers are members of BSE or NSE.

To you Broker own from Demat Account You have to make it, without a Demat account you cannot invest in the stock market. Brokers provide you a platform from where you can invest in the stock market.

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Benefits of buying shares (Advantage of Share in Hindi)

There are many benefits of buying shares such as –

  • If the company earns profit in future then it also gives some part of profit to its shareholders which is called dividend.
  • The company also gives additional shares in the form of bonus to its investors from time to time.
  • If the company earns good profits in the future, then its share prices also increase, due to which good money can be earned in the stock market.
  • The company issues some rights to its shareholders, the benefit of which is available to all the shareholders in proportion to the shareholding.

Disadvantage of Share in Hindi

Shareholders also have to bear the loss of buying shares, the disadvantages of shares are as follows –

  • If there is a loss in the future in the company, then the share price also falls, due to which you also have to bear the loss.
  • If the company goes bankrupt, the shareholders do not get anything. Nor can they clam for it.
  • When the company is closed, the shareholders are paid last.

Difference between Share and Stocks

Stocks represent the partial ownership of several companies with the investor, while shares represent the partial ownership of one company by the investor.

When a person holds shares of several companies, you can say that he has stocks. But if someone has bought the shares of a specific company, then they only have the shares.

Share FAQ

What is meant by share?

Share means share. Share is the proof of the shareholding of a company, it proves that the person who is holding those shares has ownership rights in the company.

What are the words for share in Hindi?

Share is called ansh or part in Hindi.

Why does the company issue shares?

Any company has to withdraw shares to increase investment in its business. Because no company can run without investment. As there is growth in the company, then the expenses of the company also start increasing.

Who are the Shareholders?

The person who buys the shares of the company becomes the shareholder of the company, that is, he becomes the owner of the company’s shares. The person who buys the shares is called the share holder.

Where to buy shares?

Buying shares is very easy in today’s time, you can create your Demat account and buy company shares through mobile applications like Upstox, Zerodha, Groww.

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Last words: what is share in Hindi

If you have read this article completely then you must have understood that what is Share in Hindi and why company issues shares. Also, you must have understood about the advantages and disadvantages of the stock.

There is always risk in the stock markets, so never invest in the stock market with incomplete knowledge. If you want to invest in the stock market, then first understand the stock market well and after doing good research buy shares.

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