What is Black Friday and its history (Black Friday In Hindi)

Black Friday Kya Hai In Hindi: most people then Shopping When they get huge discounts on things. Black Friday is the best day for such people. Although it is not so much prevalent in India right now but people who Internet They must have heard the name of Black Friday.

but do you know What is Black Friday, Black Friday Why is it so popular? And Black Friday What is the history of

We will answer all these questions of yours in this article. in this you A lot of information related to Black Friday are about to meet. So let’s start and find out Black Friday In Hindi.

What is Black Friday

By the name Black Friday, many people must have felt that there must have been an accident on this day, hence it would have been named Black Friday but there is nothing like it.

What is Black Friday and what is its history - Why get Black Friday Discount

Actually in America Thanksgiving Day on the following Friday after Black Friday says , Huge discounts are available on goods on this day.

Thanksgiving Day Since then people in America informally do Christmas shopping, due to which the prices of goods are dropped in the markets so that people can do more quantity of Khaddari.

Black Friday There is a huge crowd in the market on the day. And people shop a lot.

Black Friday It proves to be very beneficial for both the trader and the customer. On the one hand, where the customers get good things at very low prices, the sales of the traders also increase manifold, due to which the traders running in low prices also earn profits.

Why was it named Black Friday was

Black Friday Didn’t already mean Shopping or Sale. First it was used for financial crisis. At that time there was a financial crisis in America. This day was on Friday 24 September 1869, America’s Gold Market collapsed. After this the Black Friday experiment was done in 1966.

The police of Philadelphia named the Friday next to Thanksgiving Day as Black Friday. Because of the informal Christmas shopping on this day, the streets are very crowded, which increases the traffic.

Black Friday A headache for the cops, maybe that’s why they Black Friday name would be given.

In 1966, the word Black Friday was printed in a magazine in America. Black Friday started expanding from 1975, before that very few people knew about it.

According to another belief, it is about the time when business people in America used to write the accounts in copy. Black pen was used to write profits and red pen was used to write losses.

Most of the shops were in loss throughout the year so he used red pen . But Thanksgiving Day After that, there was tremendous shopping in the market, so the merchants of America used to use black pen only after Thanksgiving Day.

History of Black Friday (History of Black Friday)

until 2002 Black Friday The sale used to be offline only. Earlier it was celebrated in only a few countries. In it all were the same countries where Christmas was celebrated.

But in the year 2003, online sale of Black Friday started, but it was still not so popular.

In the year 2013, it started becoming very popular as people gradually started connecting to the internet through smart phones. And online shopping started happening.

FAQS For Black Friday

When did Black Friday start in India?

Black Friday was started in India in 2018. This year Amazon gave huge discounts on goods to Indian customers. Since then, Amazon gives Black Friday Sale in India every year.

When is Black Friday celebrated?

Black Friday is celebrated every year on the fourth Friday of November.

When is Black Friday Sale this year?

This year, November 27 is Black Friday.

What was Black Friday originally used for?

Initially Black Friday was used for the ongoing financial crisis in America.

Why get Black Friday Sell/Discount?

Black Friday But Best Deal like Special Discount or Sell is available for this so that all the companies can sellout their product as much as possible. That’s why they provide great discounts to the customers even before the arrival of Black Friday.

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conclusion – Black Friday

Through this article, we gave you information related to Black Friday. by which you will now understand that Black Friday Kya Hai And Black Friday What is the history behind celebrating? Why get Black Friday Sell/Discount?

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