What is air conditioner, its types and which company’s AC to buy

ac full form in hindi: In this summer season, you also want that how should I buy good and cheap AC (Air Conditioner), which company’s AC should I buy or other questions related to AC must be in your mind. Whose answer we have tried to give through this article.

In today’s article we will give you air conditioning what isAC of flower form what IsAC Work How does IsAC Of typeAC Of advantages And Harm what Huh And Who? Like AC buy Of Complete information (Air Conditioner Ki Puri Jankari Hindi Me) are going to provide.

If you want to buy a best AC for yourself and want to get information about AC, then definitely read this article till the end. So let’s start this article without taking much of your time and know what is AC in detail.

What is air conditioner (What is AC in Hindi)

Air conditioner which is also called AC in short. AC works to keep the environment cool. Wherever AC is installed, the whole environment gets cooled, this place can be a room, office or building.

What is air conditioner, its types and which company's AC to buy - AC Full Form In Hindi

AC is used in summer season. The place where AC is installed, AC absorbs the hot air of that place and with the help of Refrigerant and Coils inside it takes out cold air, due to which the hot air of that place turns into cold and the temperature of that place decreases. Is. Freon gas is used in AC.

What is the full name of AC (AC Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of AC is Air Conditioner which is called air conditioning in Hindi.

  • AC Full form in English – Air Conditioner
  • AC Full Form – Vatakunulak

who invented ac

Modern AC was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902, he used AC for the first time in a company in Brooklyn city, it was powered by electricity. The need for AC was felt to keep the environment cool and prevent heat.

How does AC work?

To understand the complete functioning of AC, we have to understand its parts very well, after understanding its parts, you will understand the functioning of AC very well.

Main parts of AC

AC mainly consists of five parts by which it is capable of cooling any room, and all these five parts are as follows –

  • evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Refrigerant
  • expansion valve

Now let us understand about the five parts of AC one by one.


Evaporator AC is installed in the inner part of the room, it is a type of coil which absorbs the hot air inside and releases the cold air inside the room.


Compressor is installed in the outer part of the room in AC, its function is to compress or press the air. The hot air from the evaporator goes to the compressor and it compresses that air and sends it to the condenser. Compressor plays a very important role in the working of air conditioner.


The condenser is also placed outside the AC room. When the hot air passes through the compressor to the condenser, it cools the hot air.


Refrigerant which is also known as Coolant, but its real name is Freon. It is a special kind of substance. When hot air passes through the refrigerant, it absorbs it and expels the hot air out of the room.

When this hot Refrigerant Gas passes through the compressor, it is further compressed here, which makes it hotter and then it is sent to the Condenser. In the condenser, it cools down and turns into liquid. In this way this whole process of AC continues.

Expansion Valve

Expansion Valve is installed in the Evaporator, through this the air goes from one coil to another. When the cold Liquid passes through the Expansion Valve, it is taken out of the Evaporator by controlling its flow here.

This process continues again and again until the temperature set by us reaches, AC continues this process until the entire hot air of the room cools down.

Types of AC in Hindi

AC is mainly of three types –

#1 – Window AC (Window Air Conditioner)

You must have guessed by its name Window Air Conditioner i.e. Window AC. This type of AC can be installed in the window of any room. This AC is half in the room and half outside the window. If there is no window in your room then you cannot install it. Window AC price is almost the same as Split AC. Window AC is often used in big buildings.

#2 – Split AC (Split Air Conditioner)

Split AC is a very popular type of air conditioner. Split AC is mostly used in offices, shops and homes. Split AC has two parts, the first part is inside the room which is visible to us and the second part is outside the room or on the ceiling. Both these parts are connected to each other through a pipeline. Through this, the outside air cools down in the room.

#3 – Inverter AC (Inverter Air Conditioner)

Inverter AC means you think that this air conditioner runs from inverter but it is not so, let us tell you for information that it is Works on inverter technology,

Like suppose you set your air conditioner at 20° degree Celsius temperature, now the temperature of your room will gradually cool down to 20° degree or 19° degree then it will turn off the ac. But it does not stop at all, its compressor keeps working continuously, that means it will keep working automatically.

