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Web Page Kya Hai In Hindi: today’s this blog post I’m gonna talk What is a webpage Feather. in today’s time Internet It has become the most basic need of every person, people spend most of the time on the internet for getting information, playing games, entertainment etc.

Web pages are the most used to get information on the Internet, no matter what kind of information we need, we can get it only through the webpages on the Internet. But still there are many users who do not have enough knowledge about the webpage.

If you also do not have information about the webpage, then there is nothing to worry because through this article we are going to give you complete information about the webpage such as What are webpages, history of webpage, how to create webpage, how to open webpage and what is the difference between webpage and website.

Therefore, to get complete information about the webpage, read this article till the end. So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article webpage what is in hindi Expansion From,

What is a web page, its types (how to make a web page)

What is Webpage (What is Webpage in Hindi)

Webpage is made up of two words Web + Page. Where Web means internet and Page means page or page. That is, a page that is available on the Internet is called a webpage.

Mainly HTML coding is written in and the user Web browser You can access the webpage through this, as if you are reading this article now, then it is also a webpage. A webpage can contain text, graphics, hyperlinks or any files.

Each webpage has a unique address through which the respective webpage is accessed. This unique address of the webpage URL is called. to each webpage Server These servers are always connected to the Internet, so webpages are also live on the Internet at all times. If a webpage is removed from the server, then you will not be able to find that webpage on the Internet.

History of Webpage

The first webpage in the world was created by Tim Berners Lee in 1991, this webpage HTML was in the form of a document. Tim Berners Lee is also considered the father of the World Wide Web. The HTML programming language is still widely used to create webpages today.

After knowing the webpage Kya Hai, this question also comes in the mind of many people that after all What happens in a webpage?

what happens in a webpage

A webpage can contain any type of information. Whatever we search on the Internet to get information about that information we get only through the webpage.

There are different types of information in the webpage, like you are reading this article which is a webpage, in this you have been given information about the webpage, similarly in any other webpage you have been given information about other topics.

Types of Webpage

There are mainly two types of webpages.

  • Statics Webpage
  • Dynamic Webpage

Let’s get to know about both of these as well.

1 – Statics Webpage

Statics Webpage is also called Flat Webpage. Static webpages are loaded on the client’s browser in the same way that they are stored in the web server. In such webpages the information remains static, the user can only read the information in them but cannot edit the webpage or communicate with the webpage.

Static webpage is created using HTML, this type of webpage is created when the information does not need to be changed or updated regularly.

Only a webmaster can modify the information in Statics Webpage. For example, you can think of a company’s webpage which is not changed every day, only the webmaster updates that webpage whenever needed.

2 – Dynamic Webpage

Dynamic Webpage is called such webpages in which the information present keeps changing over time. The user can make changes to the dynamic webpages according to him.

Dynamic webpages are restricted to the user until the user logs in to the webpage with a username and password. When the user logs in to these webpages, then the user can make changes to the webpage according to his needs.

as you your Gmail ID You can send mail, delete or check mail in any folder by logging in, it is possible through a dynamic webpage.

Dynamic webpages are usually created using Ajax technology. Dynamic webpages are more complex to access than static webpages.

How to Create Webpage (How to Create Webpage in Hindi)

Here is the process of creating a web page.

If you want to create only one webpage then you should have knowledge of HTML language, because HTML is a basic language to create webpage. Along with this, to make the webpage design attractive or give a look, you have to CSS Must have knowledge of

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS then you will need a computer in which you have to install Text Editor (Notepad) and web browser software. With the help of which you can create a good web page.

Now that you have the knowledge of the language and also have the resources, then it is very easy for you to create a webpage. You can write the coding in Notepad and then execute it in the web browser.

How to Open Webpage

You can open webpage very easily in any web browser. Follow the following procedure to open the webpage.

  • First of all open a browser.
  • After this type the URL of the webpage in the browser.
  • After typing the URL in the browser, press Enter.
  • Now the webpage will open in front of you in the browser.

Here a question must be coming in your mind that there are millions – crores of webpages on the internet, so how will I be able to remember the URL of any webpage? So the solution is search engines like Googlebing etc.

search engine There are websites that collect and store all the webpages on the Internet on the basis of different topics in their database, and then when the user searches a keyword or topic in the search engine, the search engine on the basis of its algorithm Shows multiple webpages to the user.

Like, to reach this webpage, you must have searched by typing Webpage Kya Hai in your Google, then Google has suggested this website to you based on its algorithm.

What tag does a web page start with

Any web page available on the Internet that begins with contains “html tag is used.

Web page terminology

There are many such important terms related to the webpage, about which everyone needs to be aware.

  • web address – It is also called URL. Each webpage has a unique URL by which you can access a specific webpage on the Internet.
  • Web server – All the data of the webpage is stored in the web server and these web servers are connected to the internet 24/7.
  • Web browser – Web browser is used to search any webpage on the Internet.
  • Http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – Http Part of a web address. It is a protocol used to transfer data from server to browser to view a webpage.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – This makes the internet connection secure. The web address of the webpage which has SSL installed has https written at the beginning.

Difference Between Webpage and Website (Webpage vs Website in Hindi)

Many people do not know the difference between a webpage and a website, so through this article, we have explained the difference between these two through a table.

Webpage Website
A web page is an HTML document on the Internet. A website is a group of many web pages.
Web pages can be created using simple Notepad. Creating a website requires a variety of different tools.
It is not necessary to have a website to create a web page. Whereas many webpages are needed to make a website.
If you have knowledge of HTML language then you can create web pages. Technical knowledge is required to make a website.
You can think of a web page as a page in a book. Whereas that website is a whole book.
Difference between Webpage and Website In Hindi

FAQ For Webpage

What is a webpage?

A webpage is a page on the Internet that contains different types of information.

Who created the first webpage?

The first webpage was created by Tim Berners Lee in 1991.

In which language the web page is written?

HTML is the most widely used coding language for creating webpages. Most webpages are created using HTML.

What are the 2 types of webpages?

There are 2 types of webpages Static Webpage and Dynamic Webpage.

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Last words: What is web page in Hindi

Through this blog post we learned that Webpage Kya Hai In Hindi, how many types are there and what is the difference between website and webpage. Along with this, we told you in this post how to create a webpage and how to open a webpage.

We have tried our best to give you complete information about the webpage in this article so that if you ask any information about your webpage, then you can easily answer it.

Friends, how did you like this information given by us, you can tell us in the comment box. If you still have any query related to the webpage, then you can tell us in the comment box below. We will answer your questions soon.

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