What is CDSL and difference between NSDL and CDSL (CDSL Full Form In Hindi)

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What is CDSL and difference between NSDL and CDSL – CDSL Full Form

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What is CDSL

CDSL is a depository in India, which keeps shares, bonds, debentures and securities of investors safe in electronic form. CDSL Depository Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) works for. This is the second depository of India. The headquarter of CDSL is located in Mumbai.

this one Bank It is similar to the way the bank keeps the public’s money safely deposited, the same role is played by the depository in the stock market.

Just as to avail the services of the bank, you have to bank account is required, similarly for availing the services of the depository the investor has to Demat Account is needed. If you Demat Account stock broker You can avail the services of CDSL Depository if you get your deposit opened in CDSL.

Full name of CDSL (CDSL Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of CDSL is Central Depository Services Limited (Central Depository Services Limited).

When was CDSL established

CDSL was established in February 1999. Former Union Finance Minister Shri Yashwant Sinha established CDSL. CDSL is recognized by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), it is also a depository SEBI Works under the rules of. The headquarter of CDSL is located in Mumbai. CDSL is jointly sponsored by some big banks along with BSE.

Objectives of CDSL

  • The main objective of CDSL Depository is to deposit the securities of the investors in electronic form.
  • The objective of CDSL is to provide innovative technology systems to investors and stock brokers in the Indian capital market.
  • CDSL aims to enhance efficiency in the Indian capital market by reducing costs.
  • The objective of CDSL was to make the Indian financial market computerized by eliminating paper transactions.

Functions of CDSL

Following are some of the major functions of CDSL –

  • CDSL opens Demat Account of investors.
  • CDSL investors shareProvides facility to store securities like bonds, debentures etc. in electronic form.
  • CDSL manages the transactions of shares in the stock market.
  • CDSL maintains records of all securities held by its customers.

Advantages of CDSL

  • On opening a demat account in CDSL, the investor gets rid of tasks like share transfer, handling shares in the form of documents.
  • Every investment made by the investor in the CDSL in the stock market trading Available online, so investors do not have to face much hassle in trading.
  • Fund transfers, and securities registration are instant in CDSL. Before the introduction of electronic depository, this work used to take 4-5 months.
  • CDSL provides better communication facilities in the share market.
  • CDSL also reduces the trading cost of investors.

Disadvantage of Securities in Hindi

  • All investments in CDSL are done in digital form, so every investment is monitored by the government.
  • All work is done online in CDSL, so there is a risk of hacking.

Difference between CDSL and NSDL (CDSL vs NSDL In Hindi)

Both CDSL and NSDL are electronic depositories of India, so there is not much difference between the two. But we have told you about the differences between CDSL and NSDL through the table below.

NSDL Depository CDSL Depository
NSDL The full form of is National Securities Depository Limited. The full form of CDSL is Central Depository Services Limited.
NSDL is India’s first electronic depository. CDSL is the second electronic depository of India.
NSDL was established on 8 November 1996. CDSL was established in February 1999.
NSDL Depository works for NSE. CDSL Depository works for BSE.
If you have a demat account with NSDL, then your ID will start with IN and the rest will have 14 numbers. If your demat account is in CDSL then your ID will have 16 digits.
The charges for opening an account in NSDL Depository vary. The charges for opening an account in CDSL Depository are different.
NSDL depositories charge different fees from their investors with debit instructions. CDSL Depository charges its investors separately with debit instructions.
Difference Between CDSL and NSDL

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Common questions related to CDSL

What is CDSL?

CDSL is an electronic depository of India, where shares, bonds, debentures and securities of investors are stored in electronic form.

What is the full form of CDSL?

The full form of CDSL is Central Depository Services Limited.

When was CDSL established?

CDSL was established in February 1999.

Where is the headquarter of CDSL?

The headquarter of CDSL is located in Mumbai.

Conclusion: What is CDSL in Hindi

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