When the temperature of your room increases, the AC compressor will start working more and when the temperature is low, the AC will start working slowly, this will reduce the electricity consumption and you will have to pay less electricity bill.

In our opinion Inverter AC is the best air conditioner because it will reduce your electricity bill and you can cool your room throughout the day.

What is 1 Ton, 2 Ton in AC (What is Ton in AC)

Whenever you go to buy Air Conditioner, the shopkeeper or retailer definitely asks you which AC you have to buy 1 ton, 1.5 ton, or 2 ton? Then somewhere in your mind this question must have come that what is this tone in AC.

Let us also know the answer to this. AC Ton means AC Capacity. The AC whose tonnage is more, its cooling capacity is also more. The AC of 2 ton is capable of cooling a large hall in a short time.

If you install an air conditioner of less ton i.e. 1 ton in a bigger room, then you will not see the effect of AC in this room, and by the time the effect is seen, a lot of electricity will be consumed.

How to choose the right air conditioner

According to the expert opinion of Techshole.Com, you can install 1 ton AC for 100 – 120 square feet space, and more than that i.e. 1.5 ton for 120 – 180 square feet and if you have more space then you can install 2 ton AC. For your information, let us tell you that an air conditioner with more tonnage uses more electricity. And 2 ton air conditioner is also expensive as compared to 1 ton.

Which AC Uses Low Power

If you want to know which AC can run in less power, then you have to check the sleep of the star rating in the AC which is on the product.

You should buy Air Conditioner above 3 stars, maximum it is 5 star rating. But it can be a bit expensive. If you buy an air conditioner with a lower star rating because of the price, then your monthly bill will be substantially higher.

Which company and which AC to buy?

While buying AC, this question must have come in your mind that which company’s Air Conditioner to buy? You can buy air conditioner of any company, just you have to keep in mind that how is the service of that company.

Along with this, you also have to know whether there is a service center of that company in your city or not. You can buy air conditioner from anywhere online or offline provided its service and warranty is good.

Some important things to buy a good AC

Before buying AC, you should keep some important things in mind such as –

  • What is the size of the room where you want to install AC.
  • How many people will use AC.
  • How many electrical appliances are used in the room where AC is to be installed.
  • How much is luggage in the room?

Keeping these important things in mind, you can buy the best AC for yourself.

Some important things to use AC

If you want your air conditioner to work smoothly for a long time, then you have to take care of some of the things mentioned below.

  • Always use the air conditioner in economy mode only, this will save you electricity.
  • Always keep the air conditioner between 24 ° C to 26 ° C. This temperature is very effective for your body and electricity savings.
  • Get the Air Conditioner service done on time so that it will give good cooling as well as save electricity.

Advantages of Air Conditioner (Advantage of AC in Hindi)

There are many benefits of installing AC. We have mentioned some of these below –

  • AC is a very good device to avoid heat stroke.
  • AC provides coolness without any noise.
  • Using AC does not cause much mind disturbance.

Disadvantage of AC in Hindi

Along with the advantages of AC, there are many disadvantages as well, some of the disadvantages of AC are as follows

  • AC has negative effects in the human body. As it increases obesity, has a negative effect on the skin etc.
  • Man becomes lazy because of more comfortable.
  • After taking the coolness of AC, you can fall sick if you go in a little heat.
  • Nature also has to bear a lot of disadvantages of AC, because AC releases hot air outside for cooling inside, which is a poisonous gas and many birds die from it.
  • If you do a normal income job then getting AC installed is going to be very expensive for you.

FAQ: What is AC?

What is the full form of AC?

The full name of AC or the full form of AC is Air Conditioner.

What is AC called in Hindi?

AC is called air-conditioned in Hindi.

Who invented AC?

Willis Haviland Carrier is considered the inventor of the modern AC.

Which gas is used in AC?

Freon gas is used in AC.

Conclusion: What is Air Conditioner in Hindi

In today’s post we have given you What is AC in Hindi, AC Full Form in Hindi, How does AC work, Types of AC and Advantages and Disadvantages of AC provided information about and at the same time you Which AC to buy and which company’s AC to buy? Also told about.

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