What is a sound card, parts and uses (Sound Card in Hindi)

Sound Card In Hindi: Through today’s article we What is Sound Card will learn about. Many of you may not be aware of this device but it computer Key is an important Output Device. Without which we cannot hear any kind of sound from the computer.

Sound card is the only medium by which sound can be heard from computer and if we need more sound then we use speaker or headphones, but the main source of producing sound in computer is sound card. .

Through today’s article we will tell you Sound Card what happens, sound card of history, sound card Of Part, sound card Of type, sound card of Use We are going to give complete information about the subjects, so definitely read this article till the end.

We have full hope that after reading this article you will get useful information about sound card, so without delay let’s start today’s article –sound card hindi

What is a sound card, its parts and uses (What is Sound Card in Hindi)

What is Sound Card?

sound card output device Which works to transmit the digital form of audio secure in the computer to the human. Whatever sound is generated in the computer, it is through the sound card itself. we hear this sound Speaker can be heard through.

If the computer does not have a sound card, then we cannot hear any type of audio from the computer, so all computers have internal and external sound cards. In modern times computers have an In-Built sound card with the motherboard.

With the help of sound card, we can explain to the computer by converting Analog Signal to Digital Signal and we can hear by converting Digital Signal back to Analog Signal.

History of Sound Card

When computers were initially made, it did not have a sound card because it was not considered important at that time. At that time there were some internal speakers instead of sound cards.

But by the 1980s, as the use of computers started increasing, computer manufacturers began to understand that there was a need for a device to generate sound in computers. Then big computer manufacturers started ordering sound cards from companies like Adlib, Creative Lab, who were working on sound technology at that time. So that the sound can be heard from the computer in any way.

By the end of 1980, such computers were coming in the market which had inbuilt sound cards. Initially sound cards were made for only a few applications such as music composition, speech synthesis etc. But gradually they were made for other software as well.

The world’s first sound card was created by Sherwin Gooch in 1972, named Gooch Synthetic Woodwind and was used by PLATO Terminals. It was a synthesizer capable of synthesizing 4-voice music.

The Apple Music Synthesizer was the first plug-in sound card used in the Apple II, produced by ALF Products Inc. Developed in the year 1978.

Part of Sound Card

There are mainly four parts of the sound card –

  • Digital to Analog Converter – Sound card digital with the help of DAC data Converts to analog.
  • Analog to Digital Converter With the help of ADC, the sound card converts the input given by analog sound into digital recording.
  • Peripheral Component Interconnect With the help of PCI, the sound card is connected to the computer motherboard.
  • output converter With the help of this, any audio output device such as headphones can be added.

Types of Sound Card

There are mainly three types of sound cards –

#1 – Motherboard Sound Chips (Motherboard Sound Chip)

When sound cards were first made they were expensive add on sound cards that cost hundreds of dollars. But gradually as the cost of sound technology started declining miniaturization technology computer hardware Enabled manufacturers to condense all the technology needed to produce sound into a single chip.

In today’s time almost all computers motherboard There is a sound chip. The motherboard sound chip itself helped make sound cards affordable for computer owners.

#2 – Standard Sound Card (Standard Sound Card)

There is a Standard Sound Card expansion card which is connected in a slot inside the computer. Compared to Motherboard Sound Chips, this type of Sound Card has its own processor Chip. This is a good advantage of using Standard Sound Card. Computer to Motherboard Sound Chips processor have to depend on.

A Standard Sound Card puts less load on the main processor, which improves performance while playing games. Additionally, some standard sound cards have features that motherboard sound chips do not.

#3 – External Sound Adapters

External Sound Adapters is a small box which has all the features of Standard Sound Card. But it is not an internal expansion slot but a usb either firewire Connects to computer via port. This type of sound card also has some features which are not there in Standard Sound Card. Such as additional inputs, outputs and physical volume control knobs.

Sound Card Connection

There are 4 – 5 ports in the sound card, which have different functions.

  • Digital out – It is white or yellow in color which is used with loud speakers.
  • Sound In – It is colored blue, it is used to connect an external audio source.
  • Microphone – it is pink in color headphones either microphone is connected to.
  • Sound Out This is the primary sound connection for Speaker and Headphone. It can be green, black or orange in colour.
  • MIDI – MIDI use it keyboard either joystick is done with.

What are Voice and Channel?

Sound card has both Voice and Channel, but often people make the mistake of considering it as the same, but both are different.

  • Voice – How many types of sound the sound card can extract from how many sources at a time is called Voice. Whenever we log in to the computer or any notification comes in the computer, then we hear different types of sound, it is all due to voice.

Sound card manufacturers put different types of sounds in the sound card with the help of software and hardware. The first task of the sound card is to play Electronic Music.

  • Channel – How much type of audio a sound card produces is considered a channel. Today’s stereo channel consists of two channels. You should keep in mind that your sound card can connect to as many audio systems as possible.

Uses of Sound Card

So far you must have understood what is a sound card, now let us know about some uses of sound card which are as follows –

  • A sound card is used to listen to audio, music in a computer.
  • The sound card is used to watch a movie or any video in the computer.
  • Sound card is used in video and audio conferencing.
  • Sound card is also used in Voice Recognition.
  • Sound card is also used to play games in computer.

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FAQ For Sound Card in Hindi

What is a sound card in a computer?

Sound card is a component in a computer by which we can understand the computer by converting Analog Signal to Digital Signal and we can listen by converting Digital Signal back to Analog Signal.

What is the function of sound card?

The sound card produces sound in the computer, with the help of which we can listen to any audio in the computer.

How many types of sound card are there?

There are mainly three types of sound cards – motherboard sound chip,
Standard sound card, external sound adapter.

What type of device is a sound card?

The sound card is the output device of the computer.

We learned: What is a sound card in Hindi

Overall, the sound card is the medium through which we can hear the sound generated in the computer, without the sound card, we are unable to hear any kind of sound from the computer.

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