What is BAF course and how to do it?

India being a developing nation, with the expansion of the corporate world and the arrival of multinational companies in India, the career options for commerce stream students have grown wildly. In order to make better use of this opportunity, the students should take up Accounting in Commerce and finance Related qualification is required. Getting a degree in a field from a university abroad can be beneficial for you. In today’s article, we are providing you complete information about Bachelor’s degree course, BAF course related to commerce stream, which will help you to choose this course as a career objective.

What is BAF course?

The full name of BAF course is Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. It is an undergraduate degree program offered by UGC. In this course, you get knowledge in subjects like Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Auditing, Risk Management etc. Along with this, subjects related to B.Com are also taught in it. Students who want to pursue their career in accounting and finance can choose this course.

Why choose BAF course?

Some of the main reasons why students choose BAF course are as follows-

  • BAF is an undergraduate degree, but this degree is available for a specific field. This degree was started by the University of Mumbai in the year 2003 to 2004, its main objective was to train commerce students for organization by emphasizing accounting and finance.
  • This degree is the best option for those students who want to pursue a career in accounting but do not want to pursue CA.
  • In other commerce degrees, there is general knowledge of all the subjects, but in comparison to them, more attention has been given to accounting in this course.
  • Accounting and finance play a very important role in getting a job in every organization.

Key Skills to pursue BAF Course

The field of accounting and finance is full of opportunities for you. For this you must have some skills which will help you to take advantage of this opportunity. The skills you need related to BAF course are as follows-

cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are the main skills your mind uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. With the help of this skill, your mind receives information while working together and you use this knowledge in school, college, office and any other work.

types of cognitive skills

  • concentrate on any task
  • response inhibition ability
  • Quickly process any information
  • flexible approach to work
  • multitasking
  • remembering things you’ve done through working memory
  • Categorizing tasks
  • understanding patterns in things

accounting skills

Being a student of a BAF course, the most important thing for you is that you must have good accounting skills. If you have good accounting skills, then whatever job you want, you will get it easily. Accounting skills are most important because with their help the data related to the finance of any company can be properly accounted for and you must be well aware of the importance of accounting in a company. This helps in keeping the data up-to-date and the old data can also be compared with the new data.

problem solving skills

Problem solving skill is one of the most required skills not only in BAF but everywhere. Any company always has some such problems for which it always tries to solve. Talking about BAF, all businesses always have problems related to economic impact. That is, people who have good problem solving skills are always needed by the company and they are a valuable asset for the company. Students should complete their studies from reputed universities, colleges and education institutes that offer curriculum on problem solving skills to develop their skills in this field.

technical skills

As technology is increasing so much in our surrounding area. It is very important for BAF students to have good technical skills because in earlier times accounts were kept in balance sheet registers but nowadays everyone’s accounts are kept in some kind of software and application. Important documents, bills and invoices related to the company are all generated online. Any company tests your technical skills before giving you a job, if you have good technical skills then you can easily get any job.

Syllabus for BAF Course

semester 1 semester 2
Financial Accounting – l financial accounting
Cost Accounting – l Auditing – l
commerce – l Financial Management – ​​l
Information Technology – l Taxation – l
Business Communication – l business low-l
Quantitative Methods for Business – l
Business Communication – ll
semester 3 semester 4
Financial Accounting – lll Financial Accounting – lV
Cost Auditing – ll Management Accounting – l
Auditing – ll Taxation – ll
Economic – ll Commerce – ll
Management – I Take business – lll
Business Low – ll Information Technology – ll
Quantitative Methods for Business – ll Foundation Courses – ll
semester 5 semester 6
Financial Accounting – V Financial Accounting – Vll
Cost Accounting – lll Cost Accounting – lV
Financial Accounting – Vl Auditing – lll
Management Accounting – ll Financial Accounting – Vlll
Taxation – lll taxation – lv
Economic – lll Management-ll

Top Foreign Universities for BAF Course

The list of top foreign type universities for pursuing BAF course is as follows-

Top Indian Universities for doing BAF course

Indian universities which offer BAF course are as follows –

  • Sampada College of Commerce & Technology, Navi Mumbai
  • Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences, Kolkata
  • Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree and PG Courses, Visakhapatnam
  • Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce
  • Maharishi Dayanand College of Arts, Science and Commerce
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Christ University
  • Chandigarh University
  • MCC, Chennai
  • Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

Qualifications for doing BAF course

The qualifications for BAF course can be understood as follows –

  • Students must have done their 12th class with commerce stream from a recognized school.
  • Must have passed class 12th with 50% marks.
  • Display of English Proficiency Test scores for studies from a foreign university.
  • For admission in foreign university S.O.P. And Lor is also required.

Application Process

We can understand the application process for BAF course in the following steps –

  • First of all, you should complete your 12th class from any recognized institute in science or commerce stream.
  • To be eligible for BAF course, you must have passed class 12th with 50% marks.
  • Choose any one good college to complete your course.
  • Find out about the entrance exam of that college and prepare for the exam.
  • If you want to apply in any foreign university then you have to take English Proficiency Test IELTS And TOEFL Proof of marks will have to be given.
  • Along with all other documents, you will also need SOP and LOR while sending your application.
  • Wait till the university entrance exam result is declared.

required documents

Following are the documents required for BAF course:-

  • 12th class pass certificate with 50% marks
  • english language test scores
  • written statement
  • all identity proofs
  • Passport

entrance exams

The selection of students for BAF course is based on the merit of the entrance exam, many universities conduct the exam on their own basis. Foreign Competitive Exams:

  • act , american college testing
  • GRE: graduate record examination
  • SAT : Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • GMAT , Graduate Management Admission Test

indian competitive exams

  • NPAT, STE and DUAT
  • IPU CET: This entrance exam is also done for other courses along with BAF.
  • VEE: VELS University Chennai conducts this entrance exam.
  • NPAT : This entrance exam is conducted by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies for various UG and PG courses.
  • LPUNEST: LPU University conducts this entrance exam.
  • CUCET : This entrance exam is conducted by Delhi University for taking admission in BAF course.

Career and Salary after doing BAF course

After completing the BAF course, students have many job options available in various institutes which are as follows –

  • banking
  • business analysis
  • financial management
  • auditing
  • accountancy
  • taxation
  • economics
  • e-commerce

job options

Following are the job options after BAF course:-

  • financial consultant
  • accounting analyst
  • marketing manager
  • Billing Data Analyst
  • account assistant
  • company secretary
  • finance analyst
  • financial risk manager

The average salary of any BAF graduate student at the beginning of their career ranges from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. After 4-5 years of experience, this salary can be up to 7-8 lakh rupees.


What is the difference between BAF and B.Com?

B.Com is a general degree in which knowledge of all subjects is gained whereas BAF is a degree dedicated to accounting. You can say that in BAF, more accounting knowledge is gained than in B.Com.

Is there any disadvantage of having work syllabus in BAF?

No, BAF has fewer subjects as compared to other subjects but it has its own advantages as you can focus on one subject without worrying about any other subject.

Are entrance exams difficult for BAF?

No, after a little preparation for BAF exam, you can easily get admission in a good college.

We hope that any doubt related to BAF course has been cleared from your mind, if you also want to enroll in BAF course from any foreign university, then today itself. 1800 572 000 by calling our Leverage Edu Book a free 30-minute session with the experts at They will also help you with the application process with a proper guidance.

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