What is a Web Server Type (Difference Between Web Server and Web Hosting) Web Server in Hindi

Type Of Web Server In Hindi: whenever you your Web browser When I search a webpage, the browser brings that web page in front of you before seconds. But have you ever thought that who sends these webpages to the browser, where are these web pages stored etc. So for your information, let us tell you that these web pages are present on some web server, which is available on your request. web page bring before you.

but do you know web server what is in hindi, Web browser Work How does Is, Web browser how many type Of would have been Huh, Web browser Of utility what Is, Web browser Of Speciality what Is And Web browser and web hosting In what gap Is, If you want to get all such information, then you have to read this article till the end.

In this article, we have provided you all the above information about the web server, so let’s start this article today without taking much of your time. web server in hindi,

What is Web Server

a web server computer system or Software Which delivers the web page to the user according to the requests of the user. Web server data to reach the user HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used.

difference between web server and web hosting

Internet But the data (text, image, video, audio, file etc.) of all the websites that are present is stored in some web server, when the user searches for a particular URL on his web browser, then it goes to the request server. goes away, and then the web server URL Brings the related webpage in front of the user.

as you search in your browser Techshole.com, then this request goes to the web server of Techshole.com and then our web server shows our website in front of you. Each web server has its own domain name And a IP address by which that web server is identified.

Web server can be divided into two parts. One is the machine or computer in which the data of the website is stored and the other part is the software that serves the web page to the user. The computer system that delivers the web page to the user is called a web server.

Definition of Web Server

A web server is a computer system that stores the content of the website and transmits the data to the user upon request of the user.

How Does Web Server Work?

If you have a little knowledge of computer term or technology, then understanding the working of web server is not a very difficult task for you. We have told you about the working of web server in simple language.

Web server
Web server

when you Google But if you search any query or keyword, then Google search engine Our algorithm Based on this, the list of websites related to your query shows in front of you.

When you click on a website, your browser requests that webpage from the web server of that website and the web server sends the webpage back to the browser, and the browser shows that page to you.

The web browser first obtains the IP address of that website. The browser uses 2 methods to get the IP address, either searching it in the cache or more than one DNS (Domain Name System) requests to the server.

After getting the IP address, the browser requests that web page from the web server. And if the web page is in that web server then the browser shows that web page in front of you and if that webpage is not in the web server then the browser shows you the error of 404.

This is how a web server works. The main function of the web server is to serve the webpage according to the request of the client.

Types of Web Server

There are 4 main types of web servers –

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Internet Information Server
  • NGINX Web Server
  • Light Speed ​​Web Server

Let us now know about all these one by one.

1 – Apache Web Server

Apache Web Server It has been developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is one of the most popular web servers all over the world. Apache is an open source software that you can install on any Operating System like Windows, Linux, Mac OS can be installed in . About 60 percent of the world’s web server machines use Apache servers.

2 – Internet Information Server

International Information Server (IIS) is a product of Microsoft. This is a high performing web server. But IIS server is not open source like Apache server so you cannot make changes as per your requirement. IIS Server does not support all operating systems, it supports only a few operating systems such as Windows.

3 – NGINX Web Server

NGINX Also like Apache is an open source web server that supports IMAP/POP3 proxy server are included. This server is popular for its high performance, stability, simple configuration, and low resource usage. A special feature of the NGINX web server is that it does not use threads to handle requests. Many hosting companies use NGINX servers.

4 – Light Speed ​​Web Server

Light Speed ​​Web Server Gives good performance as compared to other web servers. this one commercial network There is also a server. If you upgrade your server to Light Speed ​​Web Server, then the performance of your server is better.

Features of Web Server

Following are some of the major features of a web server –

  • Web servers use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) through which communication is established between the client and the server.
  • The web server also allows login to the master for uploading/downloading large files or collecting data while surfing the internet.
  • The web server provides a secure environment to the user while surfing the Internet. The web server uses the standard port 443 of HTTPS instead of the normal port 80 of HTTP.
  • It is possible to serve multiple websites at once through Virtual Hosting on a web server.

What is the utility of web server (Uses of web server in Hindi)

Following are some of the major uses of a web server –

  • A web server delivers web pages on the Internet to the user.
  • web server website hosting Also works to manage.
  • web server file transfer protocol so that website files can be uploaded or downloaded.
  • The web page accepts the requests of different Internet users and transmits the information to them according to their requests.
  • The web server is helpful in solving the problems facing the website.

Difference between web server and web hosting

We have told you the difference between web server and web hosting in the table below.

Web Server Web Hosting
A web server is a computer system that runs websites. Web hosting is basically the process of using a server to host the website.
A web server is used to host websites, it can consist of one or more websites. Web hosting makes the website accessible to the user through the Internet.
A web server provides service to other devices or programs in the network. Web Hosting to Individuals and Organizations WORLD WIDE WEB Allows your website to be accessible through
The main purpose of a web server is to store web pages and deliver them to the user. The main purpose of web hosting is to place all the webpages of the hosted website on its own server, setup and solve technical problems.
Types of web servers include proxy servers, mail server, application server etc. includes types of web hosting shared host, dedicated host, cloud hosting etc. includes
difference between web server and web hosting

FAQ: What is Web Server

Explain what is web server?

Web servers are a special type of computer system in which web server software is installed, and then these web servers deliver web pages to the user according to the requests of the user.

How many types of web servers are there?

There are mainly 4 types of web servers – Apache web server, International Information web server, NGINX web server, Light weight web server.

What is the function of web server?

Web servers store the data of websites on the Internet and then serve the data on the requests of the users.

Who creates the communication between the webserver and the webuser?

Web browser establishes communication between the web server and the user.

Conclusion: What is web server in Hindi

In today’s article we have What is the web server In Hindi In this article we have provided detailed information about the types of web server, utility of web server, features of web server and difference between web server and web hosting. If you have read this article carefully then you must have got all the useful information about web server.

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