What is Barcode Reader, its Types, Functions(Bar Code Reader in Hindi)

What is Barcode Reader in Hindi – today we you computer Let’s know about the input device barcode in detail. Barcode Reader in Hindi.

You must have gone to the mall at some point and shopping After paying the bill, you must have noticed that the cashier has a device that he moves on the barcode on the top of the goods and makes the bill quickly.

But do you know what that device is called? That device is called Barcode Reader. It collects all the information from the barcode made on the top of the goods and sends it to the computer.

In today’s article we will tell you What is Barcode Reader, how many types of barcode reader are there? How does a barcode reader work? use of barcode reader, Advantages of Barcode Reader And tell about the disadvantages. So that you get the right information about the barcode reader.

What is Barcode Reader, Its Types and Functions (What is Bar Code Reader in Hindi)

What is Barcode Reader

barcode reader (Barcode Reader) One such computer Input Device Which scans the bar code written in an object, item or a book and reads it. it’s kind of scanner device It happens.

One barcode It contains information about the price of an item, Expire Date, Manufacture Date, Product Number etc.

There are some thin and thick lines in the barcode, in which the details of the product are hidden. When it is scanned with the help of Barcode Reader (BCR), the barcode reader Output the computer Screen Displays in.

Barcode Reader History

The barcode reader was invented in 1971 by George J Laurer, an employee of IBM. It was Rectangular Barcode. It was first used in 1974 in supermarkets to scan the barcode of Chewing Gum packets.

Types of Barcode Reader

There are mainly 5 types of Barcode Readers based on their features and the technology used –

#1 – Laser Scanner

laser scanner A laser beam is used as a light source. In these, either a mirror is attached or a rotating prism which scans the laser beam here and there in the barcode.

#2 – Charge Couple Device (CCD Reader)

CCD Reader Use a series of hundreds of light sensors lined up with your head. Voltage is measured sequentially across each sensor in the row. To read the barcode, it has to be kept near the barcode. This type of barcode reader is only barcode Those who are able to read the width of their face size.

#3 – Pen Type Barcode Reader

Pen Type Barcode Reader is a simple type of . It consists of a light source and a photo diode. And they are placed side by side on the tip of a pen-like device. To read the barcode, the tip of the pen has to be moved at a uniform speed over the barcode.

#4 – Camera Based Barcode Reader

Camera Based Bar Code Reader A 2D image scanner that uses a camera and image processing technology to scan barcodes.

this kind of barcode reader QR Code Used to scan.

#5 – Slot Barcode Reader

Slot barcode Reader Has a stationary barcode reader. In this, the object to be scanned is drawn by hand through a slot on the barcode reader device. It is used to scan the barcode on the identity card and swiped card.

How Barcode Reader Works

The function of Barcode Reader uses Light Beams (beams of light) to scan the Barcode and convert it into Digital Form. It decodes the data and sends it to the computer.

The barcode reader consists of a lens, a light source and a light sensor that can translate optical impulses into electronic signals.

The barcode reader has a decoder that analyzes the image data provided by the sensor and sends the information to the computer. From which product information is obtained.

The decoder recognizes the symbols written in the barcode and translates it to the computer. data in a format that can be read by humans. The computer calculates the data captured by the barcode reader in milliseconds.

So this was the working process of Barcode Reader. now know that What are the uses of a barcode reader?

Uses of Barcode Reader

Nowadays Barcode Reader is used in different areas. Some of the major uses of BCR are as follows –

  • Barcode Reader is used well in the field of banking. To read the barcode written in important documents like Passbook, Checkbook etc. Bank In this Bar Code Reader is used.
  • Barcode Reader is used a lot in Shopping Malls. Barcode written on any item is scanned with Barcode Reader in Mall. The computer calculates the data captured by the Barcode Reader in milliseconds. Due to which the checkout is faster.
  • Barcode Reader is very important in Library Management. This device protects books from being stolen. All books have bar code which contains information about the book. Bar Code Reader is used to quickly distribute copies of books and to find out the exact number of missing and available books in the library.
  • Barcode Reader is used in Businesses to protect your property from theft. Most valuable items have a secret barcode.
  • Barcode reader is used in most of the mobile company’s application which works with the help of camera to read the payment bar code.
  • Barcode Reader is used in Tickets Verification. Barcodes are used in tickets to reduce fraud and long queues. And use barcode reader for its verification.

The use of barcode readers is gradually increasing even more. This tool has made a valuable contribution in saving people from fraud and reducing the long queues.

Advantages of Barcode Reader

There are many advantages of a tool like Barcode Reader, some of these major advantages we have told you below –

  • Barcode Reader makes the job of a cashier in a mall easy. Because he does not have to type anything in the computer. BCR feeds all the information automatically. Due to which cashiers make bills quickly.
  • Barcode readers greatly reduce the mistakes made by the user. Data input from a barcode reader is more accurate than inputting data by hand.
  • Barcode readers track data faster and more accurately.
  • Barcode readers work fast which also saves time.

Disadvantage of Barcode Reader

There are also some disadvantages of barcode reader but these disadvantages are negligible in comparison to its advantages –

  • The cost of barcode reader is expensive.
  • The barcode reader is able to scan the barcode only up to a distance of about 15 feet from its label.
  • There is always a risk of damage to the barcode reader. It gets damaged very quickly.

FAQ for Barcode Reader

What is a barcode reader?

A barcode reader is an input device that scans and reads the barcode on an item.

What is the full form of BCR?

The full form of BCR is Barcode Reader.

What is BCR in computer?

The full name of BCR is Barcode Scanner, with the help of which the barcode written on the top of any product is scanned.

Which device is the barcode?

Barcode is the input device of computer.

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Conclusion – What is barcode in Hindi

friends this is barcode By reading all the important information related to the reader, you must have understood that What is Barcode Reader, And how important are these devices in today’s time. Hope you like this article written by us on Barcode Reader What is Barcode Reader in Hindi Must have liked it. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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