What is Access Point (Difference between Access Point and Router) Access Point in Hindi

Access Point Kya Hai In Hindi: If you are interested in IT sector or technology then you must have at some point of time. Internet Must have heard the name of Access Point, but do you know What is an access point, how does an access point work, where is an access point used, what are the advantages and disadvantages of an access point and what is the difference between an access point and a router.

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Through today’s article, we are going to provide you complete information about what is an access point, so to understand the access point in detail, read this article till the end. So let’s start this article without taking much of your time. what is access point in hindi,

What is Access Point

access point or wireless access point networking device which is wired to a wireless device Network connects in. all of the network computer And it is simpler and easier to use an access point instead of cables or wires to connect other devices.

What is Access Point (Difference between Access Point and Router) Access Point in Hindi

Access point is used in LAN connectivity or can say Local Area Network The access point is used to create. access point usage businessCan be done in office, college or any big building.

to an access point wireless router Which has all the qualities of a router but its range is more than a router, and it can also handle a large amount of network traffic.

In simple words, a wireless access point is a sub-device that helps to connect a remote device to a local area network.

How Access Point Works

an access point Ethernet cable via wired router, switch either hub Works in conjunction with . It allows wireless devices to be connected to local area networks (LANs) and the Internet.

Let us take a simple example of the working of an access point. Suppose you live on the top floor of a building, and the building has a router. you your device Wi-Fi But you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi due to limited range of the router.

This is where you can access the access point and connect to the router via an Ethernet cable and take advantage of Wi-Fi.

Types of Access Point Configurations

Access points are flexible devices, they can be configured in the following ways in the network.

1 – Root access point

In these types of configurations, an access point is connected to the wired LAN and provides the connection point for the wireless user. If more than one access point is connected through this configuration, then a user can move from one location to another without losing the connection.

2 – Repeater access point

One repeater to any other repeater or access point that is connected via a wired network data Forwards the traffic between the wireless user and the wired network by sending.

3 – Bridge access point

The access point can be configured as a root or non-root bridge to join multiple networks. In these configurations, an access point will establish a wireless link with a non-root bridge. The traffic is then sent over the wired network via the wireless link.

Where is the access point used

Access points are commonly used in large organizations, in high-rise buildings or in schools, colleges. Access points can extend the range of a local area network and connect more devices to the network.

More than one access point can be installed depending on the area of ​​an area. When multiple access points are deployed, they are managed by the network administrator in the server room. One controller when more than one access point is installed Software either hardware help is taken.

Advantages of Access Point

Access points have many advantages, so they are widely used. Following are some of the major advantages of access points –

  • Only 10 – 20 users can access the Internet through a simple wireless router, while 50 or more people can access the Internet through an access point.
  • An access point is a useful device for creating a wireless connection over a large area.
  • An access point can cover a distance of 100 to 300 metres.
  • The networking mode of the access point is flexible, you have options to choose the access point like wireless client, wireless bridge, multi-point bridge, etc.
  • The access point can also handle a large amount of network traffic.

Disadvantage of Access Point

Along with the advantages of an access point, it also has some disadvantages. Following are some of the disadvantages of access points –

  • Wireless access points are expensive to install.
  • You cannot use the wireless access point alone, along with it you need equipment like ethernet, hub, controller.
  • Wireless networks are not much faster and more stable than cable networks. Wireless access points work well only when the cable fails to form the network.

Difference Between Access Point and Router

Although the functions of an access point and a router are almost the same, they are very different from each other. We have told you some of the difference between aouter and access point through the table below.

Access Point Vs Router
access point vs router
Routerrouter, Access Point (Access point,
A router can provide wired or wireless connectivity to multiple end user devices. An access point primarily provides connectivity to wireless devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
A wireless router can act as an access point. Access points cannot function as wireless routers.
Wireless routers are commonly used in small organizations, homes. Access points are used in large businesses, high-rise buildings, large schools or colleges, etc.
The router acts as a hub that establishes the local area network and manages all the devices and communications in it. An access point is a sub-device within a local area network that provides another location for wireless devices to connect to, and enables more devices to be connected to the network.
Difference Between Access Point and Router

Access Point Company Name

In today’s time, many brands of access points are available in the market such as –

  • Netgear
  • D – Link
  • Ruckus
  • Ubiquity

FAQ: Access Point in Hindi

Explain what is an access point?

An access point is a device that allows a wireless device to be connected to a wired network.

What is the full form of WAP?

The full form of WAP is Wireless Access Point.

Where are the access points used?

Access points are used in local area networks, such as in businesses, colleges, buildings, etc.

How many access points can be used in a network?

In a network you can use more than one access point depending on the area of ​​the network.

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Conclusion: What is Access Point in Hindi

Overall, an access point is a networking device that helps to connect a remote device located in a local area network to a network. Access point is an effective device for places like a business, large building, college etc.

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