What is Bounce Rate (8 Important Things) How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate In Hindi , Hello friends, in today’s article we are What is your Bounce Rate? And How to Reduce Bounce Rate It is going to tell about it in detail.

do you have a blog Website has high bounce rate And How to Reduce Bounce Rate want to know this. Why did a successful blogger Doesn’t tell you about it.

Bounce Rate depends on the time spent on your blog website after the visitor and various activities. Bounce Rate reflects the quality of your website.

If the Bounce Rate of a blog is high, then it can never be used for any search engine ie Rank on Google does not make.

What is Bounce Rate - (8 Important things) How to reduce Bounce Rate - in Hindi

Therefore, you should read this article completely and follow all the instructions mentioned in it so that this question does not remain in your mind – How to reduce website’s bounce rate And what is bounce rate,

What is Bounce Rate – Bounce Rate In Hindi

Bounce Rate It is a measurement that shows how long a visitor to the website stays on the website or that is the percentage of the website’s visitor who visits only one page once on your website and less Leave in time and go away.

In simple language, Bounce Rate means that – When a user comes to your site from Google and he leaves immediately after seeing the same page, then the Bounce Rate of your blog increases. If that user also visits other pages of the website, then your Bounce Rate starts decreasing. Which is correct according to SEO.

Suppose an article written on a blog website is about 1000 words and it takes 4 minutes to read it completely (because common person can read only 250 words in 1 minute) and after visitor visit that website 20 It goes out in seconds. So the measurement of time spent by that visitor is called bounce rate.

Now let’s know – What should be the bounce rate of a blog website

What should be the Bounce Rate of the blog website

The bounce rate of each blog and website is different and it depends on which topic the blog or website is made. let’s know that What should be the bounce rate?

Given here are the bounce rates of different websites

  • Blog – 45 to 90%
  • Lead generating website – 40 to 60%
  • Single Landing Pages – 75 to 90%
  • Website with content – ​​45 to 60%
  • Website providing services – 10 to 30%
  • Website selling goods – 20 to 40%

The Bounce Rate of the blog becomes high because whenever a user comes to read the blog, he sees the entire article at once, if he sees the information about his use, then he reads otherwise he goes out.

video credit – WScube Tech

How to Check Bounce Rate

It is very easy to check the bounce rate. Isle you need to connect your blog website to Google Analytics. Here you can easily check the Bounce Rate of your blog by going to the audience section.

Apart from this, you can also calculate the Bounce Rate of your blog from other websites.

Bounce Rate Checker tool for Website or Blog In Hindi

Reasons for increasing bounce rate – Why does the bounce rate increase?

There are many reasons for increasing the bounce rate, some of the main reasons we are going to tell you. Which you have to keep in mind so that the bounce rate of your blog website can be kept normal.

01. Slow Web Page

If the speed of the page of a website is slow while loading, then there is more chance of increasing the bounce rate. Website loading speed The highest ranking factor is.

If a visitor comes to your blog and your blog is loading very slowly, then the visitor leaves your blog without reading it. So to make your website load faster Best Web Hosting Will use only.

02. Ignoring User’s Attention

If you do not focus on the user, then your bounce rate will never decrease.

Whenever you write any content, do not write short and unnecessary content. When writing a blog, your bounce rate increases only by not using internal linking and video, essential tips and images, etc.

03. Blank page and technical error

This is also an increased reason for the increase of Bounce Rate like –

  • No web page is open.
  • Blank or crash of web page.
  • Broken links in a webpage.
  • Image not loading properly.
  • Having more ads on the web page.
  • AMP setup is not correct.
  • Popup or Banner does not go away after coming to the whole page etc.

4. Having Low Quality Content

Yes, this is also a very big reason for increasing the bounce rate – if you write a quality article in which the user’s question is answered, but do not prompt the user to visit another web page related to the same question. This one will not be right for your blog. This will increase the bounce rate on your web page and Google ranking will also be affected.

That’s why a high quality post should be written which not only answers all the questions of the user but at the same time will be forced to go to another article.

If you use internal linking and outbound links incorrectly, then the bounce rate of your blog or website will be high.

If you are not careful about outbound linking, then your visitors can go to other websites.

