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Application Software In Hindi: Everyone on their mobile computer or tablet Applications And it has different functions for all types of applications, such as some are for entertainment, some for gaming and some for other special tasks.

But do you know that after all Application Software what is, Applications Software how many type Of would have been Huh, Applications Software of what Work Is And Applications Software And system Software In what gap Is,

If you do not have much information about application software, then today’s article will be important for you, through this article we are going to give you complete information about application software. So stay tuned till the end of the article.

What is Application Software

Application software (Application Software) of a kind Software They are designed for a specific task. These software help the user to complete the user’s tasks. These are also called end-user programs or simply apps.

What is Application Software, its types and examples (Application Software in Hindi)

user first system software Interacts with and then with the application software. System software is responsible for managing the application software.

Users use application software for a specific purpose. Application software is either installed or users can access them online. Application software can be installed as and when required and can also be uninstalled upon completion of the work. Application software are User Friendly.

Some can use the application software absolutely free and some have to be paid to use. Some examples of application software are word processing software, spreadsheet software, presentation, graphics etc.

Definition of Application Software

Application software is a type of computer program that performs a specific type of task. Each program is designed to assist the user with a specific process, which may be related to productivity, creativity or communication.

Example of Application Software

Some examples of application software are as follows –

  • Microsoft Products (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access etc.)
  • Internet Browser (Chrome, Opera mini, Fire Fox, Safari etc.)
  • Word Processing Software (MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad etc.)
  • Multimedia Software (Media Player, Video Player etc.)
  • Database Software (MS Access, Oracle etc.)
  • Mobile Application

Types of Application Software

Although we use many types of applications, but all types of application software are divided into 2 parts –

  • General Purpose Software
  • Specific Purpose Software

Let us now know about them one by one in detail –

#1 – General Purpose Software

General purpose software is said to be a group of such application software which is used by the user to perform common tasks according to his needs. It is very easy to use General Purpose Application Software because they are designed in such a way that even a normal user can easily use them.

Some of the general purpose application software are as follows –

  • Word Processing Software Word Processing Software is used for formatting of text.
  • Multimedia Software – Multimedia software is used for editing video, audio and text.
  • Graphic Application Software – Graphic Application Software is used in graphic design.
  • Entertainment Software We use this type of software for entertainment in our daily life.
  • Gaming Software With the help of this type of software, we can play many types of games in our computer or mobile.
  • Internet Browser With the help of this type of software, any user can surf web pages.

#2 – Specific Purpose Software

Special purpose software is called a group of such software which is designed for the purpose of completing a particular task. This type of software is made to fulfill the essential tasks of the people. The cost of creating Specific Purpose Software is also high.

Some special purpose software are as follows –

  • Accounting Software With the help of this type of software, we can bank accounts Can transact with.
  • Online Booking Software Through this type of software, you can book hotel, rail, bus, plane, etc. tickets online.
  • Database Software , database related to any application data is a collection of. Every application has some database where data about the user is stored. For this database software is used.
  • Educational Software – This type of software provides education-related content to the student.

So friends, now you must have understood what is the difference between General Purpose Software and Specific Purpose Software. now know What are the functions of application software.

Function of Application Software

Some of the major functions of application software are as follows –

  • in manipulating data
  • in information management
  • in entertainment
  • to complete specific tasks

Advantages of Application Software

Application software has the following advantages –

  • With the help of application software, the user can complete his special tasks.
  • The user can also uninstall the application software if not required.
  • Application software meets the exact requirements of the user.
  • The application software is updated regularly so that the user can take advantage of the latest version.
  • If we need to manipulate the data in any way, then the help of application software has to be taken.

Disadvantage of Application Software

There are also some disadvantages of application software –

  • Not all application software is available for free, we also have to pay for any software.
  • to create application software Programming Should have knowledge of.
  • Not all application software is perfect, some software is harmful which can harm your device.

Difference between application software and system software

We have told you the difference between application software and system software through a table –

serial number system software application software
1 System software is installed in the computer only when the operating system is installed. The user installs the application software as per his requirement.
2 System software is used to operate computer hardware. Application software is used to complete a particular task of the user.
3 System software can run independently. System software is required to run the application software.
4 The user cannot interact with the system software as they work in the background. The user can interact with the application software.
5 System software is important to operate the computer. Application software is important to complete the user’s task.
6 Examples of system software Operating System, utility software, translator etc. are. Examples of application software MS Office, Web Browsermultimedia software etc.
Difference between application software and system software

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Application Software FAQs

What are Application Software?

Application software is this type of computer software that performs specific tasks in the computer according to the needs of the user.

Application software is divided into how many parts?

Application software is divided into two parts – general purpose software, special purpose software.

How to make application software?

Developers make application software. Application software is made by Computer Programming Language.

We learned: What is Application Software in Hindi

After reading this article you must have learned that What is Application Software and what are its types. Overall, without the application software, the user cannot complete his task in the computer. Application software is very important to perform any type of work in the computer.

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