What is a super computer (List of supercomputers of the world and India 2022)

What is a supercomputer – today we Internet and living in the age of technology computer It cannot be completed without it, now even the smallest to the biggest work in the world is done in the computer itself. We do our daily life tasks digital computer do by. The same scientists use supercomputers for their research.

The computers we use are not that powerful, and these computers can only perform general purpose tasks. But on the other hand supercomputers are very powerful computers which perform their work very efficiently, they are used only for special tasks.

In this age of technology every person should know that supercomputer what is, Super computer Work How does Is, Super computer To Who? Make, Super computer Where? Use did go Is And Super computer Of Advantages And Harm what Huh, You will get all this information in this article.

In this article we have super computer I have tried to give complete information about it, if you read this article till the end, then you will not have to go to any other article to know about super computer.

What is a super computer and how does it work (List of supercomputers of the world and India)

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article What is a super computer in detail in Hindi.

What is a supercomputer (Supercomputer in Hindi)

Supercomputers are very advanced computers that are used for special types of tasks. These computers are very fast and are capable of solving complex equations with speed. These are the most powerful computers in the world. The speed of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operation Per Second).

Supercomputers are very large in size and are not used for general purposes. They work completely differently. Their efficiency goes far beyond the limits of human beings. These computers solve complex equations that a human cannot solve in a few seconds.

Many people work together on a supercomputer. Such computers are mainly used for scientific and engineering tasks that require extremely high speed calculations. The world’s first supercomputer was built in 1960, named CDC 1604.

SuperComputer Quick Review

main point description
computer name super computer
world’s supercomputers Fugaku, Sunway TaihuLight, Summit, Sierra etc.
super computer of india PARAM Siddhi-AI, Pratyush, Mihir etc.
super computer price crores and billions of rupees (approx.)
India’s first super computer PARAM 8000
world’s first supercomputer iliac 4
world’s fastest supercomputer Fugaku Super Computer
Complete information about supercomputer

Supercomputer Meaning in Hindi

Supercomputer is an English word, it is called supercomputer in Hindi.

How Super Computer Works (Supercomputer Work in Hindi)

Supercomputers are large computers in size, their memory is much more and processing unit It is also very fast.

The working method of supercomputer is also different. It uses parallel processing instead of using serial processing. It can perform multiple tasks at a time. Here comes a question that What is the difference between serial processing and parallel processing?

A simple computer does only one thing at a time, so that it works in a different series, which is called serial processing. On the other hand supercomputer divides the problems into many pieces and works on all these pieces simultaneously this is called parallel processing.

In parallel processing, if you give two or more instructions to the computer at a time, then it can do both efficiently at the same time.

History of Supercomputer

If we talk about the invention of computer, then it is not the contribution of only one person in making it. From time to time many people have contributed in making the computer. Then somewhere such Advance Supercomputer has been developed.

The most important contribution in the development of supercomputer is of Seymour Cray, he is called the father of supercomputer. The world’s first supercomputer CDC1604 was designed by Seymour Cray in 1960. This supercomputer, which replaced vacuum tubes with transistors, was very popular in scientific laboratories.

IBM built its own scientific computer, the IBM 7030, commonly known as the IBM Stretch, in 1961. In 1964, Seymour Cray’s CDC 6600 turned the Stretch into the world’s fastest computer at the time.

Seymour Cray founded Cray Research Inc. in 1972. Leaving CDC to start the U.S., Cray continued to produce new supercomputers based on the prior design.

So in this way the development of the supercomputer took place. In today’s time there are thousands of super computers all over the world.

List of World’s Supercomputers (Best Supercomputers in World)

Although there are many supercomputers in the world, but here we have told you about the 10 best supercomputers on the basis of speed.