If you do not want to make these mistakes then read the article completely.

now we know that How to reduce Bounce Rate.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate – Bounce Rate Kam Kaise kare

Step #01 – Correct the loading speed of the website

If you want to reduce the bounce rate of the website, correct the loading speed of your blog. If you do not do this, then when the user comes from organic, referral or social, then he sees your website slow and leaves without opening it.

A website with good speed always ranks on Google and gets maximum organic traffic. Therefore, double the speed of the website by following the points given below.

  • Use Best Web Hosting for Blog Website like – Cloudways, A2 Hosting And Bluehost,
  • Use a mobile friendly and Light Weight theme like – GeneratePress
  • Use a CDN to load content and images quickly.
  • ShortPixel Optimize Image from
  • Use great Cache Plugin like – WP Rocket.

Step #02 – Target the Right Visitor to Reduce Bounce Rate

If you write on a different topic out of your niche due to more visitors, then it increases the bounce rate.

Suppose your website goal is – Cooking and you are publishing Bhajan Kirtan on your blog sometimes. This is wrong because you are not targeting the right users. To you Correct visitor To attract You just have to write to do it.

Step #03 – Publish High Quality Content

Write a high quality post in which all the questions of the user are answered, then you will not have the problem of increasing the bounce rate and your bounce rate will always be low.

So Write a good SEO friendly post Due to which it is easy for users and search engines to understand and they start ranking.

Follow the following things to publish quality content

Step #04 – Reduce Bounce Rate by Doing Internal Linking Properly

You do internal links, but you should come to do internal linking properly.

Correctly doing Internal Linking and Out Bound Linking is an effective way to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

Therefore, whenever you do internal linking and outbound links, then you should keep that link in Open New Tab.

Suppose you have an Internal Link key in your second paragraph and a user clicks on it, then he goes from the same page to another page, this is correct, it is not so. This increases the bounce rate on your previous page.

so you have to link Open New Tab So that your previous page remains the same from where the user clicked on the link.

Step #05 – Use Video and Image

If you want to keep the user on your blog for a long time, then you must use video and image in the content of the blog and website.

If you do not have a Youtube channel then you can Youtube channel video Can be used by giving credit. This will increase the engagement on your blog and your bounce rate will decrease immediately.

Bonus Tips : यदि आप विडियो और इमेज के साथ – साथ अपने ब्लॉग पर Pod Cast भी यूजर के साथ शेयर कर सकते है. 

Step #06 – Put less ads on the website

By applying more ads, the user has trouble reading and focusing on the content. This makes your bounce rate more likely to increase.

Many bloggers use PopUp ads in order to earn more, it is wrong. Therefore, apply it carefully at the right place so that no visitor has any problem.

Step #07 – Use Related Posts and Popular Posts

If you want to stop the visitor to read more and more content then you should use related post and popular post.

It can be placed at the end of the article and in the sidebar. This will reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

Available on WordPress plugins for Related Post and Popular Post.

Step #08 – Reduce Bounce Rate By Setting Up AMP Correctly

If you use AMP on your blog then you will get many benefits like –

  • The bounce rate of the website will be low.
  • The web page will load quickly.
  • From small to large mobile phones, it will open properly.
  • slow internet Even if the page loads correctly.
  • Google Adsense I will get good CPC.

That’s why we recommend you to setup AMP. If you have not yet setup AMP in your blog website, then shift your blog to AMP today and reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Difference Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate – Bounce Rate VS Exit Rate

As we have told you earlier, the bounce rate depends on the percentage of leaving the website after the activity done by the visitor on the first page of a website.

On the contrary, the exit rate depends on the percentage of users coming out of that website by going to the second or third or fourth page after the landing page.

Difference between bounce rate and exit rate You have been told in this video. Which will make it easy for you to understand.

Difference between bounce rate and exit rate

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Conclusion – How To Reduce Bounce Rate

So in this article we have What is the bounce rate And How to Reduce Bounce Rate It is explained in detail about it. If the Bounce Rate of your blog is not decreasing, then follow all the steps mentioned in this article.

Because to rank in Google, you have to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

if you what is bounce rate in hindi If you have any question related to, then definitely ask us in the comment box and keep reading Techshole… Thanks!

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