What is C++ and how to learn it (C++ Language In Hindi)

What is C++ Language in Hindi , as computer And there is development in technology, so things have mostly become online or electric. everything nowadays mobile application sitting at home and computer Software can do through. And there is coding in the backend of all applications and software through which programs are run.

No software can be created without coding. Along with things being digital, the career in coding is also very bright.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the most widely used computer language C ++. In this article, we will share all the information related to C++ with you.

C++ Language what is, C++ Language Features, Use, learning benefits and C++ And C Language difference in You will get to learn everything in this article. So let’s start this article.

What is C++ and How to Learn it (Features and Uses) C++ Language In Hindi

What is C++ Language

C++ is a high level and very important computer Programming Language Is. Which is used from computer software to Hardware Till is done in programming.

It is an Objected Oriented Programming Language. In modern times, this type of programming is considered to be the best.

C ++ is considered to be the second version of C language because its syntax is similar to C. But there are no Objects in C Language.

In today’s time, C ++ language is used the most in making all types of software.

History Of C++ Language

C ++ language was started in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. When the C ++ language was created, it was known as C with Class. At that time it was a popular computer language.

But as the use of computers increased gradually, computers became more and more fast. But C with Class was only a limited language, the user used to face many problems in working in it.

To overcome these problems, amendments were made to C with Class and in 1983 its name was changed to C ++. There was no limit in C ++ language, it used to do the work very quickly and easily.

Therefore, later this language was used for many things and it became a popular programming language.

In many places, you will find the beginning of C++ in 1979 and in some places even 1983. But the C ++ language was started in 1979 but it was named C ++ in 1983.

Features of C++ Language

Some of the main features of C++ language are as follows –

Objected Oriented Programming (OOP)

The most important feature of C++ is that it is Objected Oriented Programming Language. While programming in this, the user uses the object. And these Object Data abstraction, Data encapsulation, data Help the user in tasks like hiding etc.

Simple Language

Whenever we learn a new computer language, it takes us a lot of time to understand it. But this is not the case with C++, it can be learned easily. If you have an understanding of C language, then you can easily learn C ++ language too.

High Level Programming Language

C++ is a high level programming language. Due to which it becomes easy for the user to work in it.

Independent and Portable Language

C ++ is a Portable Language, Portable Language simply means that if you have done any coding in Windows Operating System, now you want to switch it to Linux Operating System, then Coding will work in Linux as it used to do in Windows.

Complier Based Language

C++ is Complier Based Language which is Java, Python, CSS Like it is faster than language.

Case Sensitive Language

Like C, C++ is a sensitive language. Meaning that Uppercase and Lowercase Word do not behave the same in this. Example in C++ the meaning of PLUS and PLUS changes. Which is HTML Like it does not happen in the language.


Since C ++ Language is Complier Based Language, its speed is higher than other languages.

Uses of C++ Language

C ++ language is used a lot. Some of the uses of C++ language are as follows –

  • C++ is used to create Operating System. Windows, Linux Like Popular Operating System Also all C++ has been used.
  • C ++ language is also used to create computer software.
  • Web Browser The Rendering Engine is also programmed in C++ language.
  • Due to the fast C++, the servers also remain programs in C++.
  • C ++ language is also used in various Embedded Systems like Smartwatch, Medical Machine.
  • Device Driver C++ is also used to create.
  • C++ is also used in many hardware.

Difference between C Language and C++ Language

C Language And there is a lot of difference in C++ language which is mentioned below –

  • C Language is a Procedural Language while C++ is Objected Oriented Programming Language.
  • C Language is Mid Level Language while C++ is High Level Language.
  • Data is safe in C++ while not in C language.
  • In C language, data can be shared from one place to another by function, whereas in C++ it cannot be done.
  • There is a concept of Polymorphism in C++ whereas C does not.
  • The Top Bottom Approach is followed in C while the Bottom Up Approach is followed in C++.
  • Program in C language is divided as Function whereas in C++ as Object.
  • Procedure is followed in C language while data in C++.

How to Learn C++ Language

You can learn C ++ language both online and offline. It is an easy language to learn and by learning it, you will be able to learn other languages ​​as well. Some ways to learn C++ language are as follows –

Learn C++ Language With Online Website

You will find many such websites on the internet from where you can easily learn C++. like

C++ Language from Online Course learn

You can also learn C++ through online courses. There are many online free and paid courses on the internet from where you can learn coding. like –

Learn C++ Language From YouTube Channel

If you do a little research on YouTube, then you will get many channels from where you can learn C ++ and other coding for free.

Learn C++ Language By Buying Books

You can also learn Coding by buying books from the market.

Learn C++ Language By Joining Coaching Institute

You can learn C++ language in a better way by joining coaching institute.

Benefits of Learning C++ Language

You can have many benefits of learning C++.

  • C++ is the basis of many programming languages, by learning C++, you can learn many other computer languages.
  • The C++ language is used in many parts and it is a popular language. By learning C++, you can easily get a job.
  • By learning C++, you can easily create computer software and application software.
  • C ++ language is very important to make a career in the field of coding.

Common questions related to C++ Language

Who started the C++ language?

C ++ language was started in the year 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup?

What is Class in C++?

Class in C++ is a data type defined by the user. It is a group of similar objects. Variable and Related Function can be created through Class.

What was the first name of C++ language?

The first name of C ++ language was C with Class.

Is C++ used in Windows and Linux?

Yes, the base language of the Operating System is C++.

Conclusion: What is C plus plus in Hindi

As we told you through today’s article that What is C++ Language? And shared a lot of information related to it with you.

in this age of technology Learning C++ Language It can prove to be better for you in the future because with time things are becoming digital, all things are becoming online. Therefore, learning Coding can prove to be a good option for you. Hope you like this article written by us What Is C++ Language In Hindi would have liked. Do share this with your friends also.

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