  • Fugaku
  • Summit
  • Sierra – Series
  • Sunway TaihuLight
  • Perlmutter
  • Selene – Celine
  • HPC5 – HPC5
  • Frontera – Frontera
  • Tianhe-Tian
  • Dammam – Dammam

Super Computer in India

India’s first supercomputer was made in 1991, named PARAM 8000, it was made by India itself. Today India has more than 40 supercomputers. As of January 2022 Pratyush Cray XC 40 is the fastest supercomputer in India which is located at IITM, Pune.

list of supercomputers of india

Following is a list of some of the major supercomputers of India in modern times –

  • PARAM Siddhi-AI – Ultimate Siddhi
  • Pratyush [CRAY XC40] – Pratyush
  • Mihir [CRAY XC40] – Mihir
  • AADITYA – Aditya
  • Color Blossom [Cray-X30]
  • SAHASRAT – Sahasrat
  • PARAM Shivay

Features of Supercomputer

Following are the main features of supercomputers.

  • Supercomputers are large in size, so more space is required to keep them.
  • Supercomputers are Multi Tasking. Simultaneously, many users can do various tasks in a supercomputer.
  • The speed of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operation Per Second).
  • The working capacity of supercomputers is very fast, it can also do the tasks of thousands of humans alone.
  • The cost of supercomputers is very expensive, they also come in crores.
  • Supercomputers are found only in certain places. Such as in scientific research, laboratories, medical research etc.

Uses of Supercomputer

Supercomputers are not used for everyday tasks in daily life, rather they are used to accomplish certain types of tasks, some of the major uses of supercomputers are as follows –

  • Supercomputers are used in meteorology for weather forecasting.
  • In nuclear research, scientists use supercomputers to test the effects of nuclear explosions.
  • Supercomputers are used in life science research to understand the details of the human body.
  • Supercomputers are used to design spacecraft.
  • In military fields, supercomputers are used by soldiers to test new weapons.
  • Governments also use supercomputers and encrypt important data.
  • Supercomputers are also used in applications that require real-time data processing.
  • Supercomputers are also used to solve complex calculations that are beyond human capabilities.
  • Artificial Intelligence In the field of supercomputers are used.

Advantages of Supercomputer

Although there are many benefits of a supercomputer, but we will tell you about some of its major advantages here.

  • The speed of super computer is very fast. They are capable of performing complex to complex tasks before seconds.
  • The security of supercomputers is of a very high level, it is almost impossible to hack them.
  • Supercomputers can also easily solve complex calculations.
  • Multiple users can use a supercomputer at a time.
  • Supercomputers are far ahead of human work limits. It is also capable of performing those tasks which are beyond the capabilities of human beings.
  • Supercomputers are used only for a specific type of work.
  • Supercomputers work with a lot of Accuracy.
  • super computer multitasking are there. It can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Disadvantage of Supercomputer

Along with the advantages of supercomputers, there are also some disadvantages. which are the following. Well we can call it shortcomings instead of disadvantages.

  • Supercomputers are very big in size, it is very difficult to move them from one place to another.
  • The cost of supercomputers is very expensive, they come in lakhs, crores of rupees.
  • Expert people are needed to maintain super computer. A normal person cannot use a super computer without training.
  • Supercomputers are not used for personal use.
  • Supercomputers require more power than other computers to work.
  • When supercomputers work, they generate a lot of heat.

FAQ: Super Computer In Hindi

How much does a supercomputer cost?

The cost of supercomputers is in crores, even the lowest model costs in lakhs and crores. High Power supercomputers are also in billions.

Who invented the super computer?

The credit for the invention of the supercomputer goes to Seymour Cray. Cray’s most important contribution to the development of supercomputers.

Who is the fastest supercomputer in the world?

The Fugaku supercomputer is the world’s fastest supercomputer as of November 2021

What is the name of India’s first super computer?

India’s first supercomputer is PARAM 8000, it was made in India in 1991 itself.

What is the speed of supercomputers measured in?

The speed of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operation Per Second).

What are the words for supercomputer in Hindi?

Supercomputer is called Mahacomputer in Hindi.

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